Jiangsu University intellectual property Institute of 2022 annual full-time teachers open recruitment announcement second batch)

Posted 10 months ago
  1. College profile

Jiangsu University intellectual property Institute in 2020 5 on the establishment, is in Jiangsu province the first 2 separate set of intellectual property of the Academy. Intellectual College in the country has a large impact, Jiangsu province, intellectual property Research Centre for Foundation, adhering to the National unique“intellectual property research with integration”development model, integrated, Jiangsu province, intellectual property Research Center, Jiangsu New Structural Economics, intellectual property research Institute, 2 provincial-level scientific research platforms, and the WIPO technology and Innovation Support Centers(TISCS), the National Intellectual Property training(Jiangsu)base, the national patent operations of the pilot—Jiangsu wise intellectual property Service Co., Ltd. 3 a national service platform, facing the Jiangsu province and the national strategic needs, and actively carry out the theory of innovation, think tank studies, specialty talent, high level of social services, as well as high-level international exchange.

The College has formed a team comprising of Law, Management, Economics, Engineering and other disciplines Fusion, part-time-fit, domestic and international joint compound talents team. Currently has a part-time researchers and more than 100 people, including foreign experts and more than 20 people. Full-time staff in the national intellectual property of leading Talent, 1 person, Jiangsu province young and middle-aged outstanding contribution expert 1 person, State Intellectual Property Office Specialist library specialist 2 people, hundreds of millions of intellectual property, talent engineering hundred high-level talents by 1 people, the National Patent Information Practice personnel 6 people, Jiangsu province, intellectual property leading talent 4 people, Jiangsu province backbone personnel 9 people, for the College to conduct high-quality training and Research Foundation.

The Academy focuses on the theory frontier with the application of the practice of dual-wheel drive, academic research and policy design synchronization and opens up the enterprise intellectual property management, new structural Economics and intellectual property, industry, intellectual property development, intellectual property, innovation and entrepreneurship, the four main features of research direction, has undertaken a National Social Science Fund key projects, the National Natural Science Fund Project, National Natural Science Foundation of international cooperation projects, the National Ministry of Science and technology focusing on research and development projects of sub-items, the National Ministry of Science and soft science project of the National Project 9 items, as well as the Ministry of National Education Philosophy and social science research projects, the Ministry of national education doctoral Fund Project, National Intellectual Property Office of the focus of the project and other provincial and Ministerial level projects in more than 60 items, as well as enterprises and institutions entrust the project to more than 100, published by the intellectual property related to academic work 9 unit, published in Chinese academic papers and more than 60 articles, SSCI and SCI academic more than 20 papers, the research results obtained in Jiangsu province philosophy and social science Outstanding Achievement Award, the National Intellectual Property excellent soft Science Research Achievement Award, etc. more than 10 in.

  1. Conditions of registration

I have Republic of China nationality, compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution and the law.

Two law-abiding, good character, Unity, dedicated gregarious, honest and dedicated to.

(三)adapt to the requirements of the physical condition.

(四)disciplines Requirements: Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Law, Information Science, Applied Economics, theoretical Economics, statistics, financial mathematics.

Five age requirements: Dr. age not more than 35 years of age(i.e., 1987, 1 on 1, and after birth), with Deputy senior professional and technical titles of age not more than 40 years of age(i.e., in 1982, 1 on 1, and after birth), with senior professional and technical titles of age not more than 45 years of age(i.e., 1977, 1 on 1, and after the birth of).

VI with the admission requirements of the professional, skills, and other qualifications. Graduates should be in 2022 年 12 月 31 recently graduated and obtained the corresponding qualification certificate, and still no work. Country(border)the teacher disciplines and research institutions of learning earlier graduation personnel, refers to the country(border)the teacher disciplines and research institutions of learning, with domestic graduates the same period of graduate study in personnel over the same period, the graduation of the time required with domestic graduates consistent.

VII made the mainland College-educated Taiwanese students and made the mainland recognition of academic qualifications other Taiwan residents when candidates by country and our province, the relevant provisions.

  1. The registration time, place, manner

Candidates through“of Jiangsu province, belongs to public institutions open recruitment platform”registration, photo upload, Qualifications First Instance. Registration URL: (Jiangsu province human resources and Social Security online business services Hall in.

1. Registration, photo upload time: 2022 年 10 月 14-2023 years 2 months 16 days

2. Eligibility for the trial time: 2022 年 10 月 14-2023 years 2 months 17 days

(二)online confirmation

1. Candidates submit online registration information(holidays)to the registration website to query whether by hiring departments(units)Qualification First Instance.

2. This open hiring is not to close fee and exam fees, by the first instance that a successful registration.

3. Not time online to confirm enrollment eligibility, upload a photo as the registration is invalid.

While the resume is submitted to the mailbox: application@techtalentsuk.com

  1. Salary

1. The introduction of high-level personnel remuneration in accordance with national and school documents in accordance with appropriate professional and technical positions grade standards, and prescribed for its payment of social insurance and housing provident Fund.

2. All kinds of high-level personnel are involved in the employer's Year-End Examination, in which the non-salary people according to the year of teaching, research, discipline, etc enjoy the corresponding end-of-year performance benefits.

3. School according to the employment contracts for all types of high-level personnel provide the appropriate treatment, scientific research start-up funds, etc., and according to specific categories provide the appropriate housing subsidies and housing subsidies.

4. The introduction of high-level talents in the service period, subject to party discipline-government, dispose of, or violation of the Jiangsu University Teachers of teachers ' morality in the negative list and anomie behavior approach(pilot)》(Jiang large Board issued〔2019〕No. 84, behavior, School, termination of employment, the personal return of all housing subsidies, Research start-up fee and all kinds of school culture-related costs.

First class, second class, third class talent salaries are annual salary system, the fifth class talent in the Class A and Class B, in accordance with national and school provides standards for the issuance of appropriate professional and technical jobs salary on the basis, another providing on-campus Qualification Class corresponding to the post-level allowance. Other personnel remuneration are based on the country and school documents in accordance with appropriate professional and technical positions level standards.

Special talent, foreign high-level talents can carry out the agreement of the remuneration system and the remuneration of the standard referring to the same staff OK.

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