40-50 million! Xiangfu Laboratory Recruitment of full-time research managers

Posted 7 months ago

Job description

Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for laboratory-related research tasks, independently engaged in the scientific research and is responsible for laboratory related topics of project and implementation, and the formation of a high level of research papers and final reporting;

  2. Undertake laboratory research platform construction tasks, including research, planning, resource gathering, system construction, etc.;

  3. Participation in research projects of the application, management, reporting and summarizing tasks;

  4. Completed headed over to the other tasks.

Recruitment conditions

  1. Minimum education: Ph.;

  2. Professional requirements: chemistry, materials, biology, physics and other related disciplines; and

  3. Age: 35 years old or less;

  4. Experience requirements:

  1. Having a good ideological and political quality and moral quality, academic ethics and professionalism, and agree to the lab organized by concept and Development Goals, innovative and interdisciplinary thinking;

  2. Received good research and training, the independent high level research work, and in the international high-level journals published by influential academic papers, willing to take on challenging research tasks;

  3. Having chaired or participated in research projects related experience, familiar with the scientific research project of the application, management and structure of the title work;

  4. To be able to carry out independent scientific work, have independently discovered the problem, Problem-Solving and communication and coordination skills;

  5. Have strong English communication and writing skills;

  6. With strong coordination and management ability and writing ability, meticulous work is rigorous, long-term stable working;

  7. A love of research, a strong sense of responsibility, perseverance, patience, perseverance.

Number of vacancies

1 person


  1. Five insurance payments

  2. Platform exchange

  3. Statutory holidays

  4. Paid annual leave

Application process

Adhere to the open, fair, competitive, merit principles, and who meet the recruitment requirements and interested, please provide a resume including study, work experience and other personal skills, level of related information, and send to: application@techtalentsuk.com

Unit introduction

Xiangfu lab is to implement the Yangtze River Delta Regional Integration in the development of major national strategies, the construction of green ecological integration demonstration zone, implement new development ideas, build a new pattern of development, by the Jiashan County people's government and Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute co-sponsored the build of the innovative production-study-research cooperation platform and the new and innovative carrier. The laboratory is located in the Yangtze River Delta Eco Green integrated development demonstration zone, Xiangfu swing kechuang Green Valley, for the registration of class institutions, and Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of nano Translational Medicine Research Center for Integrated Operations.

Xiangfu Laboratory in nanometers converted in the medical field is focused around the precise in vitro diagnostic, biological new drugs, high-end medical devices, DNA storage and other cutting-edge direction, focusing on the construction by the“DNA synthesis and storage of laboratory and public Technology Center”,“nano-transformed drug development platform”and“nano-conversion medical instrument R & D platform”consisting of production, teaching and research achievements transformation platform layout, continues to drive new biological drugs, medical devices and other fields of cutting-edge products R & D and domestic alternatives, to build a world-class translational medicine innovation platform.

Xiangfu Lab 5 year plan to invest 5. 3 billion yuan, research and industry in the planning area of 35,000m2, will be in 2022 in the second half of gradually put into use. After the completion of the laboratory to industrialization as the guide, relying on fellow team leading international scientific expertise and research, the integration of Tsinghua University and other universities and research institutes in the life Sciences, precision instruments, electronic information and automation in areas such as research capacity, and a comprehensive application of strength, guide scientific research, talent, industry, and capital and other conversion elements of the multidimensional clustering, to stimulate research project team in the outcome of the conversion process in the main role, to build political, production, learning and research, with an organic combination of sustainable innovation ecosystem, to promote scientific research achievements transformation and innovation resources of the cluster development, the power of the Yangtze River Delta region of the high-quality integration.

Job Features

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Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

1 person

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