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South China Normal University School of Marxism is a National Key School of Marxism, with Marxist theoretical level discipline doctoral, master's degree-granting, the Marxist theory of post-doctoral research station, is mainly responsible for the whole school undergraduate, graduate ideological and political theory course teaching, the Marxist theory of the subject building, take the Marxist theory undergraduate, master's, doctoral training tasks. Academy now has a Marxist theory of the discipline subordinates 7 secondary disciplines, including the Marxist rationale, Marxist history, the Marxist in China Studies, foreign Marxist studies, the ideological and political education, Chinese history the basic problems research, the party building. Marxist theory disciplines in 2017, the Ministry of education disciplines evaluation into A class hierarchy, Shanghai soft section of the best disciplines ranked held in 5 per cent.

  1. Hiring a professional

Marxist theory, philosophy, political science, Economics, education, law, sociology, Chinese history, and other related professionals.

  1. Job title

A senior professional and technical positions teachers

Having a Ph. D. degree in rank not less than of my school or where subjects not lower than the My school section of the ranking of universities achieved a positive senior or Deputy senior titles, or made on the level title since the obtained research results to reach my school, Professor, or associate Professor Recruitment-job conditions.

(二)intermediate professional and technical positions(including graduating PhD student)teachers

Having a doctoral degree, has excellent educational background and made original scientific research results, in the domestic same field in the same age group talent has certain advantages, having a more significant academic potential.

  1. Benefits

Incorporating career preparation, wages by country, Guangdong province, and school-related provisions.

  1. Application materials

CV, including nearly five years undertake scientific research projects, published papers noted SCI、EI、SSCI AND CSSCI included in the case, the Journal Impact Factor and papers he cited the number, the award-winning results list. Send email: message subject note: the candidates positions+own name.

The recruitment information of the perennial effective, the candidate may at any time declare. The Academy will be based on the introduction of talent related to program review, and notify the outcome of the review.

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所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR


所有应用程序信息和数据将受 GDPR 保护

All the application information and data will be protected under GDPR