National Science Wenzhou Institute of cell and Gene Therapy Research Group to recruit a post-doctoral

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Unit introduction

In recent years, cell and gene therapy drug development and industry flourished, and in tissue and organ repair, cancer, neurological and other diseases treatment showed great potential. According to Frost & Sullivan, the statistics, nearly five years in the industry the market size of the compound annual growth rate of more than 70% of the global Top20 pharmaceutical companies in 19 layout of the cell and gene therapy drug development.


National Science Wenzhou Institute was established in 2019 and 5 January, formerly known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wenzhou biological materials and Engineering Research Institute(chip)(2011 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang Provincial People's government and the Wenzhou municipal People's government Third party to build it. The Institute is the basis of the innovation-driven life and health and medical Intelligent Equipment Technology Incubation and transformation, focusing on Goal-Directed Medical biomaterials, stem cells, clinical transformation and the application of precision medicine and personalized care, intelligent medical equipment, etc. have significant clinical application prospects of the research, focus on building with the International advanced level of the“material, medicine, machinery, medical”the integration of the Center for innovation and scientific and technological achievements to transfer into the center. National Science Wenzhou Institute to promote the high-end Talent Team Construction, the existing research team of more than 50 branches, the researchers more than 300 people. For details, please see:

【Research group leader】

The research group leader of the Chen martial Professor in 2022 8 months into the post of the National Science Wenzhou Institute. From 2016 to 2022 in the world five hundred business owners guide developed for Regenerative Medicine of the large-scale cell culture technology, overcoming a number of technical bottlenecks, achieve the world's largest stem cell preparation, and Japan and Europe and companies together to develop a plurality of cells to therapeutic drugs. From 2011 to 2016 in the Japanese National Materials Research of Chen Guoping Professor of the research group developed for tissue and organ repair of the natural polymer scaffolds to get Tsukuba University materials science and engineering, masters and PhD. In 2010, China University of Technology Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's degree. Published high-level papers 14 Chapter, in recent years, application Japan, Europe and 11 patents and obtained the authorization of 1 item. Get world-prevention and Regenerative Medicine conference Young Investigator Award, the world biomaterials conference poster award and the University of Tsukuba rector of scientific recognition. The 2020 inductees, Zhejiang province, overseas talent introduction plan project.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

A, R & D content

Chen martial Professor of the research group by the following work, the development of the repair tissues and organs, treatment, knee arthritis, ischemic stroke and other diseases of cell and gene therapy drugs; and the various medical units and pharmaceutical companies in close cooperation, expand clinical trials, and ultimately achieve its industrialization.

– Used for gene delivery, cell amplification and tissue repair biomaterial development

– Gene sequence optimization and gene carrier design and preparation(plasmids, viruses, and nanoparticles)

– Cell gene delivery and gene editing

– Scale biological drug preparation process

– Used animal model in preclinical studies

Second, the requirement

Candidates should have good English reading and writing skills, strong self-motivated, independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and team spirit. Welcome to there is one or more of the experiences of doctoral and Masters to join the present team, professional limited.

– Lipid molecules, polymer synthesis or preparation of the material

– Gene sequence optimization, or gene carrier design and preparation(plasmid, virus or nano-particles)

– Cell and Molecular Biology, Immunology

– Animal experiments

– Drug development


Post/associate Professor(3):Ph. D., has high scientific research level and organizational capacity, or in the industrial conversion of progress in line with the research group of development planning results. Salary 25-50 million yuan, research funding 30-100 million yuan, settling-in allowance of 10-20 million. Excellence can be negotiable. Talent Room 5-6% off purchase offer.

Post-doctoral positions in 3-4 name: according to the candidates ability is divided into Class A, Class B, C Class A:40+mentors subsidies(0-18)+performance bonus+five insurance payments B:30+mentors subsidies(0-12)+performance bonus+five insurance payments C:mentor negotiable+performance bonus+five insurances and one gold one.

Research assistant/research interns(2): according to the candidate's own ability to provide 13-25 million salary range, master degree or above, age is generally not more than 35 years of age, have a rich industry experience of undergraduate students may be unconventional hired. Talent Room 5-6% off purchase offer.

Note: 1, the granting of career preparation, and assist in resolving the spouse to work and children to school issues;

2, guarantee housing: onboarding that provides talent to apartment set of the lease or rental subsidies;

3, scientific research and protection: provide adequate laboratory area, assist in the rapid formation of a research team;

4, benefits and rewards: five insurances and one gold unit bear part by the Institute to provide additional; research performance incentives, and other benefits according to the Institute of policy separately issued; and

Application process

Please prepare your resume, directly contact the research group leader, your communication after an interview once.


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