Nanjing Engineering Institute 2023 recruitment announcement

Posted 10 months ago

Unit introduction

Nanjing engineering Institute is a hundred years of school history, rich engineering heritage, distinct application features of Jiangsu province, belongs to the ordinary undergraduate colleges is National Universities application-oriented undergraduate colleges specialized Committee of the member units, the Ministry of Education“excellent engineer education and training plan”and“CDIO engineering education reform,”the first batch of pilot universities, the National mechanical and electrical control class talent training mode innovation experimental zone, the National Research Cooperation typical colleges and universities, the National Graduate Employment typical experience universities.

The school is located in Chung Ling Yu Xiu of the Six Dynasties ancient capital Nanjing, is situated in the scenic mountain national geological Park in the Northern foothills of the. The campus covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, construction area of more than 80 million square meters, the lake glittering, egrets Pina fly, was named Nanjing University the most beautiful campus. School education and teaching unit 19, full time on campus undergraduate 2. 4 thousand names, the graduate more than 800 names. After many years of development, formed a science-based, Economics, management, literature, law, arts, science, etc. multi-disciplinary coordinated development of the discipline system. 2020 Engineering(Engineering)into the ESI global ranking of the top 1 per cent.

After a hundred years, the school has always adhere to application-oriented talent cultivation as the center of the school of positioning, forming a“close cooperation between colleges and enterprises, focusing on the engineering practice, cultivate applied talents”of the distinctive features of the state and the economic and social development of the culture with the Chinese Academy of engineering, Shen country Rong academician as the representative of the 25 million more than the engineering technical personnel and management personnel, in the mechanical, electrical, energy and power with the nuclear industry and other industries have a high impact.

To speed up the built of the distinctive features of the high-level application-oriented University of engineering and 2023 for overseas recruitment of talent, now announced as follows:

Basic conditions

1. To comply with PRC laws and regulations, has a good therapist-German quality and professional spirit, physical and mental health;

2. Age requirements:

Graduate students age under 30 years of age, that 1993 1 month 1 day after birth;

PhD in principle, the age at 35 years of age, that 1988, 1 on 1, and including after the birth;

Having a sub above said persons, in principle, not older than 40 years of age, that 1983 1 month 1 day inclusively after birth;

Having a positive High title who, in principle, not older than 45 years of age, that 1978 Year 1 month 1 day inclusively after birth.

The introduction of the object

The introduction of talent treatment

The introduction of talent in addition to the state and Jiangsu province, the relevant policies and regulations of the treatment by the school to provide the necessary working conditions outside, while enjoying the following table for the specified treatment:

Team introduction the way into the school talent treatment with reference to the personal treatment performed. Special talents can take a person to a conference.

Job title

Recruitment method

Candidates may be by mail or email to submit resume to College contacts or talent working office, and at the same time submit the relevant supporting documents including educational background, work experience, teaching, scientific research and other related content, candidates are required to provide information on the authenticity of charge.

E-mail: mail header format: Name+degree+professional direction+titles)

We warmly welcome interested to join the Nanjing Engineering Institute at home and abroad to English-only job now!

Job Features

Job Category


Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

45 years old and below

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