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PLAAF Specialty Medical Center affiliated with the Air Force Military Medical University, formed in 2018 Years 9 months to the original Air Force General Hospital, the original Air Force Institute of aviation medicine and its affiliated hospital, the original Air Force for Disease Control and Prevention the Center for the Foundation merged to form into. The existing 3 of the National Administration of traditional Chinese medicine focus on the disciplines of Dermatology key disciplines, spinal soft injury specialist and metabolic ill-point specialist, and 3 Army clinical key specialties(oral, skin, aviation medicine, the 8 Army Medical Specialist(Spot Disease Center Clinical aviation medicine, integrated medicine, orthopedic treatment, the half-match bone marrow transplant, cancer radiotherapy, the small intestine disease endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, urology minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment, prenatal and postnatal care technical guidance, psychological guidance Center, 3 PLA Key Laboratory of aviation physiology, aviation biomedical engineering, clinical Aviation Medicine Lab, and 18 professional laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology, aerospace, nutrition and special foods, flight simulation operation capacity evaluations, vestibular function, pilot health identification, spatial disorientation simulator, acoustic, ejection life-saving, health of the aircraft, the helmet, dummy, high-altitude physiology, manned centrifuge, aviation ergonomics, aviation psychology, plateau Aviation Medicine, Health, Engineering and Clinical Center laboratory, mainly for whole army to bear special occupational disease research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment and emergency support security tasks, to assume the enrolled student pilot medical examination and flight crew aviation medical evaluation, training tasks and higher level given the other tasks. The center covers an area of 400 acres, a total construction area of 56. 3 million square meters, the co-series is set more than 50 clinical, medico, expanded bed 1500 more than one, in the clinic the amount of more than 200 million people, treated in an amount of about 4 million people, Surgery 1. 8 million times.

Now I Center, postdoctoral workstation for Army and places to recruit a post-doctoral researchers, and welcome to excellent doctoral born centre carried out post-doctoral research work.

Recruit professional

Specialty medicine, clinical medicine, basic medicine and other related disciplines, as detailed in Annex 1, the enrolled places are limited.

Conditions of registration

A political firm, embraced the Communist Party of Route policies, law-abiding, good moral character, and the style correct.

(二)age should be in thirty-five years of age, and received his doctorate is generally not more than 3 years. Army new combat forces in the field and the work of the shortage of much-needed jobs to recruit a post-doctoral researchers, the head of the military and political work of the Ministry, pitted age of the conditions can be relaxed to 1 to 3 years old.

(三)with a strong research ability and professionalism, can be groundbreaking to completion of the corresponding research work.

The full-time graduate PhD application are engaged in post-doctoral work, not as an article published by the group of experts for the assessment of screening.

The obtained equivalent doctorate persons applying for post-doctoral, it should be in almost 5 years to the first author rank first published SCI treatise 1: IF≥3 or SCI on the cumulative IF≥5, or by the group of experts identified as the same level as other scientific and technological achievements. To the first head of the by the National Natural Science Fund project funded, not subject to publication on the limit.

Treatment guaranteed

A remuneration.

1. Local fresh graduate PhD or terminate the labor contract inbound postdoctoral enjoy all of the following treatment guarantee.

(1)Living Allowance by $ 5000/month standard issued; and

(2)The Work Allowance in accordance with the evaluation result of the level of payment, incoming first year of the issuance of 13,000 yuan/month; from the second year onwards, according to the annual evaluation rating, excellent month to issue additional $ 3000, good monthly additional issue of $ 1,000; and

(3)support research allowance by the post-doctoral cooperation tutor by not less than 5000 yuan/month payment; and

(4)the five insurance payments according to the national and Beijing about the standard pay.

2. Military and army civilian personnel salaries relationship into the center, according to the original wage payment. In the station during the center of the researchers access to the same research job level allowance, since the supply relationship between pick for the month of execution. Participate in the research project tasks, according to army regulations and Research tasks to complete, enjoy the corresponding research performance benefits.

(二)research funding. The new inbound post-doctoral personnel, scientific research funded by the cooperation of the instructors provided. On this basis, according to the research task requires, the Central administration of 10 to 50 million of research funding grants. In the station during the approval of the National Natural Science Foundation, postdoctoral Science Foundation, National Post-Doctoral special financing, on the surface of the funded projects, in the original research funding on the basis of the center by 50%to be supporting the financial support.

Three housing security. According to the Central Military Commission〔2019〕792 document the Convention on the army post-doctoral work of a number of issues the notice on file, Center for compliance with the provisions of the conditions in the station postdoctoral researchers arrange the apartment housing, there is no guarantee of conditions arrangement apartment housing, with reference to the center of the same seniority active cadres standards for the issuance of rental subsidies and fees.

(四)outbound retention. Post-doctoral researchers expires out of the station, the officer can be incorporated into the center of the Selected Plan priorities; local personnel comply with the conditions, can be directly introduced for the army civilian personnel.

Five other security.

Place post-doctoral researchers to work meal benefits standard stop Center hiring personnel equal treatment. The army and the army civilian personnel working lunch subsidy standard by military-related provisions.

Outbound conditions

A basic condition

The completion of the doctoral work agreement listed in the research work, the station reports assessed as qualified.

(二)academic achievement conditions

To be on station during the first authors of the first rank, and air force characteristic Medical Center for communication author published SCI treatise 1: IF≥5 or SCI on the cumulative IF≥8, or by the group of experts to identify scientific and technological achievements in the for the military services play an important role, or by the group of experts identified as the same level as other scientific and technological achievements. In the station during the first heads by the National Natural Science Fund projects, may not be subject to the published works, limited.

Application procedure

Post-doctoral researchers apply into the station, according to the following procedures for the approval check-in:

A selection cooperation mentor, reached a preliminary intention. The application of the object according to Annex 1 of each workstation key research direction of selection cooperation of the instructors, to the cooperation mentor or workstation to contact to consult, reached a preliminary intention.

II fill in the application materials, to participate in the qualification audit. The application of the object in accordance with Annex 2 to submit proof of material, mailed to the center of the eligibility review.

Part three of The Interview Assessment. Qualification after passing by the Center for post-doctoral experts of the academic Committee of the organization for an interview assessment, and according to the evaluation results of the proposed recruiting advice.

IV review submitted for approval. Business Management Organization for advice to recruit the application object for a comprehensive review, and by the Political Work Department of the organization to political assessment by the center after approval by, progressively reported the army post-doctoral Management Information Center approval.

Application process

Contact: horse the teacher

Contact email:

Message subject marked as“name+freelance jobs+post-doctoral recruitment

Annex 1: post-doctoral focus enrolled direction

Postdoctoral focus enrolled direction

Annex 2: post-doctoral stint submitted material list

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

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