Jiang lab 2023 annual Spring campus recruitment open!

Posted 3 months ago

Laboratory introduction

To“create a national strategy for scientific and technological strength”for the mission of the new R & D institutions

Jiang lab was established in 2017, 9 month, located in Hangzhou city in the West section of the create a large corridor in the heart, by the Zhejiang Provincial People's government led held, Zhejiang University and other institutions support companies involved in the business units the nature of the new R & D institutions, is Zhejiang in-depth implementation of innovation driven development strategy, explore new nationwide system of Zhejiang path of major scientific and technological innovation platform.

Laboratory to“create a national strategy for scientific and technological strength”as the mission, specializing in intelligence, artificial intelligence, intelligent computing, intelligent networks and intelligent systems, the five research directions, focusing on cutting-edge basic research, key technology research and major equipment system research and development, is committed to building a world-class intelligence research and Experiment Center, a world-class artificial intelligence innovation center, a world-class intelligent science and technology research and a leading global intelligent computing based research and innovation Highland.

As of now, the laboratory personnel total size of up to 4200 people, high-level talent over 1000 people, which studies the sequence of Dr. accounted for more than 93%, the formation of a high-level, international, field of specialization, cross-fusion of innovation team.

Recruitment direction

  • Artificial intelligence

Class human intelligence, cross-media intelligence,·big data intelligence mixing enhanced Intelligent, etc.

  • Intelligence

Class person perception, quantum sensing, optical sensing, the sensing system sensing materials and devices, etc.

  • Intelligent computing

Intelligent computing theory, intelligent computing chip with hardware systems, intelligent computing software and platform, calculation, etc.

  • Intelligent network

The new network, network security, broadband communications, network device and the crystal system, etc.

  • Intelligent systems

Intelligent transportation, intelligent robot, science and arts integration, healthcare Big Data, Smart Society, governance, etc.

  • Intelligent equipment

Weak signal detection, laser communications, laser radar, Fusion digital twin, etc.

Hiring a professional

Computer science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and engineering, control Science and engineering, artificial intelligence, information security, software engineering, micro and nano-electronics, Opto-Electronic Science and engineering, network engineering.

Recruitment object

2023 annual overseas PhD graduates, 2022 9 months-2023 9 month period to obtain a PhD.

Post type: Research classes, engineering classes, post-doctoral

Application process

Interested persons may send your resume to the email, or scan the QR code to upload the relevant information:

Registration deadline: 3 on No. 3-5 May 31,

Job Features

Job Category

Science, engineering and technology

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All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


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