City University of Hong Kong the Quantum Ultra-Fast nano-Photonics research group enrolled full award doctoral, postdoctoral and visiting scholars

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The research group and PI description

City University of Hong Kong the Quantum Ultra-Fast nano-Photonics research group is an interdisciplinary cross-over study team, dedicated to the study of low-dimensional quantum materials and micro-nano structure of the optical and optoelectronic characteristics, and explore the nano-scale micro-nano optical cavity-enhanced photon-exciton-phonon interaction and the ultra-fast dynamics of the process. The research group for doctoral students and post-doctoral provide the ability to fully display their talent a platform and a good learning and research environment.

City University of Hong Kong established in 1994, is a full of vitality of the University, its unique location, located in Hong Kong, the East and the West brings together an international city in Asia Centre. In the latest QS World University Rankings, the city is ranked as the 54th, is Asia's top universities. City of Nano Science and Technology, School of materials science and engineering are two disciplines in the latest of soft section world-class disciplines ranking Hong Kong's first and the world's fourth-21-bit and 31-bit.

Lei party wish, Imperial College London PhD, City University of Hong Kong associate Professor, doctoral tutor, Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences, the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Hong Kong and Macao and the Hong Kong RGC Distinguished Young Scholars Program Fund winner, mainly engaged in low-dimensional quantum materials and micro-nano-optical structure of the polariton physics and nonlinear optical experimental study, the use of Super-Resolution Imaging, and ultra-fast spectroscopy research of micro-nano optical cavity with low-dimensional semiconductor materials coupled system of novel optical properties. Since 2007 in Nature Communications, Light: Science & Applications, Nano Letters/ACS Nano, Advanced (Functional/Energy/Optical) Materials and other leading international journal publishes scholarly papers more than 190 papers, h-index of 54, the total reference 8600 times. Three articles were Science Magazine as the Editor's Choice and the Nature Materials journal as Research Highlights reported, five articles were selected for the UK Royal Society of Chemistry Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Journal of Materials Chemistry C The Journal of Emerging Investigators special issue, the UK Institute of physics Journal of Optics Journal of Emerging Leaders dedicated Journal, Wiley EcoMat Journal Young Investigator special issue as well as the Top 50 Most Read in Nature Communications Articles of 2020 in Physics to. Dr. Louie is currently the Optical Society of America Premium membership, the international Optical Engineering Society and the British Institute of physics membership and Hong Kong physics Council members, the Ministry of Science and Technology National Science and technology experts; at the same time as Light: Science & Applications Journal of the Hong Kong office of the head of the, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Semiconductors, Journal of Physics Communications, Materials Today Energy, Acta Physica Sinica, Chinese Physics B, Nano Materials Science, and Journal of Light Scattering, etc. the magazine of the international editorial Board members.

Research direction

City University of Hong Kong the Quantum Ultra-Fast nano-Photonics research group is recruiting for the following six directions of doctoral, post-doctoral and access to academics: the

Micro-nano optical and plasmon nanophotonics, including non-linear nano-Photonics and quantum plasmon Photonics; and

Micro ultra-fast spectroscopy: the use of the micro-region of the pump-probe ultrafast spectroscopy system to study the metal nanostructures and two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures in the ultra-fast dynamics of the process;

Near-field optics and nano-infrared spectroscopy: the use of super-resolution scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy and nanoscale infrared spectroscopy study of low-dimensional quantum materials and structures in the near field distribution and nano-scale spectral response;

Design and development for advanced information encryption and information processing intelligent optical super-structure surface;

Design and development for energy-efficient buildings, smart Windows and green electronic radiation-induced cold coating and film;

Design and development for Biomedical optical drive micro and nano robots.

Candidates requirements

Physical, optical, materials, Photonics or related major;

Doctoral applicants need TOEFL 79 or above, or IELTS 6. 5 or more;

Has the following research experience or relevant papers published priority: nano-Photonics/semiconductor Photonics/micro-nanofabrication/optical system construction/maintenance materials preparation and characterization.


PhD students:

All PhD students are scholarship: monthly not less than 18000 HKD enough to support the Hong Kong study living expenses, the performance of the excellent Dr. survivors can apply for a study group of part-time research assistant positions.

Condition excellent persons may apply for the Hong Kong government PhD scholarship Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, the selected candidates can earn monthly up to 26600 HKD scholarship, and enjoy tuition fee waiver, conference travel subsidies and other benefits.

Post-doctoral: the

Postdoctoral treatment is monthly 25000-32000 HKD, plus monthly 1050-1550 HK MPF; in particular, the excellent applicants treatment other meetings;

Condition excellent persons may apply for the Hong Kong Research Grants Council of the doctoral program, the funding period is three years, the candidates can get the monthly 32000 HKD monthly salary and 1500 HK MPF, and enjoy meeting travel subsidies and other benefits.

Access to academics: the

Apply mode

Please send your resume, present/master's transcripts, research results, experiences, language, performance, PhD, and published papers, and other related information sent to the mailbox:, with a copy to:; e-mail title press format“PhD/Postdoc Application_Name”。

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