Zhejiang University Future Health Lab fan Xiao-Hui, Professor of the research group is looking for a postdoctoral

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Cooperation tutor description

Fan Xiao-Hui, the Ministry of Education“Yangtze River Scholar”distinguished Professor, Zhejiang University seeking a distinguished Professor, doctoral tutor, Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta wisdom Oasis Innovation Center Director and future health of the laboratory Director, the National Pharmacopoeia Committee, the United States FDA visiting Professor, the University of Sydney, Australia, honorary fellow, Alibaba-Zhejiang University of intelligent pharmaceutical joint laboratory Director.

Has presided over the“major new drug innovation”of the National Science and technology major projects, the Australian NHMRC ideas grant, the National Natural Science Foundation of more than 10, in Nature Biotechnology, Nature Communications, Trends in Biotechnology, Nucleic Acids Research, Advanced Science, etc., published SCI more than 100 papers, and won the National Science and Technology Progress first prize of 2, the second prize of 1 item.

Lab description

Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta wisdom Oasis Innovation Centre, hereinafter referred to as the Innovation Center is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province, Jiashan County, Xiangfu swing kechuang Green Valley, is composed of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province, the Jiashan County people's government and Zhejiang University cooperation to build, Zhejiang University, responsible for the operation and management of the high energy level of the innovative platform, with a total area of about 1350 acres, investment of 132 billion.

Innovation Center for future health laboratories relying on Zhejiang University, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, biology, chemistry, computer, etc. double first class discipline to carry out the future of cutting-edge scientific research, particularly in digital, intelligent, systematic empowerment of the“future of Health”, the focus of life big data, nucleic acids, health, system, the immune, the future of traditional Chinese medicine and other cutting-edge fields, focusing on the development of leading life large field of health industry change, disruptive technologies, and human health to provide wisdom Oasis Solutions.

The research group research

1, single-cell spatial-temporal set of learning methods and applications: single-cell spatial transcriptome, based on deep learning of single-cell omics data analysis methods, single-cell multi-omics integration analysis, single-cell metabolomics, and single cell proteomics, mass spectrometry imaging, etc.

2, the components of the traditional Chinese medicine and health product research and development: natural products of synthetic biology, traditional Chinese medicine component preparation and analysis, organ class construction and application, Chinese medicine medicinal substances and the mechanism of action, herbal toxicity quick evaluation, health product research and development.

Recruitment posts



Eligibility requirements:

1, can be a full-time engaged in post-doctoral work, no post-doctoral back Station experience

2, with the pharmaceutical, chemical, medicine, synthetic biology, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, big data, computer science and technology and other related disciplines, with priority given pharmacy, medicine, single-cell omics, mass spectrometry, gene editing, reproductive biology, obstetrics and gynaecology and other professionals;

3, there is a strong sense of teamwork and independent research ability, the relevant professional knowledge is solid and the related experimental skills; and

4, have good English reading, writing and verbal skills, with the overseas related to the field of learning and research experience is preferred;

5, nearly three years to the first identity of the author publish high quality papers preferred.


Annual salary of 40 million with local government talent grant it. The recruitment period, to enjoy Zhejiang University and the Center for innovation postdoctoral Related Benefits; Research Group as a post-doctoral academic studies provide ample resources to support; postdoctoral out of the station, you can stay in the center of the work, or recommended to the province from other universities or research institutes.

Apply mode

Interested candidates please submit your resume and be able to prove himself capacity and research experience related to the material, 发邮件到application@techtalentsuk.com, the 抄送一份到1374727335@qq.com(song teacher and indicate“apply for postdoctoral _ name”, the research group looking forward to your join.

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