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School description

Soochow University is located in known as“Paradise on Earth”said to the historical and cultural city of Suzhou, with more than 122 years of history, is the National“Double First-Class”construction of colleges and universities, is the National“211 Project” “2011 program”the first batch of the listed colleges and universities is the Ministry of education and Jiangsu Provincial People's government to build the“double first-class”construction of colleges and universities, the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau and the Jiangsu Provincial People's government to build the College, is in Jiangsu province the genus key comprehensive University.

A first-class disciplines

Soochow University prior philosophy, Economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, arts, science and other twelve of the University section of the categories. As of now, the school of Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, neuroscience and behavioral science, molecular biology and genetics, immunology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Agricultural Science, Environmental Science and ecology, General Social Sciences, a total of 16 disciplines into the Global Essential Science Indicators ESI top 1%, Chemistry, Materials Science, 2 subjects into the Global Essential Science Indicators ESI top 1 per thousand.

(二) - class platform

The school has 1 country 2011 collaborative innovation center-LED units; 1 the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base; 1 provincial Department of co-founding Home key laboratories, 1 National Engineering Laboratory; 2 national and local joint engineering laboratory, 2 national-level international cooperation in Joint Research Center, 1 National Clinical Medical Research Center, 1 National“One Belt and one road”of the Joint Laboratory, 1, Jiangsu province College Key Laboratory of cultivation-building points, 4 Jiangsu colleges and universities Collaborative Innovation Center, 24 provincial philosophy and social focus of the research base, 33 provincial level key laboratories.

Three-class faculty

The school has 10-bit academicians, 9 developed a fellow of the national leading talents 107 passengers, the National young talents 123 visitors.

The strong scientific research strength

 “Thirteen five”period approved the National Natural Science Fund project 1621 Item 8 consecutive years ranked national universities in the top 20; and won the National Key major project 126, the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund 6 items, the Outstanding Youth Science Fund project of 24 items; won the National Science and Technology Awards of 8 items, which led 7 items technical invention prize of 1, the science and Technology Progress Award 5, people's Republic of China International Science and technology cooperation award 1 item, participating in the 1 items involved in obtaining the National Science and Technology Progress Award 1 items.

(五) - equipped post-doctoral flow station

Soochow University in 1995 by the National approved the establishment of the first post-doctoral research station, so far, to establish a total of 30 post-doctoral research station. Set Station disciplines of Mathematics, Statistics, Basic Science, Animal Science, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Specialty Medicine, Philosophy, Political Science, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Chinese language and literature, foreign language and Literature, Chinese history, physics, optical engineering, sports science, textile science and engineering, law, education, design studies, Marxist theory, information and communication engineering, clinical medicine, nursing it.

Post-doctoral work success

Soochow University from 2020 introduction postdoctoral new since the post-doctoral team scale continues to expand, the overall strength increase rapidly, and scientific force in the role of the highlights has become the school culture, the selection of outstanding young teachers of the important sources.

2020-2021 year, my school post-doctoral cumulative approved the National Natural Science Fund project of 72 items. 2020—2022, our post-doctoral cumulative approved post-doctoral innovation talent Support Program 10, the China postdoctoral Science Foundation special Finance the 20 items, the China postdoctoral Science Foundation on the surface of the financing of the project 138 items. In 2022, Jiangsu province, the first batch of excellence Postdoctoral Program in my school 73 postdoctoral selected, the funded amount was ranked within the province colleges and universities first.

Post treatment and support measures

A lucrative remuneration package

School as a full-time post-doctoral offer competitive salary, full-time post-doctoral stint after the school was given per person, 20 million yuan of annual base salary, performance appraisal excellent who can get the highest 40 million performance bonus, the three-year total compensation up to over 100 million yuan.

Above salary does not contain schools monthly payment of the housing allowance and a monthly payment of housing provident Fund and all kinds of social insurance, etc., throughout the year nearly 10 million yuan.

(二)diverse project financing

The school encourages and supports post-doctoral declared national, provincial, municipal and other levels of funded projects in the next table, a postdoctoral fellow in the station during the approved“postdoctoral innovation talent support plan”“post-doctoral country, territory)diplomatic Stream project”,“Jiangsu province outstanding postdoctoral plan”and other post-doctoral special talent Project, obtained funding subsidies are not counted in the total remuneration of the superimposed distribution, superimposed after three years, the total compensation of the highest can be super 170 million!

  1. State-funded projects

Note: specific funding criteria and the funding of the size please refer to the annual publication of the notice.

2. Jiangsu funded projects

Three smooth career development

1. In the station during the can be according to the school of professional title evaluation of external provisions related to participation in professional and technical positions qualifications review.

2. Post-doctoral team is the school a high level of teaching and research reserve team, for the assessment of faculty postdoctoral, the station can be directly stayed engaged in teaching and research work; for the performance evaluation excellent Bachor postdoctoral priority to recommend candidates for on-campus teaching and research positions.

3. Outbound retention personnel may enter my school for excellent young scholars track of development and gradually grow into a distinguished Professor of series personnel.

(四)perfect life guarantee

1. Full-time post-doctoral at the station during Stop 1. 2 million/year of rent subsidies, excluding the total remuneration, and another may apply to Suzhou talent mingle engineering“mingle renters stickers”for different levels of talent, you can enjoy monthly $ 800 or $ 1500 rent subsidies.

2. In the check-settled, medical and children into the Park entrance and other aspects of life to do good work, help them integrate into the academic and work environment.

Job title

Category one: Bachor post-doctoral

Having a doctoral degree and be able to full-time at the University post-doctoral positions engaged in full-time research personnel.

1. Job requirements

(1)with good political quality, morality, and physical and mental health;

(2)in the country of departure)inner and outer PhD not more than 3 years; age is generally not more than 35 years of age;

(3)there is a strong scientific research ability and academic potential;

(4)in my school each post-doctoral research station recruiting conditions;

(5)in the stop time for three years.

2. Mode of application

请将应聘材料发送至, CC to each recruit units linked mailbox, the application materials include: the applicant resume and nearly 3 years of academic results prove the material. Subject: to apply for jobs+school+Your Name

Category II: faculty postdoctoral

Having a doctoral degree and be able to full-time at the University post-doctoral positions engaged in teaching and research work, the performance of the teachers of the responsibilities of the personnel.

1. Job requirements

Consistent with the school year teacher recruitment plan and conditions, in line with Bachor postdoctoral recruitment conditions, age is generally not more than 30-year-old Humanities and Social Sciences class can be relaxed to 32 years old, physical and mental health.

2. Mode of application


Interested candidates can login URL into the“Soochow University recruitment network”select the appropriate job candidates. Applicants need to register the account and submit the relevant material.

也可发送相关材料及简历至 it.

School perennial accept postdoctoral application, interested applicants can feel free to contact us.

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