Zhejiang Jiaxing Research Institute 2023 session of engineers, researchers, post-doctoral recruitment

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Job description

Zhejiang Jiaxing Research Institute by Jiaxing City xiuzhou district people's government of Zhejiang University co-construction of an independent legal entity of public institutions, belongs to the new R & D institutions.

Academy of main content of the work and research direction:

Research Institute focusing intelligent photoelectric, advanced energy, digital security, regional development strategy and other key areas, the innovation platform construction, the introduction of talent cultivation, scientific and technological achievements transformation, decision-making, Advisory, etc. The Institute consists of three centres and a research room:

Relying on Zhejiang University and optoelectronic science and engineering, the establishment of intelligent photoelectric Innovation Center; relying on Zhejiang University Energy Engineering, the establishment of the Advanced Energy Technology Innovation Center; relying on Zhejiang University of Computer Science and Institute of technology and Cyberspace Security College, the establishment of Digital Security Innovation Center; relying on Zhejiang University School of Economics and University of Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Integration Development Research Centre, the establishment of a Regional Development Strategy Study Room.

Recruitment object:

2023 annual overseas universities Shuo Bo graduates

Recruitment process:

The online application → Court of Justice Ministry of Screening→ Center interview → offer → signing

Intelligent photoelectric Innovation Center

Zhejiang Jiaxing Research Institute of intelligent photoelectric Innovation Center, relying on Zhejiang University of Photovoltaic Science and engineering high-level talent, high level scientific discipline advantage, gathering at home and abroad excellence, conduct critical core technology for basic research and applied research, innovation driven build photovoltaic technology and industry development of the platform, trying to xiuzhou district as the center to create the Yangtze River Delta photoelectric industry cluster newborn state, the building has regional advantages and the technical competence of the field of optoelectronics Innovation Center for research and Industry Development in the Highlands.

Disciplines: optics/optical engineering, physics, automation, mechanical engineering, instrument science, electronic information, navigation, guidance and control, circuits and systems, measurement and control technology, software engineering and other related majors;

Advanced Energy Technology Innovation Center

Advanced Energy Technology Innovation Center, relying on Zhejiang University Energy Engineering, for“carbon peak, carbon neutralization”of the national strategic goal, to build a clean, low carbon, safe and efficient energy system, to carry out renewable efficient energy use, carbon neutrality and energy and Environmental Protection, new energy vehicles, hydrogen and energy storage, waste, energy efficient and clean utilization, Advanced Energy Systems, Smart Energy and other studies, the formation of innovative collaborative research team to accelerate the key core technology breakthroughs and significant research results into applications.

Disciplines: power engineering and engineering thermal physics, ships and ocean engineering, fluid mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering, acoustics, materials science and engineering, new energy science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science and engineering.

Digital Security Innovation Center

Zhejiang Jiaxing Research Institute Digital Security Innovation Center for full play of Zhejiang University Cyberspace Security College of areas related to the rich educational resources, Institute of advanced technology and the outcome of the industrialization, advanced technology research, etc., to the full dimension Digital Security range as the core, to build the six main security lab: artificial intelligence security and Privacy Lab, smart IOT and 5G Security Lab, the cryptography and data security laboratory, vehicle networking and security lab, systems with the base software Safety Laboratory, new hardware security lab. Guide local industry and innovation, to create a common“schools, and homes, enterprises and”innovation, interests, Development Community, a strong impetus to the Digital Economy Industry, the rapid development of the co-construction of the Yangtze River Delta integration important in the digital economy technology industry gathering area.

Disciplines direction: Cyberspace Security, Computer Science and technology, automation, electronic and Information Engineering, Software Engineering, password, science and other related professionals.

Regional Development Strategic Study Room

Regional Development Strategic Study room around Jiaxing more high-quality integration of the Yangtze River Delta integration of national strategies and higher levels of the construction of socialist modernization, the systematic study of Jiaxing regional economic and social development of the major problems, the development of a government trusted policy consulting think tanks. While continuing to Jiaxing economic and social development experience to theory summary Refine, forming the theoretical research results, through the organization of high-level forums, in the high-level press media promotion and other development, the center create awareness and show Jiaxing socialist modernization achievements and socialism with Chinese characteristics system of superiority in Jiaxing practice important window. In addition, the active docking business needs, business development, strategic planning, governance structure transformation, investment and financing system optimization, operations management, system optimization, market channel promotion, digital process transformation, etc. to provide consulting research services, the study room build into the enterprise system optimization service platform.

Disciplines: regional planning, industrial planning, digital economy professional.

Expiration date: 2023 09 month 08 date

Number of Vacancies: 50

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