Zhejiang University of Technology, School of Pharmacy, green pharmacy, Collaborative Innovation Center invites Young Global Scholars join

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School description

Zhejiang University of technology is located in China's famous historical and cultural city, the world-famous scenic attraction, known as the“earthly Paradise”reputation of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, is a comprehensive, Zhejiang province, belongs to key University of Zhejiang province and the Ministry of education co-construction universities, Zhejiang province, the first batch of key construction universities, the first batch of national“2011 plan”focal points, National“Universities of disciplines innovation plan”to“111 plan”is selected for the unit, the school's comprehensive strength ranked national universities in the top ranks.

The school has 66 undergraduate admissions professionals, disciplines, covering philosophy, Economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, arts, etc. 10 door to the class. Prior to 9 post-doctoral mobile station, a 13-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 2 doctoral professional degree authorization points, 29-level discipline master's degree authorization points. The existing ordinary full-time undergraduate students 19727 people, in reading various types of graduate 12732 people, students 1041 people.

School teacher force is abundant, existing staff 3426 people, including full-time teachers 2524 people, is Senior Teacher of 510 people, the Deputy senior title teachers 823 people, has a doctorate from teachers 1802 people. With the Chinese Academy of engineering 4 people, double the recruitment of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of engineering 4 people, the national high-level talents special support plan, the Ministry of Education Distinguished Professor, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund of the winner of the national talent of 55 people.

The school adheres to the service of national and regional development major demand responsibility, the construction of many types of innovative carrier, strengthen governance research with the cooperation network of strategic layout. Existing state-level 2011 collaborative innovation center, the provincial Department of co-founding Key Lab chip, the provincial Department of co-construction 2011 collaborative innovation center, National Engineering Technology Research Center, national local joint Engineering Laboratory Research Center, National International Science and technology cooperation base and a number of national and provincial research and teaching platform. School of Chemistry, Engineering, Materials Science, Environmental Science and ecology, agricultural science, biology and biochemistry, computer science, pharmacology and toxicology 8 disciplines into the global ESI top 1 percent. There have been 620 remainder scientific research by the national, provincial and Ministerial level scientific research achievements awards, which the National Science and Technology award of 24, the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award 11.

The day the sea is high and wide to sail is strong, the wind and waves spectrum of new articles. Ahead of the Zhejiang worker Taisho in the building“region distinctive, the domestic first-class research University”, we sincerely invite domestic and overseas talents to co-create business, to advance the Zhejiang“critical window”, the socialist modernization of the leading province, and“high-quality development and construction of prosperity demonstration zone”, and enable the Chinese nation great revival made the new outstanding contribution.

College/Center introduction

The school of Pharmacy is in the Shen Yin beginning of the academician of the initiative, 2001 11 month formally established. College to“heaven, the tracking process of refining”of the court of Justice of the Institute, with the construction area of the distinctive features of the application of the Research Institute for the target, adhere to the features of the development, Collaborative Development, International Development, after nearly two years of construction, in team building, talent cultivation and discipline construction, scientific research, social service and other aspects to achieve a remarkable development.

Yangtze River Delta region green Pharmaceuticals, Collaborative Innovation Center by Zhejiang University of technology-led, joint Zhejiang University, Shanghai Institute of pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical preparation, National Engineering Research Center of 5 core members of the unit formation is made. 2013, 5 month, is the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Finance finds that the first batch of national“2011 collaborative innovation centers”,2018, 11 month by the Ministry of Education organized the assessment of the acceptance. Center with“doing fine pharmaceutical raw materials, do the mandatory agent”as its mission, the active docking area of the pharmaceutical industry development major requirements, outstanding technology innovation and innovative talent cultivation two main lines, strengthen the Talent Team, International Cooperation and mechanisms for institutional reform of the three guarantees, and strive to build a collaborative and innovative new mode, a new mechanism.

The College and the center of the existing full-time teachers a total of 153 people, including senior title teachers a total of 38 people, with dual-employed academicians 2 People, National Personnel 3 people, and province Grade 1 Expert people, all kinds of provincial personnel 8 people. With the Zhejiang Provincial First-Class discipline of A Class 1 a pharmacy, and the Zhejiang Provincial First-Class Professional Construction point 1 a pharmacy, a pharmacy-level discipline doctoral programs and post-doctoral research station, elected to the National First-class undergraduate construction of Point 2 of pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical, and built with state chemical pharmaceutical raw materials synthesis engineering technology research center of green chemistry in the pharmaceutical national and local joint engineering laboratory for green chemical and pharmaceutical technology and equipment, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory and other national, provincial and Ministerial level scientific research platforms 10, has undertaken national and provincial scientific research projects of more than 300 items, obtained the national technological invention award in Item 1, the Provincial Science and Technology Progress first prize of 4 items, other provincial and Ministerial level science and Technology Awards of more than 30 in.

Zhejiang University of Technology School of Pharmacy/green pharmacy, Collaborative Innovation Center we sincerely welcome new PhD and senior talent to exchange, negotiate and join!

Annual recruitment plan

Hiring conditions and procedures

A recruitment objects should be in line with the basic conditions

1. Adhere to the correct political direction, discipline, good conduct, consistent with the“LiDE tree people”of the fundamental requirements, firmly establish the“four consciousness”, the firm“four self-confidence”, love of education and the teaching profession, having a Patriotic dedication; the

2. The General should have a PhD, passionate about education, having a good scientific spirit, the ethics, the rigorous style of study and teamwork, with a strong teaching and research and social services capacity, physical and mental health.

(II)the recruitment process

1. Candidates fill in the Zhejiang province high-level talent recruitment table on which see Annex, and attach the relevant material, delivered to the school of Pharmacy/green pharmacy, Collaborative Innovation Center;

2. College, Department, the Institute, the team candidates academic level, overall quality, growth potential for the comprehensive assessment; and candidates to communicate and to propose the appointment of the target task;

3. Schools to inspect, audit, determine the employment positions, a clear hiring goals and treatment;

4. The school with the appointment of personnel signing the employment contract, the check-into the post to check in formalities.

The talent level and treatment

School based on talent level and the hiring of ways to provide different compensation package with the support of the policy, as follows:

About the treatment description:

01 new recruits to the school's first recruitment period teacher, the first recruitment period for the previous two years in the school regulations of the remuneration on the basis of Institute/Center issued a pre-tax allowance of $ 50,000/year•people, according to the year of issuance; and

02 annual salary refers to annual pre-tax income includes the units supporting the Social Security portion of the school during the Research Achievement Award in accordance with the school policy is issued; and

03 buyers placement fee includes settlement fee, according to the school policy is issued; and

04 teachers children for admission to Zhejiang University of technology kindergarten(Grade A kindergarten, a compulsory admission to Hangzhou public schools.

Contact information

Interested candidates please send application form and related material sent to the specified e-mail address, and please indicate the applied post type.

Contact person and contact information:

Pharmacy College High teacher/thread for the teacher: 086-571-8881395/88813981

The green pharmacy, collaborative innovation center of Liu teacher: 086-571-88813053

Delivery-mail: application@techtalentsuk.com

E-mail: yxy@zjut.edu.cn

Contact address: Zhejiang, xiacheng district, Hangzhou, Chao Wang Road No. 18, Zhejiang University of Technology School of Pharmacy/green pharmacy, collaborative innovation center of

Zip code: 310014

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