Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University: 2022 PhD and other high-level personnel recruitment announcement

Posted 7 months ago

Hiring talent category

The first category: Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, Chinese Academy of engineering academician, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ministries members.

The second category: the Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor, National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, Special National Talent Programme Innovation long-term project talent, the National People plan for scientific and technological innovation leading talents, philosophy, social Sciences, leading talent, the National Teaching teacher, Zhejiang extra expert and a considerable level of talent.

Third Class: A special National Talent Program young talent, National Overseas Outstanding Youth Fund winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, the National People plan youth top-notch talent, the Yangtze River scholars young talent(formerly the Ministry of Education New Century excellent talents, the National millions of talents, a national advocacy cultural system,“the four a number of”talents, Chinese Academy of Sciences special talent A class talent, Zhejiang Province, People plan outstanding talent and a considerable level of talent.

The fourth category: Chinese Academy of Sciences special talent B class talent, Zhejiang province, special talents plan innovative long-term projects, talent, and money to Jiang distinguished Professor, Zhejiang Province, People teaching teacher and a considerable level of talent.

Fifth: the good Professor has a doctorate in disciplines of the professional leaders and much-needed discipline professionals, etc., in principle, the age of 50 years old and below it.

Sixth class: excellent doctoral, post-doctoral and associate Professor, with a doctorate in. In principle, the requirements for excellent PhD, postdoctoral age 35 years and below, the associate Professor at the age of 40 years old and below it.

Seventh class: outstanding foreign experts-Professor, Associate Professor of.

The hiring of treatment

The introduction of talent category with the relevant treatment list


1. The first class to fifth class talent to the school after work, can be arranged by the school check in the transition room, in particular in accordance with the Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University faculty transitional housing management approach on regulations. Time is generally 2 years. Foreign teachers view school resources can be arranged on-campus transition room.

2. To not enjoy school transitional housing policy of personnel, by a school-related functions according to the standard of the issuance of the rental subsidy is high 1000 yuan/month, the Deputy high, the Dr 800 RMB/month, master, $ 500/month, time of not more than 3 years.

3. If both spouses are for schools the introduction of talent, based housing subsidies on the plateau is on the basis of an increase of 10 million yuan.

4. Annual salary are pre-tax salary, comprising individuals to pay Social Security, Provident Fund, as well as Union dues, etc.

5. The first class to the fourth class and seventh class talent of the first recruitment period wages contains the Protocol task requirements, beyond the Tasks section you can further enjoy the school teaching and Research Awards performance.

The sixth class talent performance homeownership subsidies classification and performance requirements


1. Performance homeownership subsidies is divided into A, B, C three categories, onboarding after 3 years to complete effectively.

2. The high level of papers by personnel and technology at the finds.

3. The table of results should be in the Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University is the first signature unit, the item should be the main support of the project, the thesis should be the first author, co-first author of the only accredited ranked first author.

2022 recruiting College, Department(professional)

Contact information

Contact: horse the teacher

Contact email: application@techtalentsuk.com

Unit introduction

Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province, Hangzhou city in the West section of the create a large corridor of the West End, is Zhejiang province key construction universities, Zhejiang Provincial People's government and the National Forestry and grassland Bureau of co-construction universities.

School East Lake, corset brocade, Zhuji 3 campuses, covering an area of 3200 acres, all types of students 28000 employees, faculty members, including over 2,400 people, with the Chinese Academy of engineering to lead the high-level team of teachers, which state-level personnel 32 people, provincial-level talent to 250 people. School of Agriculture and forestry, biology, environmental studies featured, the establishment of a bachelor's, master's, doctoral complete personnel training and degree authorization system. Has 69 undergraduate programs, the level discipline master's degree authorization point 19, the Professional Degree Master of authorization category to 16; primary discipline doctoral degree authorization point 6, the service of the national special needs of the Dr Personnel Training Project 1 item; Forestry level subjects post-doctoral research station. Built with State Key Laboratory, National Engineering Technology Research Center, National and local joint engineering laboratory, international tea culture spread base, National“111 plan”cited Chi base and other national-level platform 5, the provincial-level innovation platform 45.

To speed up the construction area distinctive features of a high level of Ecological Research University, we sincerely invite relevant disciplines in the field of young scholars to join my school.

Job Features

Job Category

Science, agronomy, medicine, literature, law

Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies


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