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Team long-term recruitment of research assistant Professor, post-doctoral and joint training of doctoral students to take Shanghai Jiao Tong University/Kong Polytechnic/port HKUST Guangzhou degree, a research assistant and Intern can be a student and offers extremely high-quality research conditions, competitive salary and benefits.

First, the tutor profile

Chen XI, the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, developing Academy of Sciences, the International famous Computational Fluid Dynamics home and turbulent theorists, the current Eastern Polytechnic Institute the Dean, a former Southern University of Science and technology rector, the Vice President of Peking University, the College of Engineering Dean, Johns Hopkins University Department of mechanical engineering head of the Department. Chen XI academician of the Lattice boltzmann method is one of the founders of the method combines statistical physics and fluid dynamics of characteristics for solving Partial Differential Equations and simulate the hydrodynamics, and other physical and chemical processes, to achieve high efficiency of the parallel computing; proposed and developed based on the physical constraints of the mechanism of constrained large-eddy simulation method cles, the international turbulent world of the highly recognized, in the turbulence of basic research and the industry software and the direction of the research.

Yong Yang Super, respectively, than the Harbin Institute of technology and the United States, Rice University and obtained a bachelor(2010)and Dr. 2014, mentor: satish nagarajaiah degree in the US Los Alamos National Laboratory, Director of the postdoctoral(2015-2017, mentor: charles r. farrar, david mascarenas, the U.S. Argonne National Laboratory researcher(2018-2019)、2019 from any one of Michigan University of Technology Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Department of assistant Professor. The research field of structural dynamics, structural sensing and health monitoring, intelligent systems, advanced manufacturing and robotics. In international journals published more than 50 papers, reference Series 3 of the present monograph, holding U.S. Patent 2 items (the first inventors), the h-index is 21, a reference to 1900 times, chaired and co-chaired the scientific research project funding of about 260 million dollars. 2018 has served as a structural control and health monitoring (if 6.0) Journal editorial Board, American Society of Civil Engineers(asce structural control and monitoring of the members of the Committee and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (asme) acoustic members of the Committee. The main prize of the United Nations in New York on Sustainable Development Conference Best Paper Award 2015, the American Society of Civil Engineers(asce)raymond c. reese Research Prize (2017), r&d 100 Award (2018), Experimental Mechanics Institute of the society for experimental mechanics, sem Best Paper Award (2021)and the young investigator lecture award (2022 plenary lecture in 41st imac), and international structural health monitoring achenbach medal (2022)。

  • Hiring directions: 1 engineering mechanics 2)Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, or related professional.

Chapter Sheng Qi, Oriental Polytechnic Institute assistant Professor separate pi, doctoral tutor, undergraduate and PhD Graduated from Peking University mechanical system. Research areas of fluid mechanics, focusing on turbulence, heat and mass transfer, multiphase flow direction, etc., to complex multi-scale flows theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, application scenarios including Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geophysics, etc. Nearly 4 years in the hydrodynamic field's top journals, journal of fluid mechanics published a paper 5, won the Peking University outstanding doctoral dissertation, outstanding graduate and other honors, participation in the National Science Foundation to nurture the project and on the project, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Program-funded projects and the like.

  • Recruitment direction: 1. the fluid mechanics and its associated application; 2 smart enabling scientific and engineering computing.

Ginger Hambo, Oriental Polytechnic Institute assistant Professor, independent of pi, the associate Professor, doctoral supervisor, postdoctoral cooperation mentor. Has to Peking University and University of Science and Technology Bachelor's(2014), the degree of 2017, the graduates and Ph. D.(2021)。 Research into aerodynamics and noise, including aircraft engine noise, the rotor drone noise, etc. The main concern of fluid-structure-acoustic coupling problem of the numerical simulation, theoretical modeling and experimental measurements. Published sci papers total of 24 Vol. 17 Chapter one or communications, including journal of fluid mechanics, journal of sound and vibaration and other areas within the academic journals.

  • Hiring directions: 1 air/water dynamics; and 2 acoustic;3)high-performance computing.

Second, treatment

First-class work and research conditions; with domestic and Foreign well-known research team in close cooperation opportunities; encouraging and funding to participate in high-level academic conference;

Post-doctoral: 40 to 60 million years pay five insurance payments, benefits detail inquiry: the Oriental Institute of the Institute for Advanced Study, Chen XI academician team recruitment mechanics and engineering science postdoctoral; and

Joint training of doctoral students: about 10 million/year;

Research assistant: 5000-8000/month, five insurances and one gold;

Intern: a 200-300/day.

Third, the application materials

Candidates please send your resume and the other to be able to prove that the applicant scientific research ability, 进站条件的材料发送到邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com message subject and an entry form please indicate“apply+cooperation mentor name+group+posts+applicant name.”

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