Pengcheng laboratory hiring machine learning researchers

Posted 11 months ago

Job description

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for visual and multi-modal perception and computing, large-scale pre-trained model and other related machine learning algorithms research and implementation, including deep learning, reinforcement learning, Autonomous evolutionary learning and more.

Recruitment conditions:

1, having a doctoral degree; in the domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, enterprises held a considerable position is preferred;

2, in machine learning, visual perception, etc. related to the field of research work, nearly 5 years in the important core journals have an important impact on academic papers, or access to important science and Technology Awards, proficiency in the use of English for academic exchanges;

3, the independent chair or as a main backbone of participation by the subject project to study the whole process and made significant accomplishments;

4, with post-doctoral or working overseas learning experience, research accomplishments to highlight, having teaching experience is preferred;

5, good sense of teamwork, strong communication skills, and professionalism and delve into the spirit.

6, professional requirements: machine learning, visual perception

Unit introduction

Pengcheng laboratory is the Central approved the establishment of the break type, lead type, platform type integrated network communication in the field of novel research institutions, as the national strategy for scientific and technological strength of the important part of focusing of broadband communications and the new network and other national major strategic tasks as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, socialism with Chinese characteristics the first demonstration area construction of the long-term goal with significant needs, in accordance with the“four facing the”requirements to the network communication, cyberspace and network intelligence as the main research direction, carried out in the field of strategic, forward-looking, fundamental scientific issues and key core technology research.

Pengcheng laboratory adhere to the major task of technological research and major science and technology infrastructure and platform construction for traction, to scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation as the main line, in-depth exploration of the socialist market economy under the key core technologies of new national institutions, agglomeration, including 31 academicians and 200 international fellow, national, Jason Green and other high-end talent, including 3400 more than talent, built with a“Peng city cloud brain”as the representative of a number of major science and technology infrastructure and platform, released the“Silk Road”multilingual machine translation platform,“Pengcheng. The dawn of the”English pre-trained language model and a series of major applications.

Pengcheng laboratory to major infrastructure for support, to a major research project as the core, to explore the“key project+based research”double-wheel-drive top features of the scientific mode; actively promote the cooperation of co-construction and sharing of resources, build the formation of Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation System, with the National more than 150 colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, leading enterprises to carry out in-depth cooperation; and Peking University, Tsinghua University and other famous universities perform joint training of PhD students of the national special program, to explore“the school tutor+industry mentor”creative talents to develop new mode.

Pengcheng Laboratory at the headquarters of the transitional venue is located in Shenzhen City, Nanshan District, liuxiandong strategic emerging industry base Vanke Cloud City, the office space 14. 5 million square meters. In the West the beautiful Lake International Science and education new stone wall Dragon Precinct building for the future Park planning 2039 acres, total construction area of 150 thousand square meters. Wherein, the Park is a phase covers an area of 298 acres, construction area of 43. 2 million square meters, will be in 2023 at the end of put into use.

Pengcheng Laboratory in-depth study and implement General Secretary XI Jinping on the technological innovation of the important discussion and Guangdong, Shenzhen series of important speeches, important instructions instructions of the spirit, in the new historical stage, the strong carry the service of the national strategy, the fulfilment of the national mission of responsibility, adhering to the“communication without barriers, connect without limits, evolution endless”vision of development, towards the human society, information space, the physical world of the three harmony and communion of the future picture, fully seize the technology vantage point, a service of the national high levels of Technology self-empowerment, and strive to build a world-class strategic technology forces for China's building to become the world technological power to make a significant contribution.

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