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Unit description

WAIC 2022 frontiers of science during a plenary session of the Shanghai AI Lab released“OpenXLab PU source”artificial intelligence Open Source open system. As one of the important items OpenMMLab 2.0 PU visual vision algorithms open source system also officially unveiled. The system implements from the model training, deployment to the reasoning seamless, widely adapted training and inference chip, shows the new architecture, the new algorithm, a new state, ushering open source after the big version upgrade. Currently, the platform has been open more than 2000 algorithm model on GitHub to get more than 6 million star standard, is global in more than 100 countries and regions of the developers use.

OpenMMLab team set open source open, academic research, industry, applications, system development, for one, aims to build the leading international computer vision open source algorithm platform for the industry to provide advanced R & D mode and system, system, standardized, high-quality coverage of the field of computer vision all directions.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

1. Research the industry's cutting-edge algorithms, including but not limited to, classification, detection, segmentation, 3D sensing, target tracking, action recognition, pose estimation, generation against the network and self-supervised learning;

2. Responsible for OpenMMLab open source project development and maintenance, the development of a new algorithm framework, implement SOTA algorithms to enhance the user experience and project impact;

3. Around OpenMMLab build system tool chain and platforms, accelerated algorithms from research to production the conversion, support partner business landing.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Computers, artificial intelligence-related professional doctorate; and

2. In-depth understanding of computer vision in one or more directions, one for identity in the top or top papers high quality papers;

3. Proficiency in Python and PyTorch, and a good project implementation capacity;

4. Familiar with C++and CUDA, and a familiar OpenMMLab platform is preferred;

5. In the technical community influential who was involved in and contribution to the well-known open source project.

Application process

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