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Agriculture and the rural portion of the biogas Research Institute 1979 was founded in Chengdu, Sichuan, long-term around the international frontiers of Science, national strategy and industry development needs, to carry out anaerobic microorganisms, biomass, resource-efficient, high-value utilization of the theoretical basis, application techniques, apparatus, equipment, demonstration, promotion and development strategy and mode of study; committed to research and development in biogas technology as the core of Rural Energy and Environment Engineering and technical systems, breaking through the constraints of biomass resources into the commonality of key core technologies, and build China's biomass resources using technology in the Highlands, leading and supporting our biogas construction as the main body of Rural Energy and environmental cross-cutting areas of Industry Science and technology development.

According to the science and technology innovation business development needs, the parent unit to agree, now undertaken by 2023 year of the first batch of open recruitment, the relevant matters are announced as follows:

One, job recruitment

See the attachment for the job requirements catalogue

Second, conditions of registration

I have Republic of China nationality;

The political position of the firm, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party's leadership and the socialist system, to enhance the“four consciousness”, the firm“four self-confidence”, so that“two maintenance”, in Thought on the political uplink move on with Comrade XI Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee to keep the height consistent;

The idea of the moral good, law-abiding, dedication; the

(四)aspirants engaged in agricultural processing and Rural Revitalization Strategy Business, dedication, strong sense of responsibility, with good collaboration, dedication and pioneering spirit of innovation; and

Five professional solid Foundation, scores of excellent, good writing and comprehensive skills, with strong analytical and problem-solving ability;

VI equipped to fulfill their duties to the physical and mental qualities; and

Seven is equipped with the recruitment of the requirements of the relevant conditions;

The registration of candidates may not apply for employment after that constitute avoidance relationship between the recruitment post.

One of the following circumstances shall not apply: has trained in criminal penalties, party discipline and government of the disposition, was expelled from the party, the Office of personnel, it is legally classified as a breach of the joint disciplinary objects, in the national legal examinations, at all levels of the Civil Service and business unit recruitment is determined that there was fraud and other serious violations of employment disciplinary behavior, but also in the ban test administrations personnel, shall not apply.

Third, the recruitment methods and procedures

A registration and eligibility

From the date of announcement to 2023 年 4 月 30 days, the applicant please send your resume, research content, research plan and other material(PDF)sent to:, the 抄送至 message subject please indicate the“name+job”, such as“Double A+backbone 1: Rural Energy distributed multi-energy complementary technology with the pattern”, the Institute, in accordance with the requirements for qualification review.

II written test

The written content for the candidates of the Institute positions of the basics. The written exam using a percentile, according to the total score of not less than 60 min to determine interview candidates.

Part three of the interview

According to the written test scores and job requirements to determine interview candidates, proceeds to interview candidates in a ratio of 1:3 that person is less than a predetermined proportion of the number of jobs, according to the actual number of interview. The interview using a percentile, passing score 60 points.

The physical examination with the study: based on Written Test, Interview score 1:1 ratio accounting an integrated grade, and from high to low, is determined to attend a medical examination with the study personnel.

Physical examination should refer to the civil service recruitment examination work approach in a tertiary hospital medical examination.

Trips to take an equivalent amount in a sequential manner, in response to the recruits voluntarily give up or inspection, inspection of unqualified and other reasons appear positions candidates for the vacancy, the recruitment unit will be based on the relevant requirements in turn be replaced.

Visit to take the access to personal files, individual conversation and other forms, in accordance with the ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first principle, a comprehensive study political thought, ethics, quality, compliance, competency, work, academic performance, etc., and the corresponding recruits eligibility criteria for review verification purposes.


By examining the proposed staff will be at the Institute website 7 working days.

VI report approval

Publicity without objection, the proposed recruitment of personnel for the material reported to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for approval.

VII signed employment contracts

Via approval of the consent of the hiring of the personnel, according to the relevant provisions of the hiring process. The hiring of personnel included in the career preparation and management, and I signed a contract of employment, and according to the provisions of the agreed trial period.

Fourth, examination and assessment schedule

Prepared in 5 months, the specific time and arrange for notice.

V. other matters with the description of the

A candidates are required to fill out the resume and the related information. Not fill, resulting in incomplete information, an error, by the candidates responsibility; and fraud, will be canceled candidates qualifications.

(II)the present times the published positions of the academic requirements for candidates obtained the highest degree(graduates to the highest degree to the candidate, the professional requirements for the candidates obtained the highest degree(graduates with the highest level of Education corresponding to the Professional; professional name referring to the undergraduate professional directory 2020 version of the degree-granting and training in the disciplines catalog, 2018 edition of action. As candidates for the learned professional close, but not the professional requirements of the range, nor the Ministry of Education published by the professional within the directory, the hiring unit will be based on the candidates to learn in the professional and position requirements, a comprehensive assessment of the candidates can apply.

(三)determined to be hired for the appointment of the new graduates are required to 2023 10 the end of the month to submit academic degree.

Attachment download:Job requirements directory

Job Features

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Academic requirements

Dr. and above

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Age requirement

35 years old and below

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