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Silver billion group, founded in 1994, is a real estate development, industrial manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade and modern service oriented comprehensive transnational group. In 2016, the group achieved sales revenue of 652 million yuan, profits and taxes of 40 million yuan, the total assets of 800 million yuan. Currently silver billion group listed in China's top 500 229-bit, China's top 500 private enterprises of 52 bits, top 500 China service industry 91 position.

Silver billion group after 20 years of development, from a project development of the company is China Top 500 enterprises, has made brilliant achievements. In recent years, with domestic and international changes in the economy and the Chinese economy has entered a new normal, silver billion group actively adapt, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, in bigger and stronger real estate, resources, industrial, etc. on the basis of inroads to international high-end manufacturing industry to break into, has acquired the United States ARC Motor Company, Japan ALEPH companies, in Belgium PUNCH company, holding a silver billion shares, kangqiang electronics, Hechi chemical and other three domestic listed companies, for the silver billion group's sustained and healthy development has injected strong power.

Job description

Duties description:

1. New material directions:

(1)battery materials, ultra-high-pressure or high-Nickel ternary precursor, the positive electrode material, a Silicon negative electrode, a lithium metal, a solid-state battery to adapt to the new battery material and the solid electrolyte research and development, material characterization, mechanism of action and failure mechanism analysis to explore the research;

(2)graphene and paint class direction, including graphene in anti-corrosion coatings in the field of Applied Research, graphene industrial application technology research, paint classes, coating performance and the formulation of structural optimization and the direction of the relevant research;

(3)nanomaterials with optical techniques, including high wear-resistant resin materials, optical film materials and other new materials research, laser radar technology, DOE diffractive optical product development and application, shadowless/lithography, etc.;

(4)textile chemicals and organic silicon new material direction;

(5)the textile dyeing and finishing classes, including the types of fabrics protective material performance and technical research, new color yarn to the development, of textile materials class performance with the optimal direction for study, etc.;

Major: chemical engineering and Technology, School of materials science and engineering, polymer materials and engineering, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, textile science and Engineering, Textile Chemistry and dyeing and finishing engineering, Optical Engineering and the like.

2. Machinery manufacturing direction, including but not limited to:

(1)aluminum, magnesium alloy and other materials for auto parts forging, die-casting, mechanical processing, structure design and process technology; and

(2)the car, the motor and its drive to control the direction of research;

(3)automotive powertrain-related parts, automobile chassis parts, suspension parts and automotive applications materials such as plastic, rubber, etc. related to the performance and process of the research;

(4)5G applications of artificial intelligence in areas such as research projects, etc.

(5)complex industrial environments heterogeneous devices connected and the Data Cloud Platform is a key technology research and development.

Major: materials science and engineering, mechanical design, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and engineering, computer software and theory, computer science and technology, mechatronics, precision instruments and machinery, motor and electrical appliances, power electronics and power transmission, Mechanical, Electronic Science and technology.

3. Metallurgical direction:

(1)Nickel, cobalt, copper hydrometallurgy, lithium batteries secondary recovery using the direction and chemical waste process optimization, water filtration materials and technical direction in the field made some research participants preferred;

(2)new metal/oxide catalyst design, performance of research and application development;

(3)ultra-fine metal powder products, Nano -, Submicron metal powder material applications, including but not limited to, powder metallurgy, carbide, Diamond and other areas of development.

Professional requirements: Materials Physics and chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemical Technology, metallic materials, School of materials science and Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Environmental Science and engineering.

Job requirements:

35 years of age, doctorate graduates have graduated, or from other post-doctoral workstation out of the station personnel;

With strong scientific research ability and professionalism to full-time engaged in post-doctoral research work;

English Level 6 or above, communication and coordination skills good.

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