Zhejiang University Robotics Institute Recruitment of post-doctoral

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Unit introduction

Zhejiang University robotics Institute hereinafter referred to as the“Institute”was founded in 2017 and 5 on 16 November, is the Zhejiang University School located research institutes, by Zhejiang University and Yuyao people's government, co-construction,sited in Yuyao city of. Institute of focus in robotics research and development, technology achievement transformation and robot industry to cultivate, in order to carry out high-level Robot Technology Innovation Research, high-efficiency technology results into core tasks, explore the higher engineering education reform in New Ways, and to foster robotics industry much-needed cross-Composite high-level talents, is a“political research with”deep integration of scientific research and talent cultivation mechanism. Institute of relying on Zhejiang University and have a strong robot Research Foundation, at the same time has a high level of research of the leadership team, by the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Tan Jianrong served as honorary President by the Zhejiang party Secretary Zhu shiqiang served as the Dean, by the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Yang Hua Yong served as Director of academic Committee of the National Teaching teacher Lu Guodong served as Executive Vice-President.

Yuyao robot research centre, hereinafter referred to as the“research center”is Yuyao of services to support the Institute of construction and development, in 2017, 9 on the establishment of business units, is a research Institute run the management body. With the Academy of scientific research work of gradual expansion, the research center was established, Zhejiang province, post-doctoral workstation, now for the 2022 annual or graduated within three years of the PhD, hot pillow invites the global young talents to join the Institute.

Job description

A, positionsIn: post-doctoral

Second, the job requirements

1, nearly three years in the domestic and foreign universities or research institutions to obtain a Ph. D. or opening(this position report before obtaining his doctorate, age not more than 35 years of age;

2, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and control, computer and other robot-related professionals;

3, has to carry out independent scientific research ability, has a good scientific research innovation ability and the team cooperation spirit, in the major domestic and foreign academic journals or conferences on published papers is preferred;

4, a hired after full-time at Zhejiang University, the Robotics Institute of work, place of work in Yuyao.

Third, the remuneration

1, to provide the annual salary before tax of 40 million RMB City talent Grant; and

2, according to the project, provide research start-up funds of 20 million yuan/year, according to the actual requirements of the case may be floating; and

3, to provide housing security, by the Institute of integrated arrangements;

4, excellent R & D platform and a good R & D team;

5, five insurance payments, double-break, year, Hugh, holidays, physical examination, recuperation, etc.

Application process

1, the submitted materials including resume, personal information, to learn work experience, participation in research projects, research results, etc., academic representatives, diploma and degree certificate copy, award-winning copy of the certificate, the experts letters of recommendation; and

2, the first instance of qualified persons into the post-doctoral recruitment process;

3, to determine the candidates after the check-inbound procedures, signed recruiting agreement.

Recruitment will adhere to the open, fair, competitive, merit principle, where to meet recruitment requirements and interested persons, please apply for the relevant materials are sent to the mailbox: application@techtalentsuk.com, e-mail, please indicate the“post-doctoral positions of candidates”, the application materials will be kept confidential. Through the trial will as soon as possible to arrange an interview, merit admission. The recruitment information of the long-term effective trick full so far.

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Yuyao robot Research Center postdoctoral recruitment announcement

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