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Unit introduction

China eye of the valley by the Zhejiang provincial government, the Wenzhou municipal government focused on support, Longwan district, Wenzhou municipal People's government and Wenzhou Medical University-Eye Eye Hospital co-construction of eye health science and technology industrial complex. 2020 年 6 月 Park opened since China eye the valley of the in-depth implementation of the Zhejiang provincial party Secretary yuan Army proposes“a Central four Heights”strategic development requirements, based on Wenzhou, a national high-tech zone, with independent innovation demonstration zone policy advantages, relying on the Wenzhou Medical University-eye view of the optical section of the State Key Laboratory, National Engineering Technology Research Center, National Clinical Medical Research Center of three National Science and technology platform, around the eye and visual optical equipment, and visual optics, ophthalmic materials, ophthalmic drugs, smart healthcare, the future of Technology six eye gold track, full build with Chinese style, Zhejiang recognizable and Wenzhou qualities of the technology R & D, industry incubation, innovation, talent, academic exchanges and high-end medical agglomeration area.

Now due to the development needs of China's eye the valley of the main operating unit of Wenzhou eye as the light of the International Innovation Center for global recruiting high-level technology, management talent, welcome to global talents to join us.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for Strategic Planning and development of operational strategy, organization and coordination of the overall development objectives of the implementation, floor, and assist in the establishment of norms, efficient investment, management, operations management system and the introduction of talent, excitation System; 2. Norms of daily operations related to the system architecture, business process, to provide the functioning of the market's directional recommendations; 3. By the eye of the valley of the Commission, participation in key investment enterprise of operational management and Development Planning, and cultivate influential eye visible light industrial clusters; and 4. Participating departments daily coordination and management, construction, cultivation of outstanding professional managers Team; 5. Complete innovation centre other work assigned by. According to the talent expertise to set a specific post)

Recruitment conditions:

1. Having more than five years of Fortune 500, multinational companies, listed companies, personnel, administrative, business, technology, the market, marketing and other departments, Deputy Director or more senior management positions Work Experience; 2. 45 years or less, graduate and higher education, PhD preferred; 3. The first degree of the 985 and 211, a double first-class, well-known overseas universities or provincial ministries to build medical University full-time undergraduate; 4. With study abroad experiences, overseas work experience or have excellent English communication skills preferred. 5. Disciplines: all disciplines

Application process

A. registration information

1. Registration time: long-term and effective, feel free to sign up, feel free to interview.

2. Registration: online registration. Fill out the job seekers situation table for the See of the original attachments and attached to the individual related materials, sent to the email address: message subject format you are: applying for post-name-professional-education.

Second, the eligibility review and interview

Qualified trial candidates, the need to bring the following materials, in the specified time to participate in the eligibility review and interview:

1. Personal details curriculum vitae 1;

2. Job title, qualification, award-winning(honor)certificate of inspection of the original cross-copy);

3. It has obtained various stages of the degree, diploma(original inspection cross copy);

4. English Level certificate of inspection of the original cross-copy);

5. ID for verification of the original cross-copy);

6. 【Workers] the labor contract, separation certificate, Social Security contributions lists, etc. work experience certificate experience the original cross-a copy of the current at the level of the state, may be back-up-service proof.

Candidates offering documents or the Offer Documents and registration eligibility criteria do not match, or not in time to participate in the eligibility review shall be deemed a waiver of the assessment of qualifications.

Third, the registration instructions

1. Candidates respond to their reporting data of authenticity responsible, honest candidates. For forgery, alteration of documents, certificates, or other improper means to obtain the job qualification, examination and assessment in the process of cheating and other violations of the recruitment of discipline of the candidates will cancel the candidates qualifications. To have recruits, once verified, i.e., to cancel the contract.

2. Hired personnel must be within the specified time of check-in. Overdue is not to report, or on-the-job personnel in the recruitment of units within the specified time with the original units of the negotiation fails, unable to handle the onboarding procedures, the employer can not retain the employment eligibility.


The job requirements table Job seekers table

Job Features

Academic requirements

Master and above

Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

45 years of age

Apply Online

A valid phone number is required.
A valid email address is required.

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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