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Unit introduction

The southern section of the big faculty profile /About us/

The Department of mathematics was established in 2015 to 6 January, the existing foundations of mathematics, computing and Applied Mathematics, probability theory and financial mathematics three disciplines, comprising algebra, topology, combinatorics, and number theory, algebraic geometry, and dynamical systems, Partial Differential Equations, and mathematical physics and differential geometry, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, probability theory, financial mathematics and other 12 major fields of study.

The Department of mathematics since its inception, has initially built an international first-class faculty, the existing teaching and research sequence teachers 36 people, have overseas study or work experience. There are 4 academicians, 3, Jay Green, 1 of which are international Congress of Mathematicians in an hour the Assembly Speaker, 2 anthropogenic 45-minute reports, 6 there are four math top journal papers, 2 people independently by the National Natural Science Award, the 1 who won the third prize of 1 people awarded the Guggenheim prize, more than 30 trips as an international journal editor, the associate editor and editorial Board.

The mathematics Department aims for the country to develop a sense of innovation is high, ability, there is reason to think a high level of mathematical talent, currently offers Financial Mathematics, Mathematics and applied mathematics of the two undergraduate majors, and have math level discipline master's degree, doctoral degree authorization points and post-doctoral research station. In 2019, the Department of mathematics is approved, Guangdong province Key Laboratory of one; in 2020, was approved, led the construction of the Shenzhen national applied mathematics Center, this is the first batch of thirteen countries in Applied Mathematics center, is one of Shenzhen's First National Mathematical Centre. 2022 2 month, mathematical subjects selected for the second batch of“double first-class”construction disciplines list of the national total of 15 mathematical disciplines were selected, and mathematics to become the local Shenzhen first the“double first-class”academic building units.

This unit long-term recruitment of PD, TT, VAP and other posts

Job description

Job responsibilities:

It is a standard postdoc position with the teaching of 1+0 or 0+1. The postdoc is expected to do research with Professor Alexander Kurganov, who has many different projects mostly related to the development of modern numerical methods for hyperbolic systems of conservation and balance laws. Active collaboration with his international colleagues and within his research group at SUSTech is highly encouraged.

Recruitment conditions:

Being familiar with finite-volume methods for hyperbolic conservation laws


(1)postdoctoral hiring a period of two years, the annual salary of 33 million yuan, containing, Guangdong province, living allowance of 15 million yuan and Shenzhen city living subsidy for 6 million yuan, and press the Shenzhen relevant provisions of the social insurance and housing provident Fund. Postdoctoral welfare with reference to the school standards grant.

(2)particularly talented candidates can apply for the rector of excellence postdoctoral fellow, the annual salary of up to 50 million yuan. Including Guangdong and Shenzhen in the station of life the subsidies it.

(3)in the Standing period, can rely on the schools to apply Shenzhen public rental housing, not relying on the school to use the Shenzhen public rental housing postdoctoral, you can enjoy a two-year pre-tax 2800 RMB/month housing allowance.

(4)excellent working environment and foreign cooperation and exchange opportunities, postdoctoral fellow in the station during the two-year total of 2. 5 million academic exchange requirements for funding.

(5)research group to assist eligible postdoctoral application“Guangdong Overseas Talent Support Project”. That is in the world ranking of the top 200 colleges and universities, excluding the territory, ranking above an annual Thames, the USNEWS, QS and Shanghai Jiaotong University World University Rankings, whichever is greater, get a PhD, in Guangdong province, post-doctoral station units engaged in Postdoctoral Research, and commitment in the station for more than 2 years of postdoctoral application after the success of the provincial government to give each name into the station postdoctoral funding of 60 million RMB living allowance with the Guangdong and Shenzhen in the station postdoctoral subsistence different when you stop to get this project funded out of the station and Guangdong province, the employer signed a work agreement or employment contract, and the commitment to continuous in Guangdong work more than 3 years of post-doctoral, the provincial fiscal given per person 40 million in housing subsidies.

(6)post-doctoral outbound choose to remain deeply engaged in scientific work, and with the city's enterprises signed more than 3 years of Labour(Employment Contract, you can apply Shenzhen postdoctoral stay deep to deep research funding. The Shenzhen Municipal Government grant per person per year $ 10 million in research funding, co-financing for 3 years in Shenzhen the latest filing requirements prevail on.

(7)according to the Shenzhen new introduction, Dr. talents living allowance implementation of measures for the provision, the introduction of New Dr. talents living subsidy of 10 million yuan, with the provincial postdoctoral station subsistence different when stop.

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