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Unit introduction

Zhejiang University, Wenzhou Institute of Wu Jian, our group is mainly engaged in medical imaging intelligence analysis, healthcare big data mining, computer-aided pharmaceutical and other research, innovation and proposes a multi-modal, 3D, denoted by the lower of medical imaging intelligent segmentation technique, developed more than twenty medical diagnostic imaging systems and healthcare big data Analytics platform. Proposed by the accumulation of a large number of high-quality clinical data for the algorithm of medical analysis, to achieve disease of intelligent screening, diagnosis, auxiliary clinics.

Now facing at home and abroad openly recruiting high-level post-doctoral 1-2 name, warmly welcome to have a computer, artificial intelligence, biomedical, public health and other relevant background of the outstanding young scholars to join us.

Cooperation mentor /Research Group /team presentation

Wu Jian Professor /Ph. D., the Minister of Education, Jiang scholar at Zhejiang University School of Computer Science Bachelor's, doctorate, Zhejiang University Health Medical big data the National Institute Vice President, Zhejiang University core medical artificial intelligence research center Director, artificial intelligence medical device standardization technical focal point Expert Group, the China Computer Federation of young workers Committee member of the China Health Informatics will International Cooperation and the exchange of Professional Committee Deputy Chairman of Zhejiang medical data industry research Vice-President. Research interests focus on medical artificial intelligence, in domestic and international journals, conference published in SCI/EI papers and more than 100 articles. In recent years the auspices of the National Natural Science Foundation of Item 6, the National Key Research and development project, sub-project 2 items. 2007 by Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award, and in 2008 won the Zhejiang province science and Technology Progress Award in 2009 by the China Business Federation in science and Technology Prize, in 2010 won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and in 2014 won the Zhejiang province science and Technology Progress Award, and in 2018 won the Zhejiang province science and Technology Progress second prize, 2021 by the China Institute of Computer Science and Technology Progress Award of excellence.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Carry out independent research, and reporting Post-Doctoral or Youth Fund, writing papers, help PI to guide graduate students.

2. Responsible for the communication and coordination; if necessary, welcome to the co-inventor of the identity involved in entrepreneurship.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Having at home and abroad well-known universities or research institutions of artificial intelligence, biomedical, medical, Public Health, and other related professional doctorate; and the present laboratory research direction related to priority in the Ph. D. student can apply in advance, after graduating from onboarding to.

2. There is solid medical artificial intelligence research capacity and solid code capacity, particularly in medical imaging, healthcare, artificial intelligence, Medical big data, bioinformatics and other aspects of the research experience.

3. There is a strong English communication and writing skills, team spirit, hard work, rigorous and responsible.

4. Physical and mental health, aged 35 years old or less.


1. Salary and benefits with reference to the Zhejiang University, Wenzhou Institute of the relevant provisions, 35 to 45 million yuan /year, negotiable, and visual performance also provides research incentive;

2. Support Declaration of postdoctoral Science Foundation and other national and local science and technology projects;

3. To provide first-class scientific research conditions, and participate in domestic and international high-level academic conference opportunities;

4. Postdoctoral can get the American University of Notre Dame, The University of California, Zhejiang University and other famous experts and professors in the joint guidance and resource sharing.

Application process

Application materials

1. Detailed English CV including General, educational experience, work experience and a variety of research projects, published papers and awards, etc.;

2. Personal research interests and appointed to work after the vision and objectives;

3. Other personal ability and research experience related to the material;

4. Proposed onboarding time.

Job Features

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Number of vacancies

2 people

Age requirement

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