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Unit introduction

Zhejiang University, Wenzhou Institute is Wenzhou municipal People's government and Zhejiang University jointly organized by high energy level innovation platform. By the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, Zhejiang Ye Chi-Town Professor Dean. Institute of industrial demand as the goal, to Zhejiang University section as the basis, to the struggle of the contributors to the present, innovation and entrepreneurship to success as the guiding ideology, to create a set of technical R & D, achievement transformation, industry incubator, technology consulting, education and training, academic exchange SIX functions as one of the new R & D institutions. Research Institute established by the nine foreign Fellow of the headlining of Zhejiang University, Wenzhou Institute Academic Committee, and strive to fourteen five during construction to become a top-notch talent Highlands, research and innovation Highlands, the technology industry Highlands and new material section of Science and technology Zhejiang South-centre.

Institute around new materials, digital technologies, life and health three ways to the construction of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Center,“the chief scientist+lab+listed companies”for the construction of the model, the introduction of the expert team, the formation completed a batch of R & D center, to undertake large projects; and Enterprise Co-established a number of joint R & D center and the Coordinating Center for innovation, established a public service platform; landing a group of industrial companies, power Wenzhou strategic emerging industries, cultivation, traditional industry transformation and upgrading.

Institute for the formation of Wenzhou Zhong Zhi Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the accumulation of social resources, the promotion of global temperature and alumni capital butt. Completion of the Hangzhou kechuang base building, build the front of the incubator, to promote the school in cooperation chain perfect. The Times, push forward the connotation of development and production-study-research cooperation, based on the ouhai, services, Wenzhou, country look, to the world, to lead and support Wenzhou city and regional economic and social development, the power of Zhejiang University to accelerate the“double first-class”construction.

Life and health innovation and entrepreneurship center focus“artificial intelligence+digital+life and health”direction, according to the“scenarios+industry incubation”construction mode, the agglomeration of Zhejiang University Science, Technology and human resources, the introduction of a batch of high-level personnel, the establishment of a group of R & D center, converted a number of research results, the introduction of a number of technology companies and projects, to attract a group of social capital, the formation of the wisdom of the medical raise the overall solution, Building 1 a domestic first-class wisdom medical cultured demonstration zone, nurturing 1-2 of listed companies, leading and nurturing the wisdom of the medical pension and other health industry development.

Reference: cooperation tutor profile

Liu Xiao Ting, Zhejiang University School of Public Administration of Social Security and risk management, Professor, Deputy head of Department, Zhejiang University of ageing and Health Research Center of Zhejiang University, people with disabilities prosperity Research Center Deputy Director. In 2013 the Chinese University of Hong Kong social welfare Ph. D., University of California, Berkeley, at the University of Southampton, visiting scholar, selected Zhejiang province“of Jiang Qing in social science scholars of action”is the fifth instalment in. Worked in the domestic authority, core journals and SSCI/SCI journals academic more than 20 papers, the relevant research results by the provincial first prize. Another auspices of the National Social Science Fund Youth Project, the national from the section of the Fund youth projects, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Project, International Cooperation Project with the various provincial and Ministerial level scientific research commissioned projects, the involvement of the National Social Science Fund major projects, the national from the section of the Fund major projects research. The main research direction for elderly care, Security, Health Policy, Social Policy, Research focuses on disability nondemented elderly long-term care services, health care reform and the elderly health equity, social support systems and intergenerational relations, the anti-poverty and social assistance, medical and geriatric social work, etc.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Involved in important projects of the research tasks;

2. Academic essay writing and Project study report writing;

3. Other research-related services.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Dr. graduating or graduated not more than three years, of age not more than 35 years of age, the excellent and healthy.

2. There is a strong learning, communication and English writing skills, rigorous work, initiative, teamwork spirit.

3. Have better academic performance and research potential, at home and abroad important academic journals have published articles or published academic writings.


1. Offer a competitive salary and benefits, the annual salary of the 25-40 million including government subsidies it.

2. May apply up to 50 million of research funding dedicated support by temperature Research Institute provided.

3. Purchase benefits: placing 120 ㎡talent housing, the purchase price for the record price of 60% of the housing Fund for a maximum loan amount can go up to 50%; the rental subsidies every year 3 million.

4. The education of children: in pre-school, compulsory education, the priority of public school enrollment, select private schools per year subsidy of 2 million yuan in tuition. High school stage, outside the city the introduction of new talent in children, be transferred to the parent local public high school, is not subject to domicile restrictions.

5. Other priorities: the nearest arrange spouse work only Dr. talents; and facilities for disabled settled and other life service offers convenience.

Application process

First, the application materials

1. Academic curriculum vitae 1;

2. Degree certificate copy;

3. A representative of academic achievement or policy advice, research results, and prove the material;

4. Three letters of experts recommendation letters, one letter for supervisor letter of recommendation to.

Second, the application process and contact details

1. The first instance to: 申请人请将应聘材料发至application@techtalentsuk.com the theme, please indicate the“post-doctoral candidates+name+Graduate School”, the eligible person will be timely notified for an interview.

2. Interview: the preliminary examination is passed, will invite the applicant offline or online interview.

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

No limit

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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