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Oriental University of technology(tentative name is in Chinese higher education reform and development in the background, by Ningbo Yu Yan Rong Education Foundation donation of not less than 300 billion yuan organize and get in Zhejiang province and Ningbo city, the focus support high starting point, high positioning for the new high-level research University.

Oriental Institute of Technology, Institute of Oriental University of technology(tentative name of the build of the body. The permanent campus is located in Ningbo yongjiang Sea, covers an area of 2300 acres by the government to provide, in 2025 after completion will be as a historical and cultural city of Ningbo, the addition of“century classic”landmarks.

School positioning of“high-level, innovative, cosmopolitan”, focusing on the culture Institute of Technology Class of top-notch innovative talents, emphasizing basic research and applied research and to highlight cutting-edge technology to cross Fusion, a service of national and regional economic and social development.

The school will strive to build Science, Engineering, Information, business four disciplines group, active layout has a significant strategic advantage discipline, characteristics of subjects with the cutting-edge Cross-Disciplinary, with first-class discipline system construction to promote the school by leaps and bounds, the connotative development.

The school is committed to the introduction of world-class high-end leading talent and young talent, the use of the International General“quasi-External-long recruitment”recruitment system, the implementation of the research group head(PI)regime, to inspire teachers, especially young teachers of enthusiasm and creativity. Give full play to the high-level personnel of the supporting lead role, innovation lead, training, retention of institutional mechanisms.

The school invites at home and abroad for excellent people to join, create a world-class educational institutions and research platform.

Job description

Duties description:

1. Responsible for the school of information technology based platform for the construction and management;

2. Responsible for the school departments of business Informatization construction project management and technical support work, including but not limited to the official website, The OA, financial, personnel and other kinds of system;

3. Responsible for various types of Information System on-line deployment, configuration, management and upgrade of the embodiment;

4. Responsible for the school of Information Systems Development and management;

5. Responsible for various types of Information Systems, performance monitoring, Troubleshooting and fault handling and preparation of operating reports and other documents;

6. With good other schools network and information construction work;

7. Complete other work assigned by.

Job requirements:

1. Domestic and international first-class University graduate and higher education;

2. Computer science and technology, software engineering related field preferred;

3. Proficient in Java, PHP, C#, Python, etc. at least one development language, proficient in at least one of the mainstream web development framework, mastering SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other databases use and development;

4. Required by the IT Department of the organization of the technical level of the test;

5. With strong language skills and fluency in English communication skills, required by the CET-6 exam;

6. Integrity, work attitude, professionalism, strong team spirit, strong sense of service to.

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所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

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