Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School of 2023 Boya postdoctoral project recruitment announcement

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School description

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, China(hereinafter referred to as: North deep research Institute was founded in 2001 by Peking University and the Shenzhen Municipal People's government jointly founded. As Peking University, the only off-site Campus, University of the deep research Institute Fusion North“freedom of thought, inclusive”academic spirit and Shenzhen“daring dare to try”the entrepreneurial spirit, carrying the first army and the experimental field mission with the Chinese and even the world of the knowledge promotion and research innovative integration, Peking University into the world-class University at the forefront of important strategic components.

Graduate school at Shenzhen in building a world-class international campus as the goal, to establish a“problem-oriented, North-South linkage, AI traction, innovative fusion of”the future of the development concept, to create talent development-academic studies-regional industry coupled Peking University Shenzhen School Collaborative Innovation and win-win body. Take the vertical and horizontal tactics, to take full advantage of the University's top talent and basic research advantage, focusing on the“ground”of various resources, the efficient integration to“North-South fusion”mode to make the North an advantage in Shenzhen to get to play effectively, build Peking University in Shenzhen, based on interdisciplinary, addressing the regional realities of the“new engineering”talent training hub, power Shenzhen industry-University-research cooperative innovation system build.

For in-depth implementation of the talent powerhouse strategy, cultivate and bring more Outstanding Youth Science and technology innovation talent, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, established Boya postdoctoral project, to attract domestic and foreign excellent Dr. to the hospital engaged in cross-disciplinary integration and interdisciplinary research work.

Application conditions

(1)made or is about to obtain a PhD, PhD graduation no more than 3 years;

(2)Age not more than 35 years of age, in good health, a strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit;

(3)with a strong research and innovation capacity, has made outstanding research of academic achievement or with good development potential; and

(4)into the station must be full-time engaged in post-doctoral research work.


The first batch of applications acceptance time: 2023 年 3 月 1 to 4 on 15 May

The College of early evaluation of the recommended cut-off time: 2023 years 5 months 10 days

The financing of the list public shows: 2023 5 the end of the month

The second batch of applications acceptance time: 2023 9 months from 1 May to 10 May 15

The College of early evaluation of the recommended cut-off time: 2023 年 11 月 10 日

The financing of the list public shows: 2023 11 the end of the month

Treatment support

Generous remuneration package

Total remuneration of over 50 million yuan/year, the funding for a period of two years. Postdoctoral cooperation mentor may optionally give an additional matching grant.

A vast space to grow

(1)Meet the conditions, it is recommended to declare national, local post-doctoral and all kinds of personnel of special plans;

(2)at the station during support of the declared place of job classification, eligible persons may be appointed as a distinguished research associate; and

(3)support to foreign conduct academic exchanges, and provide some funding; and

(4)according to the working situation, the outbound priority recommended to apply for the school of teaching and research or a research series for teachers post.

Good life guarantee

Provide the school or schools of the surrounding talent housing, the campus beautiful environment, advanced facilities, conditions, convenient, and life abundant.

Mode of application

The applicant of the application material in Paragraphs 1, 2 entries in Chinese or English)在受理截止日期前以PDF格式发送至,and CC to the corresponding College of contact work email, the incomplete application materials will not be accepted. Subject: to apply for jobs+school+Your Name

(1)Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School of liberal arts post-doctoral project applications;

(2)intends to apply for post-doctoral cooperation tutor confirmation of a seal;

(3)two letters of recommendation(must contain doctoral mentor letter of recommendation a letter, and on the applicants academic ethics case evaluations), the recommended person will sign letters of recommendation sent directly to the corresponding College contacts mailbox.

Contact information

Job Features

Job Category

All subject areas

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

Apply Online


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所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR