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Posted 7 months ago

Job description

Duties description:

1. Combined with the electrochemical process principles simulation, the formation of a lithium-ion battery fully forward development;

2. Charge batteries of electric, heat, force characteristic parameters of access, participation in the relevant test method development and database building;

3. The establishment of multi-scale and multi-physics battery simulation model, to carry out analysis of lithium, temperature, internal resistance growth, life prediction and other process simulation and a variety of failure mechanisms study, a simulation-based optimization of existing product design or proposed improvements direction;

4. Service product development process in the electrical core simulation needs(design, temperature distribution, power Maping, strategy, optimization, big data analysis, etc.), participation in internal and external technology exchanges;

5. Responsible for the electrochemical simulation of the relevant papers and patents written; and

6. Participation in the battery performance, security, performance simulation, write technical reports;

7. Actively involved in the Department and Security Department of conservation organizations, security education and training, emergency drills to work at their posts on the put an end to the“illegal command, illegal activity, violation of labor discipline”phenomenon;

8. Leadership arrangements of other related work.

Skills requirements:

1. Familiarity with lithium-ion battery electrochemistry, heat transfer, materials science, reaction kinetics, design principles and other relevant knowledge and a certain mathematical statistics Foundation;

2. Familiar with the battery power, heat, Force test method, familiar with lithium battery products and materials for the common assessment method;

3. Proficient in the use of simulation software, data sensitive and has good mathematical logic capacity;

4. Familiar with the battery product development process, understand the IATF16949 Quality System, Master APQP, DFMEA, AND PFMEA, MSA, SPC and other quality tools;

5. It is possible for the lithium-ion battery charge-discharge electrochemical process for modeling true;

6. Understanding battery performance characteristics and the main failure modes, and can be targeted for improvement.

Job requirements:

1. Education Level: Master Degree or above, experienced may be relaxed to undergraduate; and

2. Professional requirements: electrochemistry, Materials Science, Chemical, Mechanical, Electronic, Thermal Physics and other related professionals;

3. Language level: English language, has a certain heard that reading and writing skills;

4. Work experience: lithium-ion battery simulation test experience more than 3 years, has a wealth of electric core product development experience.

Other information

Language: Mandarin

Industry: new energy

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