Hong Kong Polytechnic University, year-round recruitment big data/machine learning postdoc/PhD student

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Unit introduction

School faculties description:

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, China Special Administrative Region, QS latest ranking of the world 65 bits. Department of Computer Science Department of Computing)QS disciplines rank 51-100, the USNews disciplines ranked 26, there are numerous, IEEE Fellow, and well-known scholars.

Instructor information:

Jieming Shi, PhD, assistant Professor. His main research areas are big data, data mining, machine learning; the main scientific results published in SIGMOD, in NeurIPS, the VLDB, WWW, TKDE, in ICML, etc., to get VLDB 2021, Best Paper Award, and the ACM SIGMOD 2022 Research Highlight Award to. Graduated from Nanjing University, Ph. D. graduated from the University of Hong Kong, worked at the National University of Singapore engaged in post-doctoral research, and a wealth of industry work experience, such as Tencent, Lenovo, etc. As VLDB, KDD, WWW, ICDE, AAAI, IJCAI, CIKM, TKDE, etc. of the International Conference or journal of the PC / Review.

Jobs and recruitment conditions

The group members include 985/211 top University in the background of the master's, doctoral, etc., existing as a post-doctoral, doctoral, etc. a number of jobs careers(感兴趣申请者请发CV至application@techtalentsuk.com to:

Post-doctoral candidates requirements and treatment by the application submission time has handling

1. Get computer-related Ph. D., with big data, data mining, machine learning and other research background

2. Research with enthusiasm, initiative, independent research ability

3. Research results are published in the relevant top journals or conferences, such as KDD,VLDB, WWW, TKDE, SIGMOD, NeurIPS, the TOIS, TPDS, TPAMI, etc.

4. Salary: monthly salary 32000 HKD, May meeting

Doctoral recruitment of all recruiting: the

1. The existing 2-3 PhD students open-ended, Can the spring or fall semester, the following PhD project may apply

2. Common scholarship 18500 HKD per month

3. HKPFS scholarship 26600 HKD per month

4. University President scholarship PPPFS 26600 HKD per month

5. Research with enthusiasm, initiative, have to delve into the spirit, determined to get a doctorate

6. Strong programming skills, strong mathematical analysis, algorithm design ability

7. Early application of early treatment

Application process

Add interest to students in accordance with the following message format the resume sent to: application@techtalentsuk.com 

Subject: [PhD/Postdoc/RA] Your School – Major – Name

Message body: personal experience introduction English unlimited

E-mail attachments: latest CV

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