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                                        Starting Your Application With Us !

  • Step 1: Email Application: please prepare below documents and send to
  • 1) Copy of PhD degree certificate.
    2) Copy of passport or ID card.
    3) Proof of current job experiences (could be employment letter or offer letters).
    4) certificates of patents, awards received and other achievements, if any.
    5) updated CV


     Key Points: 

  • Chinese Language skill is not required for this application.
  • We will do all the admin, match making, translation work and set up your file for FREE! (please refer to “What we do” section for more details)
  • Applications are welcomed regardless of the applicants’ nationality and current location.
  • All applicants are welcomed ranging from Junior, Senior and Retired with no age limitation.
  • Applications are accepted all year round and evaluated in Nov each year.
  • Any enquiries, please contact or Whatsapp us  or Wechat: TopTalents2China / TechTalents
  • All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


      Who We Are?

  •  We are PROFESSIONAL headhunters targeting at world wide international high-level talents.
  •  We are helping international talents to apply for China Foreign Talents Plan, which not  only do we help the applicants for match making process with potential universities, institutes and companies, but we also help the applicants to apply for the Chinese governments’ funding.
  • We do NOT charge applicants, we get paid by China universities, institutes and companies.

      What we do? 

  • We will review your application form and supporting documents upon receiving your application draft pack. We will also verify your background based on the documents you provided. (Applicants are encouraged to apply ASAP so the process can be started asap).
  • We will polish your application form and do all the translation work for your supporting documents for you for FREE.
  • We will liaise with relevant universities, companies as well as institutes to start the match making process for you after completing all the admin work mentioned above.
  • We will organize online or in person (Subject to the condition of COVID19) match making events with potential collaborators in China for applicants to discuss the Work Proposal. (It is advised that Applicant fill in as many topics as they can in the application form.)
  • We will help find the hosting institutes, prepare application materials and give trainings regarding interview. Once the Work Proposal is agreed between Applicants and Hosts after several round of online discussion, the finalized application form/proposal will be submitted to the funding panel for review.

   What you will get? 

      All successful applicants at NATIONAL level (final round) can expect:

  1. A one-off funding payment up to 1 million RMB (140K USD) for full time / up to 0.5 million RMB (70K USD) for part time.
  2. Weekly salaries starting from 15K RMB ~ 50K RMB (2.5K ~ 70K USD).
  3. The opportunity to apply for research funding of 1 to 5 million RMB (140K~ 700K USD) for various Research Projects.
  4. Awarded with the title of National Distinguished Expert.
  5. Awardees will be strongly supported and prioritised when applying to local and national government-funded programmes, in particular NSFC, National Key R&D Programmes, Megaprojects, as well as other awards. (refer to “funding details” section for details)
  6. Support for living conditions: support for permanent residence permit and/or multiple entry visas for applicants and their families; Medical care, social insurance; children education allowance; housing and meal allowances, subsidies, and priority in purchasing one residential apartment, etc.

   Eligibility: Who Can Apply?

  • No Age limitation
  • Possession of a Ph.D or MD degree in Engineering or Science or Medical fields
  • Note: Academic and professional qualifications may be compromised in case of extremely outstanding or special needed talents.

       Successful stories:

  1. Professor Stijn van der Veen, elected to China Talents Plan in Zhejiang Province 
  2. Prof. Dr. Hans Thybo, elected to China University of Geosciences Wuhan
  3. Prof. Martin de Jong elected to Fudan University 
  4. Prof. Bernd Wünnemann elected to Nanjing University
  5. Professor Dieter H.H. Hoffmann elected to Xian Jiaotong University
  6. Prof. Aart Kleijn elected to Chengdu Development Center for Science & Technology 
  7. Prof. Tim Byrnes elected to NYU Shanghai.
  8. etc….


    [tabby title=”Background”]

Background info regarding China Funding System

    1. Beginner Guide: Getting Chinese Innovation Funding- A case study of Jiangsu Province’s “Double Innovation Plan”
    2. Apply for 2020 China Talents Recruitment Programme – An introduction
    3. List of Active Chinese programmes targeting foreign citizens
    4. Chinese Government Initiatives for Recruiting Academic Staff and Developing the HE System
    5. Chinese Universities – Positions, Salary And Benefits
    6. Available Resources For Researchers in China
    7. China Provides The Career Gateway To The World’s Academia
    8. Why the West is Queuing up to Work With China?
    9. Interview with Chung Bang Yun, Qiushi Chair Professor,Zhejiang University
    10. A Beginners Guide to Key Terms in Chinese Higher Education
    11. Example of Part time opportunities from Zhejiang University
    12. Example of Full time opportunities from Zhejiang University
    13. The CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative for Distinguished Scientists and Visiting Scientists

For more details about China Talents Program, please refer to link below:

[tabby title=”Hosting Institutes”]

Applicants can choose Universities or Companies/Enterprises as their hosting institutes to support their application;

We have a lists of potential Universities and Companies/Enterprise that we are working with; We may also recommend new hosts for your application based on your application form.

[tabby title=”Universities”]

Lists of  Universities:

Ningbo Uni:

Ningbo Institutes of Materials Technology and Engineering, China Academy of Science:

Ningbo Tech University:

Note: This is a brief list and more will be suggested based on your profile.

[tabby title=”Enterprise”]

List of Enterprise:

More to come….

Note: This is a brief list and more will be recommended based on your profile.

[tabby title=”Funding Details”]

Funding Details

Part time: Maximum 2 month per year for five years

Full time: Maximum 9 month per year for five years

Note 1: Due to Covid19, remote work is encouraged for both part time and full time,e.g distant supervising, lecturing and technical consulting. 

Note 2:  An Intentional Contract is required to sign for application administration purpose. For a general Intentional Contract template, please email

Note 3: Applicants could switch to part time contract if their full time application is approved. 

Note 4: Successful applicants will be expected to carry out the duty as a Visiting Scholar for Hosting Universities or Technical Consultant for Hosting Enterprise, e.g. giving casual lectures and supervising students on a part time basis. We also welcome joint research projects, management of students ‘ scientific work, and short lecture courses, technical consultancy.

All awardees will be conferred the title of “National Distinguished Expert”, and will be mainly granted the following benefits:

  • Support for working conditions: awardees will be strongly supported and prioritised when applying to local and national government-funded programmes, in particular NSFC, National Key R&D Programmes, Megaprojects, as well as other awards. They will also be actively involved in domestic academic organisations, and in the elections of new academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
  • Support for living conditions: awardees will receive a one-off funding of 1 million RMB (Full time) or 0.5 million (Part time) ; permanent residence permit and/or multiple entry visas for themselves and their families for foreigners; and lifting of hukou restrictions for Chinese nationals; medical care, social insurance; children education allowance; housing and meal allowances, subsidies, and priority in purchasing one residential apartment.

Other benefits may also be additionally provided by relevant provincial- or municipal-level administrations.

[tabby title=”Application Schedule for 2021″]

Application Time Schedule each year

Jan-March:    Applicants file the application form below and prepare supporting documents

March-June: Match making with potential hosting institutes in China on work Plan

June- July:   Application submission deadline for panels review

Nov-Dec:  Outcome

[tabby title=”How to apply?”]

Starting Your Application With Us !

If you are interested , please complete the Application Form and send together with supporting documents to




Wechat:TopTalents2China / TechTalents


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