Institute of urban environment, the Institute for the recruitment of plastic pollution&sustainable food systems PhD and assistant Professor

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  1. Project description

Project a: plastic pollution prevention and control 

Facing the Plastic Pollution Prevention and control with cycle low-carbon development of major strategic needs, around the plastic of the full life cycle of material circulation and the metabolic process, the plastic material metabolism and its mechanisms, plastic pollution and its ecological environment and health risks, as well as plastic metabolism and pollution prevention and control of the path to systematic study. 

Project two: sustainable food systems 

Construction for the new era of food system science, to clarify urbanization-driven food system evolution process and mechanism, ecological environment and health impacts, as well as the regulation of the path, and services to build safe, healthy, equitable, green, economic, and resilience of the food system and economic and Social Security and sustainable development. 

Each project is recruiting a post-doctoral or research assistant 1-2, cooperation instructor: Zhu Yong officer academician, Chen Weiqiang researcher. 

  1. Research direction

Project One: 

(1)plastic full life cycle of material flow and environmental impact assessment 

(2)plastic material flow, trade and Environment, Health Effects data mining 

(3)Plastic Pollution Prevention at the national, regional and global programmes to develop 

Project two: 

(1 food material flow, trade and health data mining and analysis 

(2)food-soil-water-energy-climate coupling relationship with the mechanism 

(3 for safety, health, resilience and sustainable solutions 

  1. Job requirements

(1)have a relevant academic background in Industrial Ecology, Environmental Science, big data mining, Economics and public management expertise is a plus; 

(2)for recent Ph. D. graduates or PhD within 3 years, the physical and mental health; 

(3)published in the English literary technique essay, good English writing and verbal skills.

  1. Salary

1. the annual salary of not less than 24 million/year; 

(2)full-time post-doctoral outbound leaving the building who can get 30 million RMB living allowance; onboarding Institute of urban environment, the Ningbo urban environment observation station full-time post-doctoral, in Station two years can be obtained 55 million RMB living allowance; 

(3)the Institute to support postdoctoral declared national and local government funds, declare success can be superimposed to enjoy relevant treatment; 

(4)eligible persons may apply in Fujian province and Xiamen high-level talents, respectively, can be obtained is not lower than 25 million settlement grants and 130 million yuan purchase subsidy, or to apply the appropriate level of talent room.

  1. Apply mode

(1)the applicant to“post-doctoral candidates-name-school”为标题发邮件到, the 抄送一份至; the 


[1]the job description of the letter; 

[2]personal CV including academic results list; and 

[3]representative academic papers or studies 1-3 articles. 

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所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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