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“ATLATL innovation and R & D center-Darts accelerator”is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City of Biomedical Innovation Zhangjiang Medicine Valley, by the larger record with the Shanghai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 2017, creation, operation and management, benchmarking Harcard/MIT as the core of Kendall Suare,for researchers to provide with a well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies comparable to the experimental environment for the R & D team can enjoy the world advanced level, advanced, security R & D environment and support services. Darts accelerator not only the bio-pharmaceutical R & D team provide the space, the more it provides professional and first-class integrated research and development supporting resources and complete solution. Includes a fully functional laboratory, Office, Professional R & D equipment, Service, Administrative Support, IT support, logistics support and other services around the laboratory supporting the reagent consumables distribution, hazardous waste treatment, experimental vessels cleaning, etc. professional laboratory management services. The accelerator is like a plug-and-play carrier for innovative biological medicine R & D team to reduce cost, and help innovative projects to reduce risk, save money and time, the release of the scientists of creative energy, allowing scientists to focus more on research, allow enterprises to quickly move into the next development milestone.

ATLATL Chinese meaning“the Darts accelerator”, the ATLATL is bound with the Innovation Team, investors, together with the fly faster and fly farther.

Job description

Duties description:

1, skilled operation of the suspended cells Expi 293, the Expi CHO-S, and so the culture, transfection, expression, single-cell screening and identification;

2, grasp the following experimental skills preferred: the cells were passaged culture, cell transfection, lentiviral/retroviral packaging, peripheral blood lymphocytes were isolated and cultured, etc.;

3, familiar with the cell proliferation assay, cell cycle detection experiments, immunophenotyping, apoptosis, experiments and other conventional Cell assay; and

4, the stably transfected cells go build, screening, programme development;

5, the enzyme activity experiment, a small molecule drug screening, etc.;

6, according to customer requirements to develop the experimental program, complete the relevant experiments and the experimental data are collected, recorded, analyzed, and finishing;

7, able to guide and assist research assistant to complete the cells of the immune R & D service platform of the internal and external of the various matters, including the experimental program development, contract signing, the experimental specific conduct, etc.

Job requirements:

1, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, medicine and other related professional Master Degree or above with more than 3 years of experimental work experience, or excellent doctoral graduates;

2, on tumor immunology and other related content have a certain basis of the theory;

3, have strong hands and strong learning ability, able to complete the experiment;

4, proactive, good at communication, have good team spirit, strong compressive capacity;

5, good English heard literacy.

Expiration date: 2023 03 on 31 May

Recruitment number: 1 people

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