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Changzhou University profile

Changzhou University is located in the economic prosperity, cultural blend of the Gangnam famous historical and cultural city-Jiangsu Changzhou, Jiangsu Provincial People's government and the China Petroleum Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd., China Petroleum and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and China National Offshore Oil Group Co., Ltd. build a provincial full-time undergraduate colleges, Jiangsu High-Level University construction peak plans to build colleges and universities, as well as Jiangsu Province Education Office of Changzhou municipal People's government to build colleges and universities.

School after 44 years of development, has now completed the full The Bachelor—Master—PhD training system and multiple levels of scientific research and social services system. 2020 school in the soft section of the China University Rankings ranked the 129th place.

School disciplines more complete, discipline features more distinctive, covering engineering, science, management, Economics, literature, law, arts, medicine, agriculture, education and the University section of the categories. The existing level discipline doctoral degree authorization point 2, level discipline master's degree authorization points 15, professional master's degree authorization points 17. With the province advantages of discipline 2, the province of“fourteen five”key disciplines, 8, and chemical disciplines into the global ESI disciplines ranked in the top 3‰, Materials Science, Engineering 2 subjects into the global ESI disciplines ranked in the top 5 per thousand. In 2021 the soft section of the China discipline ranking, law, Marxist theory, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Power Engineering and engineering Thermal Physics, Computer Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering and technology, environmental science and engineering, safety science and engineering, business management, 10 subjects on the list.

National preferably green overseas project overview

To further improve the scientific Fund of the talent of the financing system, give full play to scientific Fund of the introduction and training of talent function, to attract overseas outstanding young talent returning(China)work, the National Natural Science Fund Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Natural Science Fund Committee)2023 to continue the implementation of the National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas in.

Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas, is designed to attract and encourage in Science, Engineering, Technology and other aspects have achieved good results overseas outstanding young scholars with non-Chinese foreign talent)return(China)work, to choose the direction of research conducting innovative research, and the promotion of Youth Science and technology talent of rapid growth, the culture of a group is expected to enter the world of cutting-edge technology of excellent academic backbone for technology powerhouse building contribute.

Applicant criteria

1. Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas, the applicant shall meet the following conditions:

01 to comply with PRC laws and regulations, has a good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the new era scientists spirit;

02 date of birth in 1983 Year 1 month 1 day up to and including later;

03 have a doctoral degree; and

04 research direction mainly for the Natural Sciences, Engineering Technology, etc.;

05 in the PhD after to 2023 years 3 months 15 days ago, should generally be in overseas universities, research institutions, enterprises and R & D institutions to obtain formal teaching or research positions, and having a continuous period of 36 months or more of work experience; in the overseas PhD and performance is particularly prominent, may be appropriate to relax the work experience requirements;

06 achieve peer-recognized experts in the research or technical and other achievements, and has become the academic leaders or distinguished talent development potential;

07 The applicant has not been a full-time return home(China)work, or 2022 years 1 month 1 day after returning(China)work. Funded notification must quit work abroad or overseas without a job, full-time repatriation(China)work of not less than 3 years.

2. Limit requirement

The implementation of the Central departments concerned about the National Science and technology talent program integrated convergence requirements. The same level of National Science and Technology Talent Program Support period can only take one item, not the inverse hierarchy of the application.


  1. Funding intensity: 100-300 million
  2. Funding period: 3 years

School supporting

1. Appointed positions:

Career preparation, directly hired as a Professor, finding that the doctoral qualification, to ensure that the admissions indicators; for entering will review stage but not selected personnel, can also be given to career preparation, priority hired as a University Professor, and enjoy relevant treatment.

2. Remuneration:

Enjoy the“annual salary system”of 80 million yuan/year up+performance bonus, no ceiling, to provide social insurance and housing provident Fund and other benefits.

3. Settlement fee:

Provide a settling-in allowance of not less than 300 million yuan.

4. Platform fee:

According to the research work need to provide less than 600 million yuan sufficient amount of scientific research start-up funds, specifically the one-person-one meetings.

5. Working conditions:

01 the school to provide adequate research office room;

02 support the formation of the academic team, the team may be included in the school talent zone, team personnel(including post-doctoral, doctoral)development is not restricted;

03 priorities recommended the Declaration of Jiangsu province“dual-create a plan”, to the inclusion of dual-create a team, the three-year provincial financial giving a total of 300-800 thousand talents of funding; the inclusion of dual-create a Dr. in two years the provincial financial giving a total of 15 million yuan of innovation and venture capital Finance; and

04 priority recommended to declare“Jiangsu distinguished Professor”, as you overseas, has been made assistant Professor, and the above posts, my school directly through the“recommended”system channels to declare the 2023 annual“Jiangsu distinguished Professor”, as selected, hired a period of three years, the provincial fiscal given per person per year, 12 million of allowance for science class, Humanities and Social Sciences class, respectively, to provide 100 million yuan in particular, excellent to provide 200 million, and 50 million of research funding;

05 priority recommended Declaration of Changzhou“Dragon City of Excellence plan”, Changzhou science and education Town“Golden Phoenix Program”Talents Project.

  1. Living conditions:

01 the school offers a full renovation of the transition talents apartment, a bag check; and

02 stop in Jiangsu province and Changzhou in the settled, immigration, medical, travel and other aspects of the discount policy;

03 help solve spouse work, assist in the placement of their children in school.

  1. Horses referral bonus:

For effective“knowledge”of the school to recommend relying on my school declared preferably green(overseas)campus outside the“horses”to be rewarded, in particular:

01 recommended competitive candidates for the assessment relying on my school declared preferably green overseas, and school administration“horses”personal pre-tax reward of 1 million yuan;

02 the recommended preferred green(overseas)declarant proceeds will review stage, the school filled “horses”personal tax incentives to 5 million yuan;

03 the recommended preferred Green International of the declarant successfully approved and incorporated into the level of school completion“horses”personal pre-tax reward to 30 million yuan.

Filing instructions

  1. Eligible applicants, in accordance with the project guidelines, and relying on the unit of work contract or agreement of intent to 2023 1, on 15 December after the login information systems, and fill out online the National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Science Fund project of international application under hereinafter referred to as the application in. The applicant for the submission of application materials responsible for the authenticity of。
  2. Applicants should follow the application filing instructions and compose an outline of the requirements to use the Simplified Chinese or English fill out the online application form, and upload attachments and other materials.
  3. Outstanding Youth Science Fund project of international implementation of the paperless mode of application, the applicant submitted online electronic application form and attachments, impartiality commitment to books and other materials to relying on the unit, by relying on the unit after the audit submitted online Natural Science Fund Committee.
  4. Schools submit the electronic application form and Annex material cut-off date: 2023 years 3 months 15 days.

Contact information

请将个人简历发送至, with a copy to the College contacts and personnel-mail: Mail the title, Please indicate the“overseas preferably green+name.”

The teaching and Research Unit contact information:

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