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  1. School description

Shihezi University is a national“211 Project”of key construction universities, the country's Western Development focusing on the construction of colleges and universities and the provincial Department of co-construction universities, is“Midwest universities based capacity-building engineering”and“the Midwest universities comprehensive strength in lifting engineering”one province, one University)selected colleges and universities. In 2017, the school elected to the National“Double First-Class”construction of class subjects colleges and universities, the national first batch of deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform model universities, the third instalment of the“National Universities in the practice of educational innovation and Entrepreneurship Base”. In 2018 the school selected for the Ministry of education and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps“portion of the province bonded construction”colleges and universities. In 2019 the school was selected a second batch of“National Party building work model University”foster the creation units. 2020 school was awarded the“National civilized campus”. 

School of Economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, Art School 11 the University section of the categories. The school has 94 undergraduate programs, 9-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 1 professional degree doctoral authorized points, the 30-level discipline master's degree authorization points, 30 Professional Degree Master's degree authorization points, 6 post-doctoral research station.

The school has a good career platform, we sincerely invite domestic and foreign people with lofty ideals, added Stone a large, and build a great career. 

  1. The Corps of Energy Development Institute introduction

The Corps of Energy Development Institute was established in 2022 4 months, with a collection of scientific research, undergraduate teaching as one of the N-level units. The Institute is located in Shihezi University, established under the energy security and Planning Institute, the Petroleum Institute of Technology, New Energy Technology Research Institute, the Smart Energy Industry Institute and the Energy Equipment Research Institute, provided electrical engineering and automation, new energy science and Engineering, Energy Science and engineering, energy and power engineering and inorganic non-metallic materials 5 undergraduate programs. The Corps of Energy Development Institute is the counterpart support College achievement transformation of bridges, high-tech R & D center of high-tech talent incubator, energy southward development of the bridgehead. Due to development needs, is now hiring 10-12 Electrical Engineering, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Energy and power engineering, new energy science and engineering, material storage technology, energy science and engineering, and other professional teaching researchers.

  1. Talent needs of professional and basic requirements

I have Republic of China nationality;

(二)comply with national laws, regulations, firmly establish the“four consciousness”and the“four self-confidence”, the style is solid and strong, the maintenance of the unity of the Motherland, the maintenance of national unity, abide by the socialist core values requirements;

Three have good conduct and work ethics, has not been trained in all kinds of criminal penalties, and has not been dismissed from service, there is illegal, violations are subject to review, yet the lifting of party discipline, the rules for government staff to dispose of, there are other violations of national laws, regulations, acts of the personnel shall not apply; and

The candidates should, in principle, has a PhD, a special talent may be appropriate to relax(graduates should be in 2023 7 months before graduation and obtain the corresponding degree in the learning experience, undergraduate and Masters stage should have a good education Foundation;

V having strong teaching, research capabilities, can independently undertake and complete the teaching, research, social services and other tasks. Requirements have solid discipline theory, a strong use of the disciplines of Knowledge Discovery problems, analyze problems and treatment.

  1. The introduction of talent level

■ High-level leading talent. National outstanding talent in the domestic and foreign famous universities, research institutions as a Professor and a considerable job, or to undertake the National Science and technology tasks, generate important academic outcomes, has led the discipline of catching up or leading the International advanced level of ability; the others rather more academic scholars.

■ Discipline leaders. In academia or industry sectors have a greater impact on the academic attainments high, capable of the core courses taught work in the engaged in the subject area of the research results highlight of disciplines and academic research work with innovative idea, strong team leadership and technology achievements transformation ability, with the assistance of the discipline of catching up or keeping the International advanced level of ability, have become the leading talent potential.

■ Academic backbone. Having a pair of senior and higher professional and technical positions, competently core curriculum work, and has broad academic vision and innovative thinking, nearly 5 years, with the auspices of the national research project experience and has made a significant impact on the series of academic achievements, the discipline of development have a significant impact, has become the field of academic or technical lead for the development of potential.

■ Youth talents. Has a PhD and age, in principle, not more than 45 years of painstaking scholarly, innovative, and have the academic cutting-edge areas of research and work experience, has made Representative research results.

■ Team talents. Team leaders need to achieve academic leaders, and the above conditions, has a PhD team members not less than 3 people, relevant research to be able to promote the school academic building play an important role in promoting.

  1. The introduction of treatment and related policies

A title of assessment employed.

Has senior professional and technical positions, to school work after that is the original professional and technical positions in the appointment; no senior professional and technical positions, in accordance with the relevant policy implementation.

II salary

1. High-level leader in talent, academic leaders, academic backbone, team excellence, salary, scientific research start-up funds, housing, treatment, team building and scientific research conditions negotiable.

2. Shihezi University introduction Dr. treatment: the new Dr. from political literacy, research, research experience, development potential, try speaking the performance and other aspects of the comprehensive evaluation, divided into one, two, three-level talent.

Marxism theory, basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine, Cyberspace Security, Software Engineering, Computer Science and technology, mathematics, law, etc. the annual much-needed development of the discipline, the school will be in the College identified a hierarchy based on the upregulation of a hierarchy.

(1)relocation fee, one-time tax-free payment: the first level of 60 million yuan, the second level of 45 million yuan, the third level of 30 million yuan.

(2)Scientific Research start-up funds to:

Science class: the first level of 20 million yuan, the second level of 10 million yuan, the third level of 5 million yuan.

Social science class: the first level of 10 million yuan, the second level of 5 million yuan, the third level of 3 million yuan.

(3)the titles of treatment: first, two-level talent, work a full year after directly identified as an associate Professor titles; the third level talent to work after a year identified as the intermediate title, the appointment after a year may be declared to the Deputy senior titles review.

(4)personnel allowance: 1500 RMB/month.

3. Eight division 石河子市 the introduction of Dr. treatment:

(1)buyers grant: eight division 石河子市 government for schools the introduction of the Dr personnel to provide home buyers grant of 20 million yuan. The introduction of talent in the division commercially available room of the year up to enjoy the buyers grant, the first and second years of the issuance of 10%, the third and fourth years of the issuance of 20%, the fifth year of the issuance of 40 per cent. For both spouses at the same time as high-level talent introduction, according to the high one full, the other half of the standard stop buyers grant.

(2)personnel allowance: 3000 RMB/month, the introduction of the Dr personnel in the management period, the monthly payment of talent allowance, until the 3-year management period ends.

(3)other supporting policy: to comply with the conditions of the Dr personnel issuing“Shihezi talent card”, the card stop government service, children school, family, employment, housing security, convenient healthcare, financial services, tourism, vacation, living, transportation, cultural and other aspects of public services and preferential policies.

  1. Recruitment working time arrangements

A registration and qualification time

Registration time: 2022 8 on May 18, from 00:00 to 12 month 30 date 23:00 PM.

Qualification time: 2022 8 May 29, from 10:00 to 12 months to 31 December at 23:00.

II Written Test(Test speaking, the interview time, manner

Time: notice.

Mode: online study, the specific requirements of the notice.

  1. Recruitment procedures

Recruitment procedures: online registration, eligibility review, written test(test-speaking, a job interview, psychological testing, comprehensive quality evaluation, examination, investigation, publicity, approval to hire.

  1. Candidates contact details

Contact: horse the teacher

Contact email:

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