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Westlake University College of science“to discover the nature of the world phenomenon, describing the natural laws governing the operation and expansion of human knowledge boundaries, cultivate first-class innovation and talent”for the mission, with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, third University Department, research covers number theory, analysis, algebra, geometry, condensed matter physics, quantum physics, atomic and molecular physics, optics, catalysis and synthesis, Chemical Biology, Materials Chemistry, new analytical methods, theoretical and computational chemistry, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, such as the direction, is committed to forward-looking and systematic basis for scientific research, Foster has strong innovation ability of outstanding talent, building a world-class innovative research platform.

Job recruitment

Chen Hong Yu lab recruitment of post-doctoral

Chen Hong Yu the laboratory of the main research directions for nanocomposite synthesis and mechanism, and extending a variety of applications. Committed to the development of new methods, the synthesis of novel nano-structure, to study its formation mechanism, the development of non-crystalline surface of the control of new synthetic means, so that the nanoparticles synthesized from the traditional to the multi-component, composite structure, Assembly structure, the new lattice, the low symmetry and the chiral structure of the new direction of synthesis.

Recruitment conditions

1. Job title: postdoctoral(1~2)

2. Qualifications:

In pharmaceutical formulations, drug release kinetics and/or molecular crystals, nano-material synthesis have relevant research experience.

3. Requirements:

1, of age not more than 35 years of age; has been made or is about to obtain a PhD; and

(2)logical, clear thinking, good teamwork skills;

(3)in line with the West Lake University postdoctoral management regulations.

GU ice lab recruitment of post-doctoral

Westlake University College of science GU Ice Lab is a theory, calculation and simulation study, the main study of quantum light, such as entangled photons, the compression of the light, the vacuum field how the complex molecular, material, system interactions, and their use in nonlinear spectroscopy and optical control of the material physical and chemical properties of the application.


(i) design using the light source of the non-linear spectroscopic techniques, the interpretation of quantum superiority.

(ii) by the light-matter strong coupling to the regulation of the molecules of the physical and chemical properties as well as phase change materials, including the intensity of the laser regulation and optical micro-cavity control.

(iii) development of molecular, nanoscale and the Solid of the material itself as well as in the optical micro-cavity quantum(electric)kinetic method. As the wave packet dynamics, multi-body Lin function, tensor network, the non-Markovian quantum master equation and the like.

(iv) we have also developed a Python-based simulation of non-linear spectroscopy experiments of common procedures, such as complex molecular systems the pump-probe, multi-dimensional Spectra, and the quantum spectrum.

(v) a free subject. Such as quantum mechanics, the geometric phase, optical imaging and whatever creative ideas you may have in your mind to.

Recruitment conditions



1, of age not more than 35 years of age; has been made or is about to obtain a PhD; and

(2)theoretical and computational chemistry or physics-related background;

(3)English writing skills.

Solemn Laboratory Recruitment of post-doctoral

Westlake University Stern laboratory mainly focuses on quantum many-body physics of the theory and numerical studies, mainly focused on:

1. Resistance of the frustrated quantum magnetic system of the novelty phase and the phase change, the quasi-particle excitation and the like;

2. Quantum simulation of Lattice norms in the field, the quantum adiabatic computing, etc.;

3. Restricted Quantum Multi-body systems, such as quantum dimer/loop models; and

4. Quantum many-body entanglement properties, such as entanglement entropy and entanglement spectrum of the act;

5. The development of quantum many-body numerical methods, especially quantum Monte Carlo correlation algorithm;

Of course, we welcome to the quantum many-body interested in you is added, together with deep strengths in the field, pioneering new direction.

Recruitment conditions

1. Job title: postdoctoral(2)

2. Qualifications:

A quantum many-body theory/computing, or quantum simulation/computational research experience. Help PI guidance to graduate and apply for funds.

3. Requirements:

① Age not more than 35 years of age; has been made or is about to obtain a PhD; and

② Complete the research work and papers;

Wang's vigilante team the recruitment of post-doctoral

The research group is mainly the use of Materials Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Cell and molecular biology such as development and design of new bio-functional materials, chemical biology tools, live cells in situ labeling and reaction, etc. Research group leader currently host multiple research projects, including national preferably green, etc. Research group leader currently is the College of science biomaterials laboratory head at the same time serves as the College of Engineering Biomedical Engineering researcher.

According to the research work, the king of pregnant people in our group proposed the recruitment of biomaterials related fields postdoctoral。 The recruitment of information in a post filled before the long-term effectiveness.

Recruitment conditions

According to the research work, the proposed recruitment of postdoctoral 3 names.

  1. Job responsibilities: around the research group of related fields of study for the research work, with the independent to carry out high-level research work capacity;
  2. Recruitment direction: peptide design and synthesis, Biomedical Materials, polymer chemistry, antibacterial material, hydrogel, tumor and immune-related, phage display, biological macromolecules Intelligent Delivery System, neurobiology, gene editing CRISPR, etc, etc.
  3. Requirements:

(1)strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work, good thinking, and a strong self-restraint ability, has the good communication ability and team cooperation spirit;

(2)in domestic and overseas famous universities and scientific research institutions to obtain a Ph. D., age not more than 35 years of age;

(3)nearly 3 years in the art, authoritative journals published by the first author of the research paper, can communicate in English and essay writing.


Based on personal research and the ability to work and post-doctoral relevant provisions from the issuance. The laboratory will provide a stable work environment with excellent research platform, assist in filing a post-doctoral relevant to the project, and according to the interests and needs support personal career development.

To get the China postdoctoral Science Fund of Zhejiang province postdoctoral preferred project funded, Hangzhou, giving a 1:1 matching funding. For outbound stay hang to hang work of post-doctoral, Hangzhou given per person 40 million grant.

Apply mode

请将以下材料以PDF形式发送至application@techtalentsuk.com Mail the title Please note: the“Apply for postdoctoral+your name”, for compliance with requirements and by the first instance who will be notified for interviews. Job posting in the positions filled before the effective.

1. Personal resume;

2.2 fellow experts letters of recommendation; and

3. Doctoral degree proof material.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies


Age requirement

35 years old and below

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