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College profile 

Hundred Tongji University, to centuries of traffic. Tongji University Transportation Engineering Institute of the history of running can be traced back to the beginning of the last century, 1914, Tongji University, established civil engineering section that consists of road, rail construction professional.“ Civic unity, to blend into art”is the College of long-running practice of accumulation concise and consistent philosophy of education and cultural roots. College adhering to this philosophy, training a large number of renowned at home and abroad Transportation Engineering Science and technology leading talent, a party of excellence, enterprise leaders, in scientific research, personnel training, social services, cultural heritage and international exchanges, etc. played an important role in the formation of domestic and international traffic areas of Tongji brand. 

The College has a road and airport Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Urban Rail and railway engineering, transport management, engineering and integrated transport information and Control Engineering, 5 Lines, has a National Collaborative Innovation Center, National Engineering Technology Research Center, National University off-campus Practice Education base, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, Ministry of Education“111”innovation base, the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center, Ministry of transport, Collaborative Innovation Center, the Civil Aviation Administration of China Key Laboratory, Shanghai Rail Transit structural durability and system security laboratory, transportation engineering, Shanghai Municipal experiment teaching demonstration center, the Ministry of transport of the vehicle-road collaboration system innovation talent training demonstration base, and other important subjects platform, is China's transportation sector personnel training, and scientific research focused on base.

College service-oriented national strategies, develop academic frontier, nearly ten years to assume the completion of national project nearly 600 entries, won the National Science and Technology Progress Award 1 items, the second prize of the 12 items, the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award of nearly 300 entries, published high-level academic papers count among the best in the TRB paper number into the International Agency top three. Actively carry out social services, hosted/edited standard specification 100 multi-unit; the support of the National hundreds of thousands of kilometers of highway and rural road construction, operation and maintenance, more than 100 airports of the testing and evaluation; and thirteen five support during the more than 30 airports in new construction and renovation and expansion, and more than 20 provinces and cities hundreds of municipal facilities under wear in railway engineering, the service HZMB, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Changsha low-speed Maglev project and other major projects. Participation in Shanghai 2040 General Plan of the city, the 80 city traffic diagnostics, decision support, and congestion to improve the work, more than 20 cities and more than 100 urban rail transit lines of the train running diagram of the preparation, the service of the fourth into the Expo, Shenzhen Universiade, Taiyuan two Green will be activities such as traffic organization and management, and new energy vehicles, scale model of operations, forming a wide-reaching social impact. 

1. Pit stop conditions

Having a doctorate in excellent physical and mental health, with good political quality and moral quality. 

Age 35 years old with 35 years of following, and received his doctorate not more than 3 years; into the second station and above postdoctoral researchers, PhD Life is not limited. 

The contract period of 3 years, the applicant to ensure that the station during the full-time engaged in Postdoctoral Research, the incumbent must first check-in-service procedures to apply into the station. 

Dr. during transportation/civil engineering/computer and other related areas important academic journals in the first identity of the author or the second identity of the author is only a mentor for first author, the applicant for the second author of the case Published 1 article and more research-oriented academic papers; or Dr. during participation in national priorities, major projects, and can provide proof material, such as by project funding papers, etc. 

Comply with national, school documents the provisions of the special postdoctoral stint at an extra application. 

2. Salary 

Ordinary postdoctoral annual salary of 30 million+; 

Won the“postdoctoral innovation talent support plan”of post-doctoral pre-tax annual salary of 42 million+won“postdoctoral international exchange program introduction the project”or“Shanghai Super postdoctoral project”post-doctoral pre-tax annual salary of 36 million yuan+; the 

The school offers post-doctoral apartment or housing allowance; 

The school year for post-doctoral provide free medical examination; and 

Their children to school primary, the nursery, etc. according to Shanghai, the relevant regulations. 

In the station during the application of the talent programs and projects 

Postdoctoral innovation talent support program 

“Shanghai super post-doctoral”funding program 

Postdoctoral international exchange and the introduction of the project 

National Natural Science Foundation of China 

The China postdoctoral Fund special Finance 

The China postdoctoral Fund on the surface of the financing 

Various open problems 

3. Application process 

Year-round recruitment, the Rover at any time to receive application. 

申请人提交以下材料至流动站邮箱 while obtaining apply information related materials: 

Personal CV, a Ph. D. degree certificate, identity card or passport, academic achievements made by the representative(papers only the first author, and other materials 

The Rover based on the Tongji University Transportation Engineering post-doctoral researchers research the assessment of the interim measures for the registration materials for the first instance. 

The Rover held into the station will be assessed by the academic evaluation of the applicants, the school post-doctoral management office in accordance with national, Shanghai relevant provisions for post-doctoral handle into the station in. 

The existing Bo after the recruitment information

Road and airport engineering 

2022 is year of the proposed enrolment number 

10-12 people 

Proposed to recruit Bo after research directions 

1. Subgrade engineering, intelligent pavement directions, airport construction and management direction 

2. Road safety and the environment 

3. Low carbon toughness transport infrastructure 

4. Intelligent road material, road self-sensing technology, engineering mechanics 

5. Automatic driving, transportation, risk assessment, intelligent transportation 

Traffic engineering 

2022 is year of the proposed enrolment number 

12-15 people 

Proposed to recruit Bo after research directions 

1. Traffic simulation, traffic flow theory, traffic data analysis with active control, automated driving with the car Way co 

2. Traffic behavior, psychological and security; vehicle active safety and automated driving; road design safety evaluation and optimization; based on the information of Traffic Safety Administration 

3. Comprehensive transportation planning and policy, and intelligent traffic fine management, transport carbon emissions and carbon management, data-driven traffic management and optimization 

4. Big data analysis, transportation, environment, cargo and logistics 

5. Travel behavior modeling, the MaaS, the smart body simulation, big data Analytics 

6. Transportation, energy and atmosphere; low-carbon transport; transportation multi-mode energy consumption and emissions model; transport system life cycle analysis; Traffic Network and the energy grid integration of self-consistent 

Integrated transport information and Control Engineering 

2022 is year of the proposed enrolment number 

12-15 people 

Proposed to recruit Bo after research directions 

1. Traffic design and control, vehicle-road collaboration system, wisdom, travel services, Intelligent Driving Assistance 

2. Intelligent traffic infrastructure, traffic Big Data Analysis, Intelligent Traffic Management and Control, Intelligent Transportation Systems and applications, vehicle-road collaboration control 

3. The transportation system for motorized and sharing; the urban share of the transportation system management; logistics, freight, shipping systems management; large-scale traffic network optimization algorithm design 

4. Car road collaborative and automated driving; decision-making control; testing 

5. Next-generation traffic control system theory and key technology, urban traffic checkup with the intelligent diagnostic theory and key technology 

6. Trusted computing and intelligent network; and the traffic participants abnormal behavior perception; confrontation sample generation and defense of the method; for smart traffic information security; rail flexible grouping with smart scheduling for dynamic passenger transport needs, to carry out flexible grouping scheme, a dynamic scheduling policy, fleet operational safety protection and Control, Emergency Assist decision-making research 

Transport Management Engineering 

2022 is year of the proposed enrolment number 

5-6 people

Proposed to recruit Bo after research directions 

1. Rail transport organization theory and method, rail transportation operational organization of the intelligent support of decision-making techniques 

2. Multi-modal public transport system capacity resources collaborative configuration optimization theory; multi-modal public transport system of elastic analysis and evaluation of theory; the“one-stop”travel services key technologies 

3. Rail transport organization scheme optimization and simulation, big data mining in rail operations in the application, artificial intelligence in rail operations in the application 

4. Transportation system planning, design and operations management intelligent 

Urban rail and railway engineering 

2022 is year of the proposed enrolment number 

8-9 people

Proposed to recruit Bo after research directions  

1. System dynamics and cross-scale mechanics, the constitutive theory and numerical methods  

2. Geotechnical multi-scale experiments and simulations, the rail infrastructure intelligent operations  

3. Rail vibration and noise control  

4. The traffic tunnel and underground engineering construction mechanics, rock and soil mesoscopic simulation and testing technology, rail transportation, Green Building and smart built cultured 

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