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College profile

University of Electronic Science and basic and Frontier Research Institute 2014 年 6 月 was established as a school to enhance the original innovation ability, improve the overall basis of research and academic influence and the special construction of the“academic SAR”, usingIndependent PI and the long period of international peer academic assessmentResearch the organization and management mode, focusing on the physics, mathematics, bioinformatics, Optical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Science and technology, chemistry, materials science and engineering and other cross-cutting areas to carry out basic cutting-edge research.

Basis of the court of Justice has now brought together a team of over 50 high-level personnel of the international research team, College of Information Science Frontier Research Center, has built aQuantum Information Research Center, Integrated Photonics Research Centre, New Materials Research Center, the new center for energy studies, artificial intelligence research center, Biomedical Research CenterEstablished more than 20 high-level research team, and completion 1 a national platform, 1 provincial-level platform, the cumulative bear the 22 national major focus of the project, more than 80 National Natural Science Fund project. In Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Optical Engineering and other fields of production of a number of Representative original research results, have been published in Nature, Science, Nature Physics, Nature Materials, Nature Catalysis, etc. International famous journals, become the leading school of basic research of high academic results and the original innovation ability birthplace.

Project description

To further improve the scientific Fund of the talent of the financing system, give full play to scientific Fund of the introduction and training of talent function, to attract overseas outstanding young talent returning(China)work, the National Natural Science Fund Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Natural Science Fund Committee)2023 continue to implement theNational Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Science Fund project(overseas)it.

Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas, is designed to attract and encourage in Science, Engineering, Technology and other aspects have achieved good results overseas outstanding young scholars with non-Chinese foreign talent)return(China)work, to choose the direction of research conducting innovative research, and the promotion of Youth Science and technology talent of rapid growth, the culture of a group is expected to enter the world of cutting-edge technology of excellent academic backbone for technology powerhouse building contribute.

Funding model

Funding strength:100-300 million

Funding period:3 years

Based on the unit

Has been in the Natural Science Fund Committee registration of relying on units to access the system and fill in the appropriate information, you can directly apply to Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas in. Yet in the Natural Science Fund Committee, the registration of the units should be in the system first proposed registration, vetted and approved, you can apply for the Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas in. The system now open.

Applicant criteria

◆ Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects overseas, the applicant shall meet the following conditions:

  1. To comply with PRC laws and regulations, has a good scientific ethics, and consciously practice the new era scientists spirit;
  2. Date of birth in1983, 1 on 1, and including the later; the
  3. Having a doctoral degree; and
  4. Research direction mainly for the Natural Sciences, Engineering Technology, etc.;
  5. After obtaining his doctorate afterTo 2023 years 3 months 15 days agoShould generally be in overseas universities, research institutions, enterprises and R & D institutions to obtain formal teaching or research positions, andHaving a continuous period of 36 months or moreWork experience in overseas PhD and performance is particularly prominent, may be appropriate to relax the work experience requirements;
  6. Made counterparts experts recognized scientific or technical and other achievements, and has become the academic leaders or distinguished talent development potential;
  7. ApplicantNot yet a full-time return home(China)workOr2022 Year 1 month 1 day after returning(China)workit. Funded notification must quit work abroad or overseas without a job, full-time repatriation(China)work of not less than 3 years.

◆ Limit requirement

The implementation of the Central departments concerned about the National Science and technology talent program integrated convergence requirements. The same level of National Science and technology talent program can only take one item, not the inverse hierarchy of the application.

Applicant considerations

  1. Eligible applicants, in accordance with the project guidelines, and relying on the unit of work contract or agreement of intent, in2023 1, on 15 December after theLogin information systems, and fill out online the National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Science Fund project of international application under hereinafter referred to as the application in. The applicant for the submission of application materials responsible for the authenticity of。
  2. Applicants should follow the application filing instructions and compose an outline of the requirements to use the Simplified Chinese or English fill out the online application form, and upload attachments and other materials.
  3. Outstanding Youth Science Fund project of international implementation of the paperless mode of application, the applicant submitted online electronic application form and attachments, impartiality commitment to books and other materials to relying on the unit, by relying on the unit after the audit submitted online Natural Science Fund Committee.

Treatment support

  1. Research funding200-600 millionWith state support,Professor career preparation), theAwarded the Ph. D. EligibilityAnd priority to ensure that graduate students indicators of the orientation of the support, priority support to recruit a post-doctoral; and
  2. Base salary60 million+Housing Fund and Social Security schools to pay a portion of + the high level outcomes of the rewards are not capped; and
  3. Providing office and laboratory space, the settling-in allowance180-220 millionWith national and local support; and
  4. Priority supportDeclare all levels of talent programs or projects selected for the“Rong float plan”highest available300 millionFunding;
  5. Enjoy a spouse settlement, the pension/medical, children, school choice, and other aspects ofSpecial support policy; the
  6. To provide the domestic first-class hospital specialist level physical examination and other relevantA high level of medical servicesit.

Recruitment direction

Quantum information

Quantum physics and quantum information, quantum Internet, quantum precision measurement, quantum computers, quantum radar, quantum devices, quantum software and Quantum Optics)

Integrated photonic

Nano-Photonics, energy, Photonics, plasma laser Photonics, light-matter interaction

New material/new energy

Semiconductor materials, new energy materials, materials, surface engineering, energy conversion, electrochemistry, Nano-catalysis, environmental catalysis

Condensed Matter Physics

Computational physics, surface and interface, semiconductor physics, soft matter physics, quantum physics, spintronics

Artificial intelligence

Statistical physics and complex systems, complex networks, granular computing, cloud computing, information Fusion, brain network analysis, graph neural network, the network information mining


Frontier Biophysics, single-molecule, single-celled organisms technology, synthetic biology, bacteria, microorganisms, biological information and Biomedical Materials

Mode of application

With the intention to rely on my College applicants, please send your resume to send to a College-mail:, the 抄送至 we will promptly contact you to provide you with the declared support and consulting services.

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