Career preparation it! UIBE 2023 faculty post-doctoral, full-time teaching and research staff recruitment announcement

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  1. School description

UIBE is the Ministry of Education under the National Key University, the first batch of“211 Project”and the first batch of“double first-class”construction of colleges and universities located in the capital Beijing Chaoyang district. The school campus planning a refined and elegant environment, China's socialist economic construction career personnel training and scientific research of the important bases.

Mission such as revivals, the beginning of the heart does not change; the country school with luck, educating education only. UIBE due to trade power, and because of the reform and opening up and Xing, due to the new era of high-level opening of Albert and prosperous. Founded 71 years, after several generations of teachers and employees of the hard work and efforts, UIBE has become one owned by, management, law, arts, science, engineering, six gates of the class to International Economics and trade, law, Finance, Business Administration, foreign languages and other advantages of the professional disciplines featured Multidisciplinary University. The school has students in the school 1. 6 thousand people, including undergraduate 8500 people, graduate 5600 people, the China Study Abroad degree students more than 2300 people; there are staff 1700 people, including full-time teachers more than 1000 people, the school also employed a number of part-time teachers and foreign experts.

A trade of big history, is a trade adult service national strategies, with big, does not fulfill the mission, scaling the burden of history. A trade of big history, that is, a Ministry of trade and adults of hard work, hard work, up and down search history. A trade of big history, that is, a Ministry of trade and adults will personal dream empties into the era of the torrent, so the vigorous youth with the home country pregnant with the frequency of the resonance of history.

  1. Hui garden“green pepper”gift package--Green Blue Project

For the construction of young teachers lead the education ecosystem, providing school reform and development of the new kinetic energy, UIBE for every“green peppers”tailored“Cyan engineering”: the

1 famous research mentor“pilot departure”--onboarding i.e., The“Apprentice”a high-level scholar, a mentor purse-phase feedback will be leading the“green pepper”teaching career in the run-up Controller.

2 sets of Project system“hatch power”--“everyone”of youth to start the project as“bell peppers”the research envisaged to provide financial support, stepped Personnel Training System Booster“green pepper”and beyond.

3 large teaching platform“upgrading empowerment”--“green power race”“teaching the workshop”“Hui garden forum”make“green peppers”unfoldment of talent, full of the steering system to help the“green pepper”Conservation Division de division the wind, feeling“as a teacher of the road.”

4 service measures“homes warm heart”--two hundred apartments, talent settlement Fund, with the young school to high school, children, Sports Camps, school fully mobilize resources to address the“green pepper”worries.

More directly with school leaders cheerfully mind, sharing insights of the“green peppers afternoon tea”, with different disciplines fellow of ideas of the“interdisciplinary workshop”and many other surprises are waiting for you. Think“green peppers”want to help“green peppers”needs, UIBE is a talent“the pupil outdoes the master”of best choices.

  1. Job title

1. Full-time teaching and research staff

2. Faculty postdoctoral

Specific posts see attached the UIBE 2023 full-time teaching and research staff, and faculty postdoctoral recruitment posts List Table.

  1. Conditions of registration

1. Candidates should abide by the Constitution and laws, to comply with Division de therapists wind norms, passionate about education, having good conduct, having to conform to the requirements of professional and vocational ability, as well as to adapt the requirements of the physical condition, no illegal disciplinary disciplinary records.

2. Candidates in principle for domestic graduates and returned overseas students, the need to have a Ministry of Education approved Dr. or the professional domestic highest degree, has a high-quality academic papers published, be able to bear the Associated Professional Course in teaching.

Wherein, the domestic graduates should in principle be in 2023 10 by 31 may obtain the highest education diploma, degree certificate and registration certificate, namely, the highest education diploma, degree certificate and registration certificate dated for 2023 10 by 31 May; The Returned Overseas Students need to study abroad for a year or more and there are immigration records, and in 2023 10 by 31 may obtain the Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center recognition of the degree certificate, the return of not more than 2 years and have not been dispatched.

3. Candidates age should, in principle, not more than 35 years of age, 1988 1 on 1, and after birth, and of which the domestic fresh graduates age should, in principle, not more than 27 years of age in 1996, 1 on 1, and after the birth)

4. In principle does not enrolled with the school faculty have conjugal relations, direct blood relationship, the third generation within the collateral relatives by blood relationship or a near affinity of the candidates.

5. Commission Pearson, orientation, students may not enroll.

  1. Registration

1. Online registration:

Registration URL: zhaopin. uibe. edu. cn in particular, how to apply please check the website of the freelance guide, visit the web site select the“business Series”jobs entry as required to complete registration registration. To complete the registration, with each employing Department contacts confirm contact details, see Annex; to resume the project incomplete person will not be considered.

While the documents to form a PDF document is sent to the mailbox:

2. Registration time:

(1)domestic graduates registration time:

2022 12-month 18-day off;

(2)returned overseas students registration time:

2023 年 3 月 31-day off;

(3)high-level talents and established scholars to introduce the work of the perennial performed.

3. Per person and are limited to posts not more than 2 months.

4. Candidates should provide a complete, authentic, valid personal information, provide false information, will cancel the candidates qualifications.

  1. Recruitment process

1. Resume screening

2. Department of the pen/interview, try speaking, the ideological and political expression and morality therapist wind study, the psychological evaluation. In pen/interview, Bandstand stage, candidates are required to apply for the Department to submit 2 letters related disciplines are senior experts recommendation letters(a letter of recommendation template see Annex

3. The school review

4. Medical examination and investigation

5. Public

6. Public shows end without objection after sending the notification of acceptance, according to the requirements for onboarding procedures.

The above recruitment process and the various stages of the specific time will notice. The proposed recruits should, in principle, to 2023 years 9 Months 1 days before the check-in is complete onboarding procedures, special circumstances may be appropriate to delay, but no later than 2023 10 on 31 October, or as a waiver of entry qualifications.

  1. Post treatment

1. The school offers a competitive remuneration package, to provide working capital to housing, to help solve the child-care school.

2. Full-time teaching and research staff to solve career preparation; 2023 年 3 月 31 days before the signing of the tripartite agreement of domestic graduates, as well as the 2023 9 before May 1 made to leave the service Degree Certificate of Returned Overseas Students, in line with Beijing settled policy, can help to solve the Beijing accounts.

3. Faculty postdoctoral stint over 2 years after assessment excellent, the review can be stayed for conversion to career preparation full-time teaching and research staff, while in line with Beijing settled policy, can help to solve the Beijing accounts.

In addition, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas high-level talents and established scholars to join, the introduction of work year-round to carry out.

UIBE 2023 full-time teaching and research staff, and faculty postdoctoral jobs list

UIBE 2023 full-time teaching researchers, teachers, doctoral candidates expert recommendation

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