Nanjing University of Technology Recruitment“practicing”post-doctoral

Unit introduction

Nanjing University of technology has a hundred years of school history, is the first batch of selected national“universities Innovation Capacity Enhancement Program”in the 2011 plan's 14 colleges and universities of Jiangsu High-Level University construction Peak Plan A Class A building in colleges and universities. The main campus of jiangpu campus is located in state-level new area of Nanjing Jiangbei new area of the core hinterland, was named Nanjing most beautiful campus. The school's comprehensive strength is strong, The Times Higher Education 2023 World University Rankings ranked among China mainland universities tied for 49th place; the Nature Index ranked China mainland universities, paragraph 41; Shanghai soft section of the 2022 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked the mainland College of the 43rd position. School exalted“Matilda, the thickness of the school, Shen Yi, down-to-earth”of the motto, insist on taking roots in China Land Office of the University, adhere to the basic research to the research with two-wheel drive, and strive to build into the distinctive features of the domestic first-class international well-known entrepreneurial University.

College profile

Electrical engineering and control Science College is a national party building work benchmark faculties to cultivate create units, the existing staff of nearly 120 people, all kinds of provincial and Ministerial level or above high-level talent and Team 32 trips(A), has formed a professional title, education, age structure is more reasonable teaching staff. College has 1 a secondary Dr-point, 2-level discipline master's programs, 1 Professional Degree Programs, 6 undergraduate majors. Wherein, Automation, Electrical Engineering and automation, measurement and control technology and instruments, electrical building and the intelligent are national first-class undergraduate majors. The College has the“Industrial Internet of hazardous chemicals safety in production”the State Emergency Management Department of Key Laboratory of construction, the Jiangsu green Intelligent Manufacturing Research Centre and other provincial and Ministerial level scientific research platforms and 8 of a University-level research platform.“ Fourteen-five”period, the College will adhere to the party building to lead the implementation of“first-class professional quality enhance plan”,“talent wise plan,”“excellence plan”,“cooperation cohesion plan”and other four programs that focus on building domestic electrical engineering and control Science the field of well-known high-level, start-up, the New Frontier College.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

Graduated from the world-famous University in the year of the world's top 100 universities or disciplines, or approved post-doctoral innovation talent support programs such as National Post-doctoral project, or other performance particularly outstanding PhD graduates. Implementation of pre-recruitment system, signed a full-time teacher of pre-hire contract.

Recruitment areas

Control Science and engineering, control theory and applications, intelligent detection system, intelligent manufacturing, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, robotics, electrical engineering, power system and automation, high voltage plasma applications, power electronics, motor drive control, smart grid, electrical building and intelligent, intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence, etc.


A talent service

1. Children's education

Faculty and staff children could read Nanjing University of technology Experimental Primary School of Public provincial Experimental Primary School, in Nanjing, a zhongjiang North at the provincial key high school in.

2. Remuneration system

The implementation of the“annual salary system”in Division Three, 40 million yuan/year, 50 million yuan/year, 60 million yuan/year to start, no ceiling, the job performance of wages, agreements, wage and projects salary and other remuneration payment form.

3. Family policy

Provide a settling-in allowance, providing a five-year public rent transitional room or jiangpu campus talent apartment.

4. Health Engineering

Nanjing most beautiful campus, faculty summer nursing program, faculty of health examination, campus gym, standard swimming pool, softball field, athletic field.

 (二)talents treatment 

Table 1 high-level talent introduction treatment standard

The talent level/category


Housing treatment

Start-up funds

First level

(Distinguished Professor)

A class talent

About the salary, housing, start-up funds, a spouse, child arrangements, academic assistant and Executive Secretary, with, working hours and other aspects of the concessions, the one-person-one meetings.

B class talent

Protocol salary

80-120 million/year

200-300 million in housing subsidies or in-school talent-apartment-150 sq. m

300-600 million

Second level

- Professor

A class talent

Protocol salary

36-60 million/year

100-150 million housing subsidies or in-school talent-apartment-80 sq. m

100-300 million

B class talent

Protocol salary

36-48 million/year

60-100 million

60-150 million

C-class talent

Protocol salary

24-36 million/year

50-80 million

40-100 million

Third level

(Associate Professor)

With reference to associate the corresponding Post Standard enjoy salary of.

Not exceeding 50 million

Not more than 40 million

Fourth level


With reference to the lecturer at the corresponding positions of the standard enjoy salary of.

Not more than 30 million

Not more than 16 million

Commitment, teacher post-doctoral

1. School treatment

(1)“practicing”postdoctoral: annual 25 million/year, 6 Vanke Kai, 2.4 million/year room Supplement, outbound 6 million;

(2)the faculty post-doctoral: the annual salary of 20 million/year, 2 Vanke Kai, 2.4 million/year room Supplement, outbound 6 million.

2. The provincial post-doctoral“Cho Bo plans”: the selected candidates in the school of the treatment based on the provincial government to provide 15 million/year allowance, the outbound to stay Jiangsu directly elected in Jiangsu province“333 project”the third level of the culture object. 

“Commitment”postdoctoral, faculty postdoctoral out of the station after reaching the premium directly to study in College, achieve excellence, and eligibility criteria can be re-attend College interview.

Three projects support

School for overseas young talents to provide competitive agreement wage jobs allowances, housing subsidies, Research start-up funds as well as the necessary working conditions and the workplace, and actively assist the talent declare the following personnel items:

1. Priority recommended the Declaration of Jiangsu province all kinds of talents to the project, for the selection of talent and the team of Jiangsu province, the provincial fiscal to provide the corresponding innovation and entrepreneurship funding, post allowances exempt from personal income tax, and scientific research start-up funds, the school provide the appropriate supporting funding overlay support.

2. Priority recommendation of Nanjing and Nanjing Jiangbei new area of high-level talent, you can enjoy the city of Nanjing buyers, schooling of children, medical insurance and other benefits policy; positive recommendation to declare Nanjing returned overseas students preferred financing, Jiangbei new area dual talents talents project.

3. Priority in the school“youth topology of the original engineering”is divided into“Youth Academic Excellence”“Youth Innovation Scholars”, respectively, for its offering of 30 million and 15 million academic requirements.

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

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