Tsinghua University recruitment of Environmental Science and engineering postdoctoral

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Unit introduction

Tsinghua University School of environment from National Tsing Hua University in 1928 to establish the municipal engineering Department, in my environment engineering disciplines of the founder of Tao Bao-Kai under the leadership of Mr., after several generations of hard work to gradually grow and develop. 1977 establishment of China's first environmental engineering, in 1984, the school approved the formation of an independent establishment of Environmental Engineering, 1997, development of Environmental Science and Engineering, established in 2011 environment of the College.

After decades of Development, School of Environmental Sciences in the faculty, discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research, Social Services, International Cooperation, infrastructure has achieved excellent results.

Environment College of teachers is strong. As of 2020, the College has a total programming teacher 96 people, including 45 years of age for young teachers of 47 people, having a positive positions of the 44 people, Deputy senior positions in the 40 people, the doctoral supervisor of 71 people with Chinese Academy of engineering, 4, United States Engineering Institute of foreign academician of 2 famous national universities teaching teacher 3, Beijing teaching teacher 2 names. In addition, the College prior 162 postdoctoral researchers, 266 substantive test of technical and administrative personnel. Teachers age and professional reasonable structure, strong innovation ability, cohesion and team spirit, high level of teaching, research and social services work smoothly to provide a strong guarantee.

School of environment established to environmental science, environmental engineering, environmental management of the University section of the direction of the base, covering more elements of the multi-media integrated, cross-discipline system. In 1988, was named China's unique environment engineering key disciplines, 2002, 2007, two consecutive environmental engineering, State Key discipline, 2009, 2013, twice in the Ministry of education disciplines assessment of Environmental Science and engineering discipline first place, 2017 the Ministry of education disciplines evaluation was A+, 2021 environmental disciplines, QS ranked 8 place. College of long served as the Ministry of Education Universities“Environmental Science and engineering teaching steering Committee”, and“CST Environmental Studies Department,”the Director of the unit.

Job description

Job responsibilities:

Industrial wastewater treatment with resource. In the high-salt wastewater(heavy oil high temperature produced water, zero emissions targets, carry out feature of the contaminants identified, the electrochemical-membrane separation technology to remove the characteristics of pollutants, the characteristics and mechanism, electrode optimization, membrane material modification and membrane fouling control, improved technology and other aspects of the research.

Recruitment conditions:

1. Having a doctorate, excellent, good health, aged 35 years old or less, get a PhD in life is generally not more than 3 years. 2. Having an electrochemical water treatment and membrane water treatment research background, a love of scientific research, professional solid Foundation, active thinking, strong independent exploring capacity and capacity for innovation. With the oil field and environmental companies to conduct relevant research experience is preferred. 3. Having a good team spirit, good communication, and writing skills outstanding.

Application process

1, applicants submit an application of intent

2, cooperation mentor to faculty recommended

3, the faculty to focus the interview

4, school Bo Post Office audit

5, the national approval

6, the school notified recruitment

7, the applicant handle into the school procedures

8, the contact: Mr. Wang

9, the contact e-mail: application@techtalentsuk.com

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