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Unit introduction

Hebei University of the Ministry of education and the Hebei provincial People's government“portion of the province bonded construction”colleges and universities, is also the Hebei province, the key support of the National First-class University construction level colleges and universities. The school was founded in 1921, the beginning of the name Tianjin technology and Business University, after the Tianjin College of business, The 津沽 University, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Normal University; and in 1960, converted into a comprehensive University and given the name Hebei University; in 1970, by the Tianjin moved to Baoding; the 2021 10 month, will celebrate the centenary. School ephemeris generation and co-incubated on the“realistic”motto tradition of“learned, truth-seeking, but constant, innovative”spirit of spirit, has been cultivated for more than 40 million of outstanding students, alumni all over the world. The school has Wusi Road campus, seven all the way to the campus and Yuhua Road campus, a level discipline doctoral programs 15, level discipline master's programs in 46, a master's degree authorization category 30 species, 95 undergraduate majors, is the National disciplines provided the most complete of the College one.

Hebei University School of Marxism is the predecessor of 1949 津沽 College established political theory Department of the. With the school name change, which was renamed the Tianjin College of Marxism-Leninism teaching and Research Laboratory, Tianjin Normal University Political Department of Education, Hebei University of Marxism-Leninism Department of the. 2013, 9 month, and the establishment of School of Marxism, with Hebei University ideological and political theory course teachers training and research bases of Marxism basic principle direction.

College of existing teachers and 113, which has a doctorate from teachers 56 people, senior title teachers 64, doctoral tutor for 10 people, master instructor of 30 people. A Marxist theory level discipline master's programs, the Marxist philosophy of second-level discipline doctoral points.

In recent years, the College of teachers, the National Press academic well-made edition of 15; in the Seeking of the Xinhua digest of the philosophical studies, etc. published in core journals over more than 200 papers; assume the subject of more than 100 items; provincial and Ministerial level or above rewards more than 20 items. The College won the National First-class undergraduate courses, provincial teaching Achievement Award, Second Prize. Teachers won the“National Teaching Achievement Award”,“National University ideological and political theory course teachers‘annual influence on the characters’”“Baosteel Education Award, Outstanding Teacher Award”, the Publicity Department of the 2016 year, 2020 year the“primary theory preach advanced individual”“, Hebei province, base layer theory preach advanced individual”“Hebei province outstanding to preach the post”“touched by Hebei Ten Big Shot”“Hebei province outstanding teacher,”“, Hebei province, School ideological and political work of Advanced Individual”“, Hebei province, promotional Culture System Advanced Individual”“Hebei‘three people’Advanced Individual”and other titles.

According to the Academy's development needs, is now facing at home and abroad to open recruitment of teaching researchers.

Welcome talents to join us, and seek common development.

Job description

Recruitment conditions:

Age requirements: the Professor is generally not more than 45 years of age. Associate Professor of generally not more than 40 years, Dr. generally not more than 35 years of age. Business requirements: in addition to have a certain degree of teaching ability, should also have strong research ability and development potential, in the present discipline has been made of the specific influence of representative results obtained in the present discipline of peer experts for sure.

Hiring a professional

Recruitment process

Send your resume to email: application@techtalentsuk.com

Email and resume name format: Name – Application for the post name-Research Group

Job Features

Job Category

Science, literature

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

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