Yangtze University Electronic Information Institute of 2023 recruit overseas PhD full-time teachers

Posted 3 months ago

Electronic Information Institute of existing full-time in the homes section of the raw 1800 people, a doctoral graduate more than 200 people. College teaching and administrative staff of 90 people, including full-time teacher of 71 people, the experimental teachers 5 people management teacher 14 people. Full-time teachers taught in 10 people, associate Professor of 32 people, has a doctorate from teachers 33 people, having a master's degree in teacher of 30 people, the doctoral supervisor for 4 people, the master instructor of 32 people.

College of existing oil and gas information detection and instrumentation second-level discipline doctoral degree authorization Points, Information and Communication Engineering-level discipline master's degree authorization points and electronic information professional degree category master's degree authorization points, with Hubei advantage of the characteristics of subjects group of oil and gas equipment, Hubei province“Twelfth Five-Year”key disciplines of information and Communication Engineering. While the College of artificial intelligence, electronic and information engineering, automation, Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering and automation, measurement and control technology and instrument, etc 6 undergraduate majors, wherein the electronic information engineering, automation is the country's leading professional construction point, Communication Engineering, Hubei province, First-Class Professional-Building points, Electronic Information Engineering has accepted engineering education professional certification experts into the school visits.

The College has a state-level electrical and electronic experiment teaching demonstration center, National Electrical and electronic teaching team, Smart Materials and structural health monitoring of provincial outstanding young innovative team, modern information processing of the provincial teaching team, provincial grassroots teaching organization of signal processing course group.

A professional needs

Institute for domestic and international is looking for excellent PhD, academic leaders, and academic leaders and other high-level talent. The recruiter should have with the College belongs to the disciplines of the same or similar to the undergraduate learning experience, having information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Science and technology, surveying and mapping science and technology, cyberspace security, transportation engineering, Optical Engineering, instrument science and Technology, Biomedical Engineering and other academic doctorate, or electronic information, Energy, Power, etc. professional doctorate, while welcoming the Integrated Science and engineering, intelligent science and technology and other cross-disciplinary talent to come to the application.

Second, the introduction of treatment

According to the applicants the results of the bonus, take the project and the publication of the article, identifying the candidate's Academic Level A, B, C the third gear of a gear.

Full-time teachers post doctoral according to career preparation and management, at the same time enjoy the following benefits.

1.Settling-in allowance, Research start-up costs


  • PhD full-time teacher of the minimum service period is 8 years.
  • In the work to buy a home goods room the priority of the issuance of the settlement fees. The service period is not full to leave the school shall refund has been sent home fee. Settling-in allowance-containing local governments talent of Jin subsidies.
  • Academic level far more than A document of a particularly excellent Ph. D., the University research can be defined as the A+gear. A+shift Dr in accordance with the“one person, one policy”, the“one thing”principle, from the cash settlement fee, scientific research start-up fee, and other treatment.
  • Research start-up fee to use for a period of 3 years. By year disbursed into the financial budget management.

2.Living conditions.In addition to settling-in allowance, the school offers the 2 year school talent apartment turnover of housing a set of(inter)。

3.Spouse placement.The introduction of new talent to the academic level to achieve A gear and above, or have I schools identified are senior professional titles, can be in the introduction of the current year according to the Yangtze University Dr. spouses security unit regulations apply to spouses placement.

Third, the recruitment process

Institute for talent always on the lookout, excellent talents treatment take a person to a conference. For all the introduction of talent, by the Dean of the full docking, the implementation of schools and colleges policy, providing an excellent study and work conditions.

Recruitment email: application@techtalentsuk.com

Message subject: My Name+degree+School+of the learning professional.

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