Guangzhou Science and technology vocational and Technical University of 2023 Dr. and high-level talent recruitment announcement

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Guangzhou Science and technology vocational and Technical College is a Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the private full-time professional undergraduate colleges, the school covers an area of 1607 acres, currently full-time students 24,000 people, the existing undergraduate majors, 18, a specialist professional 31. The school has information engineering, construction engineering, automation engineering, the Health Institute, School of Economics and management, Foreign Languages Institute of foreign trade, the arts and media College, the school of Marxism, public Basic Education Department, the innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, a total of 10 teaching units.

School Guangzhou campus and Maoming Marina two campuses, the Guangzhou campus is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou bell falls pond in Guangzhou“second University”, the garden-style campus, elegant environment. Marina campus is located in the water of the East Bay lot, East side adjacent to the sea, to the West Mountain, located in Maoming Education City, adjacent to the“China's first beach”, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior. Due to the school's development needs, and now to social recruiting talent.

Job title

Secondary College Professional requirements Number Job requirements
Information Engineering Computer, electrical, software, Big Data Technology, Network Technology, Information Security, anime(three-dimensional, and e-Commerce 10 PhD or Deputy senior titles
Automation engineering Industrial robots, mechatronics, mechanical, materials, automation 4
Architectural engineering Architectural design, civil engineering, urban rail transit, construction cost 10
School of Economics and management International trade, Economics, Finance, management, human resources, industry and Commerce, logistics, tourism, hotels, marketing 10
Healthy College Care, chemical engineering class in the cosmetics business, the early childhood health and development 3
Foreign Language Institute of foreign trade English, Japanese classes, International Freight Forwarding and customs brokerage, international logistics and international trade 8
Arts and media College Digital media art, environmental art design, preschool education, industrial design, packaging, printing, material, chemical 8
School of Marxism Marxist class, a philosophy class, ideological and political education 4
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy Innovation/entrepreneurial management, economic management, psychology, education, law, the ideological and political education, financial class 3
Base unit Sports(Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and softball, martial arts, archery, fencing, yoga, pulleys, and mathematics, Chinese language/Chinese 3


1. Providing teachers working capital room, lunch allowance, communication allowance and daily travel to and from school–Guangzhou Shuttle, weekly and from Maoming to Guangzhou car is.

2. Enjoy the provisions of the state's five insurance payments, assistance in the home of Guangzhou, the home Maoming。

3. Consistent with related policies, may apply Guangzhou account.

4. Enjoy domestic and international trips, participating in academic professional workshop, professional business training.

5. The College has a teacher, the senior independent review of the right, the organization title review work.

6. According to the school regulations are entitled to paid vacations in.

7. Salary:

Deputy High title Annual salary 15 million-20 million
Dr. Annual salary 20 million-70 million
  1. Having a PhD in the faculty, according to the provisions enjoying 2000- $ 10,000/month allowance; having a positive High title of faculty required to enjoy $ 2000/month allowance.
  2. The introduction of the Dr, in line with the school policy giving away a set of Guangzhou housing.
  3. Schools provide research start-up funds, to provide millions of teachers performance special reward Fund.

Apply information:

  1. ResumeDelivery email:
  2. Candidates please e-mail to submit a CV, relevant work and education materials, research papers, academic monographs and award-winning material until my school personnel mailbox. Send an electronic resume in theme with the subject of“name+Education+Job Title+job professional.”
  3. CandidatesFull-time teachers jobsNeed to prepare in advance for 20—25 minutesTry speaking ppt.
  4. Outbreak period:Through Resume screening personnel, the school, the interview panel will be by Tencent meeting app-Organizing Network interview. Our staff will be online contact candidates, inform the details of the process, to guide the candidates to enter the corresponding application link.

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