Xiangtan University 2022 recruiting high-level talent

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School description

Xiangtan University is the generation of greats Comrade Mao Zedong personally initiative of the Office of comprehensive national key University, the National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities. The school was founded in 1958, the same year 9 month 10 day, Comrade Mao Zedong personally wrote the“Xiangtan University”the name of the school, and no better exhortations“be sure to put Xiangtan University run”it. In 1974, Deng Xiaoping and other Central leading comrades of the approval of Xiangtan University cover school. In 1978, the school was the State Council for the National 16 the liberal arts duplex comprehensive key University. In 1981, the school became the national first batch of Master's degree authorized units. Recheck since the party and state leaders have been highly valued school building development. 2018 Year 9 month 6 day, XI Jinping, General Secretary of school made important instructions, hope Xiangtan University rooted in the great man's hometown, and strive to school to do better, more distinctive. 2022 2 months, the school elected to the National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities.

School since the school Comprehensive School Strength and core competitiveness steadily, is the National“Double First-Class”Construction College, Hunan Provincial People's government and the Ministry of education to build the College, Hunan Provincial People's government and the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau of co-construction universities, is one of the few while entering THE, USNEWS and other authoritative International University Ranking places the College one.

Xiangtan University adhere to the“talent school”concept of development, attaches great importance to construction of talent team, strive for high-level talent to build a career platform, pioneering the development space, we warmly welcome talented people to join, create brilliant.

The introduction of treatment


1. Special talents or urgently needed talent introduction treatment may also be on the basis of treatment appropriate to append.

2. The introduction of talent can enjoy a normal wages, welfare, Social Security, provident Fund equal treatment, which is identified as Shao Feng scholars of high-level personnel, the recruitment period can also enjoy the talents of Engineering Special Allowance, which the academic backbone of the 6 million yuan/year, the academic leader of the 12 million yuan/year, the academic leaders of 20 million yuan/year.

3. High-level talent can be a matter of a meeting, the implementation of the annual salary system.

Apply and contact information

A freelance way

Candidates can Xiangtan University personnel recruitment system of registration, subject to the requirements of fill in basic personal information and identity documents, education diploma or degree proof materials, scientific research and other related electronic material as the attachment upload every candidates are limited to a post on. Provide relevant materials to be real and effective, otherwise cancel the candidates qualifications. 或发送简历和报名资料至邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com进行报名 it.

(二)contact information

Contact address: Xiangtan University personnel talent work in office

Contact: Chen teacher, teacher Zhu

Contact phone: 0731-58292074

Contact email: rcb@xtu.edu.cn

Address: Hunan province Xiangtan City 雨湖区 Xiangtan University Comprehensive Office Building Room 411

School all year round to accept the registration at any time tissue assessment.

Job requirements

Xiangtan University 2022 postdoctoral recruitment

To promote the school to post-doctoral flow station building and development, according to the school discipline construction and scientific research need, now will I to school full-time post-doctoral researchers enrolled matters related to the announcement below.

Enrolment conditions

A at home and abroad and obtained a PhD no more than 3 years, with good political quality, and ethics, the excellent and healthy.

(二)having a good scientific research potential and academic ethics, Dr. and Dr. after graduating achieved some research results.

Three age 35 years old or less, to full-time in my school engaged in post-doctoral research work.

Enrolled subjects

Philosophical, theoretical Economics, law, public administration, Library Information and archive management, Marxist theory, Chinese language and literature, mathematics, statistics, physics, materials science and Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Mechanical, Environmental Science and engineering.

Recruitment plan

My school annual hiring a full-time post-doctoral researchers, ready to accept registration and organization of the study selection, merit-based hiring. Specifically recruit direction and plans, please contact the relevant post-doctoral research station, contact details, see Annex.

In the station treatment

A full-time post-doctoral daily requirements for not less than 20 million/year, issuing a period of 2 years, where the cost of living for 80%, mainly used for salary, bonus, allowance and Social Security individuals to pay a portion or the like; daily public funding accounts for 20%, can be used for post-doctoral researchers at the station during the research expenses.

Two full-time post-doctoral at the station during the approved national projects, post-doctoral special financing, on the surface of the funding, with the exception of the school additionally provides $ 10 million in daily requirements; made iconic outcomes, the school according to the outcome of the case in addition to provide 5-10 million daily requirements.

Three full-time post-doctoral stint next month onwards, schools in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the policies of its purchase of Social Security, the units paid in part by the school to assume that individuals pay in part by the school direct from their daily provision for withholding it.

(四)full-time post-doctoral at the station obtained during the research results can refer to the on-campus faculty performance pay incentives to enjoy the same rewards.

The full-time post-doctoral to post-doctoral period results-based publishing academic monographs(word count less than 15 million words, and has signed publishing contract, the school Rewards 2 million published funding; publishing in academic translations(word count less than 15 million words, School reward of 1 million yuan and published in funding.

(六)full-time post-doctoral outbound assessment for an excellent grade, the school also awards 2 million bonus.

The full-time post-doctoral at the station during a may be applied to identify intermediate grade; the station can be directly reporting to the Deputy High said.

Eight schools as a full-time Post-Doctoral School of the apartment housing, the rent charges and the management method according to the school of the relevant provisions; school no housing arrangements, to provide $ 500/month rent subsidies, subsidies for a period not exceeding 24 months.

IX a full-time post-doctoral into the station, selectable in the school settled, to the police station to check in the account settled formalities, their spouses and minor children can vary its flow, according to the relevant provisions to the local police station to check-in.

Ten full-time post-doctoral children enjoy school children into the Park, admission to the same treatment.

(XI)according to the work needs, the school may be in school to the school hired a contract or secondment arrangements full-time post-doctoral spouse work, hiring a period not exceeding 24 months.

(XII)full-time post-doctoral outbound after intentionally stayed engaged in teaching and research work, after school inspection qualified after, merit hiring, enjoy school talent introduction related to treatment.

Mode of application

请有意来学校全职从事博士后研究工作的博士将应聘材料发送至application@techtalentsuk.com, and CC to the post-doctoral research station contacted. Application materials include: the applicant resumes and in recent years related to results-based performance support materials.

Contact information

A Xiangtan University postdoctoral Management Office

Contact: teacher Zhang, Chen teacher

Contact phone: 0731-58292075, the 18075851166(Zhang),

15594191131 Chen teachers

Email: szk@xtu.edu.cn

(II)The Post-Doctoral Research Station information, including contact with after

Xiangtan University post-doctoral research station information, including contact list

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

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