The basic annual salary of 60 million up! Sichuan YONGXING laboratory invites overseas talents to declare 2023 high-end Scholars Program, overseas preferably green project

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Unit introduction

Sichuan YONGXING lab is the Sichuan Provincial Committee, the provincial government of the layout of the building of the“carbon neutral”Laboratory in 2021 12 May 23, officially inaugurated the run. Laboratory adhere to the service of the state“dual carbon”strategies and services for local economic development of the combination, give full play to the Sichuan clean energy and resource ticket assignment advantages, around the clean and low-carbon energy, resources, carbon neutral, carbon capture and utilization, carbon sinks and geological carbon sequestration, reduced pollution reduced carbon co, carbon neutralization integrated coupling six major research areas to carry out scientific and technological research, for our country to achieve carbon neutrality goal writing Sichuan respondents, to create Sichuan sample for responding to climate change the output of the China programme, the contribution of the Chinese forces.

Sichuan YONGXING labs around the country to be carbon neutral technology innovation strategic and construction has national influence of Science and Technology Innovation Center needs, and strive to create carbon neutrality in the field talent Highlands, focusing introduce and cultivate the core talent team, is now facing the global wide, open recruiting all kinds of outstanding scientific research personnel, will support compliance with the conditions of those who declared high-end Scholars Program or the overseas Outstanding Youth Fund project.

Application conditions

Basic requirements

① Compliance with people's Republic of China Constitution and related laws and regulations, adhere to the scientific spirit, adherence to scientific integrity, the non-academic misconduct.

② Limit requirement: the different levels of the project can only apply for or liable for an item, such as on other same level program support period shall not participate in the Declaration, not at the same time declared other Talents Plan. Not the inverse level of the application.

③ The declarant must match the laboratory signed a formal work contract or agreement of intent, the laboratory as only relying on the applicant, not through multiple platforms at the same time declared.

Specific conditions

① General shall obtain a doctorate, in which:

High-end Scholars program: should be in overseas famous universities, research institutions, and International well-known enterprises as associate Professor and above positions or professional and technical positions, with high scientific research level and technology innovation. Overseas Outstanding Youth Fund: date of birth in 1983, 1 on 1, inclusively later. Should generally be in overseas universities, research institutions, enterprises and R & D institutions to obtain formal teaching or research positions, and having a continuous period of 36 months or more of work experience. In the overseas PhD and performance is particularly prominent, may be appropriate to relax the work experience requirements.

② The declarant has not been a full-time return home(China)work, or 2022 years 1 month 1 day after returning(China)work; after the introduction must quit work abroad or overseas without work, and a full-time return to work less than 3 years.

③ Research direction in the world of cutting-edge technology, in line with Sichuan YONGXING lab construction needs, disciplinary background is mainly for the energy, chemical, environmental, geographic, geological, biological, materials and other disciplines of the talents.

④ For the performance of a particularly outstanding or engaged in related technical field of study of the urgent shortage of talent, it can be appropriate to relax the academic, professional and technical positions, work life and other filings conditions.

Funded treatment of persons


High-end scholars project selected for the talent hired as a leading scientist posts

Overseas preferably green project selected for the talent hired as a Young Scientist Posts

Annual base salary

High-end scholars: 80 million

Overseas preferably green: 60 million

Settling-in allowance

High-end scholars 200 million+

Overseas preferably green 100 million+

Research funding

High-end scholars 600 million with national funding

Overseas preferably green 300-500 million RMB National Funding

Talent subsidies

National, Sichuan Sichuan province, Chengdu, the Chengdu Tianfu New Area talent subsidies accumulated up to 500 million yuan


A high standard to pay the Social Security Fund, generous paid holidays, a high level of health care

Talent Services

Provide a full range of Personnel Services, all kinds of scientific research and talent to the project application, the outcome of the conversion, the titles of promotion, schooling for children, relocation buyers, etc. the Comprehensive Safeguards


The laboratory has always been implementing the talent limited development strategy, adhere to the knowledge of the value-oriented, strongly attract the overseas outstanding talent!

Lead the recruitment of the research Department and the needs of the professional direction
Research Department Key research direction Needs of the professional direction
Clean and low carbon energy Water scenery storage smart energy, natural gas, green development and utilization, zero-carbon energy system, a new power system Petroleum, Chemical, Electric Power, Electrical, Water, Computer, Information, economic, and other professional
Resources carbon neutral Biomass zero carbon raw material, polymeric carbon neutral, biomass zero carbon fuel Energy and power, chemical industry, environmental engineering, materials, polymer, bio-engineering and other professional
Carbon capture and utilization Efficient low-cost air CO2 directly capture technology, ultra-low power consumption of flue gas CO2 electrochemical capture technology, high-quality energy recovery of CO2 mineralized power generation technology, CO2 capture-the use of integrated technology Electrochemical, energy, chemical, material, environmental engineering and other professional
Carbon sinks and geological carbon sequestration Abandoned(gas)wells geothermal utilization, underground water layer associated with sodium, lithium and other resource extraction and utilization, the waste gas reservoirs CO2 geological storage, ecological fragile district ecological restoration techniques and materials R & D New energy science and Engineering, Oil & Gas, Geophysics, rock mechanics, environmental and ecological engineering, carbon storage in science and engineering and other professional
Abatement reduced carbon co Abatement reduced carbon multi-dimensional monitor with a comprehensive assessment of key technology and equipment, abatement reduced carbon nonlinear integrated control technology abatement reduced carbon cooperative control policy and Technology Assessment, carbonaceous Pollution Control and energy technology collaborative technology systems Environment, atmosphere, materials, chemical, optics, electronics, and other professional
Carbon-neutral integrated coupling Full chain/Cross-Chain low-carbon technology integration coupling, transport system in the whole field of multiple scenarios of low-carbon technologies, and urban-rural development of green and low-carbon technologies, low-carbon/zero carbon industrial process reengineering technology The atmosphere, the Environment, Energy, Science, Geography, automation, mechanical, computer, automotive, transportation and other professional

Mode of application

Please send your resume to“name+Research+2023 high-end scholars/overseas preferably green project”命名发送至邮箱

Job Features

Job Category

Science, engineering and technology

Academic requirements


Number of vacancies

No limit

Age requirement

35 years old and below

Apply Online


A valid phone number is required.
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