Huayou Cobalt Industry to recruit a multi-bit electrochemical tube Pearson

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Posted 7 months ago

Company profile

Huayou Cobalt Industry established in 2002, the headquarters is located in Zhejiang Tongxiang economic development zone, stock code 603799, is a focus on lithium battery New Energy Materials Manufacturing, cobalt new material deep processing as well as cobalt, copper, non-ferrous metal mining, dressing and smelting of high-tech enterprises. Our main products are lithium battery cathode material precursor, cobalt chemicals, and copper-Nickel metal.

Huayou Cobalt Industry always adhere to scientific and technological innovation and scientific management, in the lithium battery cathode material precursor, cobalt and copper wet process, cobalt new materials, the field of Environmental Protection with the domestic first-class independent core technology, through the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, GB/T19022, GB/T15496 and AQ/T9006 Management System certification, for the company to become bigger and stronger cobalt industry provides a solid guarantee.

Huayou Cobalt has been through ten years of development and accumulation, the completion of the headquarters in Tongxiang, resources and support in Africa, the manufacturing base in Quzhou, market in the global spatial layout. The formation of its own mineral resources for the protection, cobalt new material as the core, copper, Nickel products for the auxiliary, set mining, dressing, metallurgical, new materials, deep processing in one of the vertically integrated industry structure.

Huayou Cobalt Industry in the“thirteen five”plan proposed, adhere to the lithium battery New Energy Material industry development as the core, around the control of resources, the lower extension of the market, and providing the ability to fully implement the“two new, three”strategy, the company from the“twelfth five-year”a cobalt industry leader in the transformation and development to become a global lithium battery New Energy Materials industry leader.

Job description

1, the 23rd electrochemistry, battery research and development, the positive electrode material for the development of professional graduates

2, Masters 16 million starting out, Dr. 35 million+stock starting out, particularly payroll interview

3, work location:Tianjin, Zhejiang Quzhou, Zhejiang Jiaxing

Expiration date: 2022 Year 11 month 30 day

Number of Vacancies: 20 people

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies

20 people

Age requirement

No limit

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