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Hangzhou Bay optical and Biomedical Engineering Institute of photogenerated Court of justice, is a collection research and development, industrialization and project incubation for the Integrated of scientific research institutions, the introduction of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Oxford, UK and other well-known universities, research institutes, optical, microfluidic, biomedical and other areas of the research team, building cutting-edge optical international joint laboratory, optical and micro-nanofabrication platform, single-cell precision medicine research laboratory, a high-end optical medical instrument development center, optical and biotechnology services platform.

Light green hospital in the optical as the core, committed to the development of optical, microfluidic, biomedical, artificial intelligence and other innovations in the field of Fusion, is committed to become a one-stop optical technology R & D and service capabilities of the Institute, to solve the“neck”technical difficulties, to master the core components, the whole system to the application solution of the full flow core technology. Light green court surrounding the photoelectric and health industry layout, to achieve international***optical technology in the biomedical field of the conversion application.

Job title: biological platform head

Job responsibilities:

1, the company bio medical projects to develop specific project development plans, and provide technical support;

2, the formation and the organization and leadership of the project team, develop project implementation plans, monitoring project progress, ensure that R & D projects an orderly and timely completion;

3, processing and review project data, the analysis of the problem, a written summary reports, studies, etc.

Job requirements:

1, Master's and higher education, biotechnology, bioengineering, bio-pharmaceuticals and other related professional; having more than 5 years of biomedical research and development and unity of management experience;

2, Gender Female, age 30-40 years old;

3, with strong technical innovation ability, R & D system-building and team management skills, the industry technology trends have accurate judgment, able to lead and motivate R & D team of the company given the R & D tasks, to achieve the company's research and development objectives;

4, there is a biological medicine R & D team experience is a plus.

Compensation and Benefits: Salary 30-80 million/year, depending on the personal qualifications of the interview set, the performance bonus 30 million/year, to resolve the cause of the preparation.

Office location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang, Haining Yang Road No. 988 Hangzhou Bay wisdom of the medical industrial Park

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30-40 years old

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