Zhejiang Wanli University: 2022 PhD and other high-level personnel recruitment announcement

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A, unit introduction

Zhejiang Wanli University from Zhejiang Wanli education group held, is a 71-year school history of the province belongs to the ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities. In 1999, the Ministry of Education approved to become a“public colleges and universities to implement new management mode and operation mechanism”of the new College, by education experts as the“Chinese modern University system of exemplary practice.”

The school has the Zhejiang Provincial priority disciplines, first-class disciplines, philosophy and social science key research bases, academician expert workstation, experimental teaching demonstration center, laboratory, etc. more than 70 provincial platform; with the“National First-class undergraduate construction Point”9, the Ministry of Education Personnel Training Mode Innovation Experimental zone, the National excellent courses, the National excellent resource sharing courses and national bilingual teaching demonstration courses, the Ministry of Education New Century higher education teaching reform project, etc. more than 50 Platform project, gained national teaching achievement prize of 2 items. The school with the United States, Britain, Japan and other more than 30 countries and Taiwan, more than 60 colleges to establish a cooperative relationship, opening up a student exchange, study abroad and other types of cooperation projects.

Second, the recruitment principles and approaches

Recruitment of openness, equality, competition and merit principles, according to the ability and integrity of personnel standards, and take public Registration, Evaluation and merit-based hiring approach, through qualification examination, a bandstand, physical examination and Assessment Program for public recruitment career preparation staff.

Third, the recruitment of objects basic conditions

A compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution, laws and regulations;

(二)discipline, good character, have good professional quality; and

(三)having a recruitment required education, qualifications, professional qualifications, vocational qualifications and skills requirements;

(四)have to adapt to the requirements of physical condition;

(五)have the job required of other conditions.

Fourth, the introduction of talents category treatment

  1. The introduction of talent category and conditions

  1. Talent introduction treatment

School according to the introduction of talent category provides different pay treatment and support policies, see the following table for the Zhejiang Wanli University talent introduction treatment of

Five, high-level talent recruitment plans

Six, recruitment methods and steps

A registration and qualification of First Instance

1. Application deadline: the date of announcement to 2022 Year 12 month 31 day.

2. Registration way


II exam

This open recruitment of teachers will be based on the candidate's educational background, professional quality, academic standards, research results, etc., take a test-speaking(interview)in the form of merit-based recruitment, through assessment and physical examination program merit-based hiring.

1. Eligibility review

Bandstand(interview)ago, within the time prescribed carry the application form, personal CV, ID card, household, education, degree certificate, certificate of title, recent bareheaded 1 inch photograph 1 sheets and related documents original and a copy to the designated location for the scene eligibility review. Documents prove not full or provide documents which prove that the recruitment eligibility criteria does not match, shall not participate in the bandstand(interview)。 Not in time to participate in the eligibility review, regarded as abandoned Bandstand(interview)qualifications.

2. Bandstand(interview)

Bandstand(interview)major test of the candidates of the post of the level of expertise, teaching ability, innovation ability and other teaching and research capabilities. Bandstand(interview)total score of 100 points, less than 60 points eliminated.

In the bandstand(interview)qualified personnel, according to the bandstand(interview)scores from high to low ratio of 1:1 to determine the physical examination, assessment of the object; the bandstand(interview)accomplishments and enter the medical examination list of persons by the HR Department to notify the assessment object.

Three publicity and recruitment

The proposed hire list of persons by the competent authorities of the packet by the city Human Resources and Social Security Bureau approval, while in Ningbo of human resources and Social Security Bureau of the site and Zhejiang Wanli University website on the public seven days. Publicity after the expiration of the No-Objection, the check-in personnel transfer procedures and sign a contract of employment. At the check-in personnel transfer procedures will still review the archives, if you find a recruiter profiles are inconsistent with the requirements of, and will cancel the hiring qualifications.

Job Features

Job Category

Bachelor of science, management, Economics, literature

Academic requirements


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