Guangdong Academy of eco-environmental and soil Institute of 2023 high-level talent introduction announcements

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Guangdong Academy of eco-environmental and soil research Institute, founded in 1958, is my red soil area only the soil science professional research institutions. Formerly known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences South-Central Soil Research Laboratory, have used the name of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Soil Science, Guangdong Provincial Institute of soil, Guangdong province, the ecological environment and soil Research Institute, Guangdong province, the Ecological Environment Institute of technology. Existing in-service staff of 256 people, researchers 219 people, including National Personnel 10 people, including the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner of the 3 people, the National outstanding young people 7 people; provincial talented people 27 people, including Guangdong province, outstanding talent, 1 person, Guangdong leading Talent 3 people, Guangdong Jason Green People 7, Guangdong green pull 8 people, etc.; has formed a team of high level young talent team. Built so come accumulated to obtain provincial and Ministerial level awards super 130 the last five years, won the National Science and Technology Progress Award 1 item, provincial first prize of 4 items. Host core academic journal Ecological Environment journal, Chinese Journal of Carbon Research Action. Built with southern soil pollution control and remediation national and local joint Engineering Research Center, agriculture and the rural portion of the subtropical agricultural soils, Environmental Protection and sustainable resource use Key Laboratory of the provincial co-construction, the Guangdong provincial agricultural environment comprehensive treatment of the Key Laboratory and other innovation platforms.

According to the Convention Relating to the issuance of the

Disciplines and research needs

Based on my red soil area, facing the International Soil Science and Environmental Geoscience Frontiers major scientific issues, for the constraints of the regional economic and social development and impact of human health resources, environmental and ecological problems, to carry out soil degradation and sustainable resource use, nutrient Cycling, and environmental and ecological effects, heavy(class)metal circulation and pollution control a major application of the basic theory and technology studies, the establishment of soil and human activities harmonious development of the soil material recycling theoretical system, development in soil science and environmental Earth Sciences as the core, and with the Environmental Science and engineering, Geochemistry, physical geography, Geographical Information Science, Ecology, soil and water conservation, plant physiology, Environmental Microbiology, solid waste disposal, Environmental Science, Mineralogy, spectroscopy analysis, applied chemistry, etc. cross Fusion. The Institute building to become the red soil characteristics significantly, the domestic first-class, internationally renowned Soil Science and Environmental Geoscience of the regional innovation engine.

High-level talents treatment

According to the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee to the Convention on the province to deepen the talent development of institutional mechanisms for the implementation of reforms opinion on the Guangdong-FA[2017]No. 1, etc, Guangdong province, talent plan a series of policies, Guangdong Academy of Sciences of the Convention Relating to the issuance of the

Guangdong Academy of eco-environmental and soil Institute of the introduction of high-level talents treatment list

1. Pre-tax annual salary, at the same time enjoy the results and reward performance, not cap.

2. Life benefits include housing subsidies and installation fees, housing security rules negotiable.

3. Guangdong province and Guangzhou city for a post-doctoral implemented multiple funding programs, postdoctoral get the appropriate funding in principle can be used with the Institute in the list of treatment accumulated.

Talent conditions

A distinguished scientist

As the disciplines of the leading talent, able to lead the school in its area to catch up or maintain the International Advanced Level(not older than 70 years of age) in. Includes:

1, a Nobel Prize winner; the

2, the academicians; and

3, foreign and foreign academician;

4, with the considerable achievements of domestic and Foreign well-known Professor.

(二)Guangdong Academy of Sciences“Hundred Talents Program”of talent

1, the“Hundred Talents Program”A class

Domestic and Foreign well-known University Professor and well-known research institutions, senior researcher, can lead the discipline in its field to catch up or maintain a national leading level of the leading talent(age not more than 55 years of age), including:

(1)the national leading talents program selected; and

(2)CJXZ distinguished Professor;

(3)the National Outstanding Youth Fund winner; and

(4)the major national key R & D program Project Director.

(5)the science and technology innovation leading talents, one hundred million engineering leader in talent;

(6)the National Natural Science Foundation Innovation Group Director.

(7)the National Science and Technology award of the first complete human

(8)Guangdong province, the“Special Support Program”Outstanding talent of southern Guangdong hundred, in Guangdong province,“the Pearl River Talents Program”to introduce the Innovation Team Leader, Guangdong province, the“Pearl River Talents Program”to introduce the leading talent;

(9)State Key Laboratory or engineering center Director.

2, The“Hundred Talents Program”of the Class B

The Overseas well-known universities, research institutes, associate Professor(or equivalent positions)or more, or the domestic first-class colleges and universities, scientific research institutes are senior talent(age not more than 45 years of age) in. Includes:

(1)“Pearl River Scholar”Distinguished Professor or the same level of provincial-level talent project selected candidates; and

(2)“millions of Talents project”of the national candidates;

(3)the national leading talents of the youth program winner, the Ministry of Education“Youth CJXZ”, the National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Fund winner; and

(4)the major national science and technology projects major project leader, National Natural Science Foundation of China key project leader.

(5)the Chinese Academy of Sciences“Hundred Talents program”selected person;

(6)international and domestic well-known enterprises senior R & D talents.

Three excellent doctoral, post-doctoral

At home and abroad graduate of the excellent Dr., outbound, post-doctoral, into the work of the Institute or enter the Guangdong Academy of Sciences a post-doctoral workstation. To the first author published in high level SCI thesis priority.

Apply mode

Please send your CV, degree certificate, degree certificate, ID card and be able to prove himself and other materials scan to“name+freelance jobs”such as“Joe Smith+hundreds of people Plan A Class”, the“John DOE+excellent post-doctoral”and to mail the title to package sent to the mailbox:

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