South China Normal University IC design team, long-term recruitment of young talent and post-doctoral

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  1. School description

South China Normal University was founded in 1933, is one of the schools long history, disciplines complete, the momentum of rapid development of the“double first-class”construction of colleges and universities, physics was selected for the“double first-class”construction disciplines list; the Ministry of education in the fourth round of discipline evaluation, psychology, sports science, education, Marxist theory 4 disciplines into a class discipline, in which psychology was rated a+; chemical, materials science, engineering, mathematics, Botany and Zoology, Environmental Science and ecology, Social Sciences General, Psychiatry and psychology, physics, 9 subjects into the esi global top 1 percent. The school has 20 Dr. authorization level disciplines, 1 doctoral professional degree authorization points, 33 master's authorization level subjects, and 18 Master's degree authorization points, 18 post-doctoral research station. School Guangzhou shipai, Guangzhou University Town, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong Shanwei 4 campus.

South China Normal University is currently building an electronic information science and technology level, doctoral, set the microelectronics and solid state electronics, integrated circuit engineering, circuits and systems, electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves, electronic and Communication Engineering, a new generation of electronics and Information Technology and Communication Engineering, Master's point, built the design of integrated circuits and Integrated Systems, Electronic Information Science and Technology, National First-Class Professional, and Electronic Information Engineering, Guangdong class professional and Communication Engineering undergraduate programs.

To build the domestic first-class, world-renowned teacher education highlight the advantages of the innovative high-level universities, the school is facing at home and abroad wholeheartedly hiring excellent doctoral, postdoctoral and young talents.

  1. Our group profile

College related topics team in the field of integrated circuit design has more than ten years R & D experience, with the formation technique strength is strong, the project experienced R & D team, to undertake the National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 major project topics, Guangdong key areas of research and development plans chip Class major project and, Guangdong, basic and Applied Basic Research joint regional Fund focused on the project and a series of key projects, the cumulative R & D out more than 30 pieces of digital-analog hybrid chip that comprises a radio frequency identification chip, near field communication controller and the tag chip, narrow-band IOT chip, microcontroller chip, analog to digital conversion chip, memory chip, SoC chip and the security chip, a team every year there are multiple flow sheet of the project, covering 350nm, the 180nm and 130nm, the 110nm, 55nm and other digital-analog hybrid, EEPROM, and FLASH and other commonly used process node.

Team with domestic and foreign famous universities, research institutes, enterprises are Cooperation, a doctoral student and postdoc in the research group where the platform can get high-speed growth, to participate in the national field of integrated circuits for major projects, Guangdong chip Class major projects implementation, the development of the chip in the industry to get the scale applications.

Research direction: the digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit design, integrated circuit EDA design tools.

  1. Recruitment needs

The team aim at the national major strategic needs, to solve the Integrated Circuit“neck”problem, long-term recruitment of graduate students, doctoral students, post-doctoral and young talent, welcome to having an integrated circuit, automated, electronic information, Microelectronics, computer science and technology, software engineering, artificial intelligence and other relevant background of talents to join the project group.

1. A class of young talent

Age not more than 35 years of age, have a good education background, has achieved originality of scientific research in domestic same field in the same age group talent has certain advantages, with significant academic potential. In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of education disciplines evaluation of a class of disciplines where the College or the world ranking of the top 200 universities(internationally recognized four major global University rankings: arwu, qs, the, us news, the same below to get a PhD degree and engaged in post-doctoral research work of the applicant to be a priority.

2. Second-class young talent

In principle, not older than 32 years of age, have a good education background, has achieved some research results, with good academic potential. In the ranking of not less than our domestic universities, where the disciplines of rank not lower than the My school section of the domestic universities or the world top 500 universities obtained a Ph. D. degree applicants will be given priority. No, Guangdong province, within the post-doctoral work experience of second-class young talent in principle, while incorporating post-doctoral management.

3. Post-doctoral

In principle, not older than 32 years of age, have good education background, has a certain academic potential for development, obtain the PhD degree.

  1. Salary

1. Hire date, and salary

A class of young talent: the Distinguished Research Fellow and distinguished period of three years, Basic salary and annual bonus performance a total of 32 million yuan/year, and the other to provide rental subsidies 2. 4 million/year, three of the total 34. 4 million/year.

Second-class young talent: the appointed adjunct associate Professor recruits a period of three years, Basic salary and annual bonus performance of the total 27 million/year, and the other to provide rental subsidies 2. 4 million/year, three of the total 29. 4 million/year.

Post-doctoral: the appointed adjunct associate Professor recruits a period of two years, Basic salary and annual bonus performance a total of 22 million yuan/year, the cooperation of the instructors also required to provide a performance salary of not less than 3 million yuan/year, three of the total of not less than 25 million/year. The recruitment period of two years made important scientific advances of the outstanding post-doctoral, can apply for an extension of one year, and according to the obtained results improve the salary treatment.

2. High representative of the performance achievement award

Young talent recruitment period to obtain the performance results, the inclusion of I-school high-end representative performance outcomes reward range.

3. Their children to school and housing treatment

A class of young talent, a second-class young talent of the child may be required to apply for admission to South China Normal University affiliated kindergarten and primary school affiliated school in Guangdong province, ranking the forefront of it. In the room the source license of the case, the check-post-doctoral stint procedures of the second-class young talent and postdocs can apply for rent to live on campus within the postdoctoral apartment.

  1. Contact information

CV, including nearly five years undertake scientific research projects, published papers noted SCI、EI、SSCI AND CSSCI included in the case, the Journal Impact Factor and papers he cited the number, the award-winning results list. Send to:, with a copy to:

This announcement from the date of publication purposes, all posts strokes full stop, as in case of the national, local and school-related policies, rules, adjustment, according to the new policies and regulations. This announcement by the personnel Department is responsible for interpretation.

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