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Fuzhou University, founded in 1958, is a national“double first-class”construction of colleges and universities, the National“211 Project”of key construction universities, Fujian Provincial People's government and the Ministry of National Education Co-construction universities, Fujian Provincial People's government and the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau of co-construction universities, has now developed into a station-based, tech binding, science, engineering, Economics, management, literature, law, the arts and other disciplines to coordinate the development of key universities.

Fuzhou University attaches great importance to the instructor team building, the full-time counselors as school management cadres of the important sources, always adhere to the“high intake-stainless education-preferred-good either,”the lead sports mode, speed up to build a“career preparation, preferential treatment, double wire promotion, classification and development”of the security system, and constantly improve the counselor team of specialized professional development level. Due to work needs, is now facing the social recruitment has a PhD degree and a PhD in civic Affairs counselor 10 names, specific programs, see below.

First, the recruitment conditions

Recruitment object is an ordinary College full-time Ph. D. graduate, should generally be in 2023 8 by 31 may obtain the PhD degree, and doctorate. It should also meet the following eligibility conditions:

1. Having people's Republic of China nationality, to embrace the Chinese Communist Party leadership, love socialism, law-abiding, of good character is.

2. Physical and mental health, in line with the Fujian Teachers Eligibility of the applicant member of the medical examination standards.

3. Age 30 years following 1991 11 months after the birth centre.

4. The political landscape of the Communist Party including the Communist Party Prep party on.

5. Have students manage and ideological and political work capacity, and have relevant work experience is preferred.

Second, the development of support and benefits

1. Recruitment of personnel into the institutions of the formal preparation of the management, the state and Fujian province to the provisions of the institutions of the staff corresponding to the wage and Social Security waiting for treatment.

2. Enjoy full-time teachers with the party and government cadres dual identity, the establishment of ranks, titles“dual-line”promotion mechanisms.

3. Work over more than two years after passing the examination, according to the wishes of the individual, and the related evaluation program, select the transfer of any related disciplines in teaching and research posts, teaching job, or engaged in party management.

4. The school provides a home subsidy of 25 million yuan, supporting high-quality primary and secondary education resources, Fuzhou University affiliated Experimental School in. The province of territory outside of Dr. in addition to enjoying the treatment of the outside, in line with the Fujian province, the shortage of much-needed talent to the introduction of the catalogue for the guidance of the introduction of talent, while enjoying the Fujian province, provides a living allowance, housing subsidies total of 26 million yuan, five-year payment-in.

5. Si administrative counselor school cadre training, selection of important sources, has a good career path, the work is outstanding to those who focus on training, tracking and management. Job promotion, Job Title Evaluation of the recruitment, attachment workout, refresher training, project reporting, awards evaluation of the superior aspect of the integrated quality, work performance, outstanding given the tilt support and priority recommendations.

Third, the recruitment process

1. Select the preferred screening, trick full stop.

2. Candidates in Send application materials within 30 days of not receiving the assessment notice, may be deemed not to have to sift through, will not accept visitors.

3. Appraisal procedures and time such matters as notice, please recruits the contact information accurate, and make sure that the recruitment period to maintain patency.

Fourth, the material submitted

凡符合报名条件的申请人请将申请材料发送至邮箱 application materials and the subject of the message named“Dr+candidates think the administrative counselor jobs+name”, 并抄送至 it. Application materials include:

1. The Fuzhou University Recruitment has a PhD in civic Affairs counselor registration form as shown below, the end of the two-dimensional code, can be downloaded to fill, it can also be completed online; and

2. Personal resume;

3. Communist Party members, including Communist Party Prep party members to prove; to

4. Student leaders experienced proof;

5. Academic degree, award-winning proof and other relevant experience to prove the material of the scanning member, to obtain foreign academic degree candidates should provide the Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center issued degree certificate; and

6. Has participated in the work of the applicant, to be submitted to the current unit of work of personnel competent authorities to issue the consent of the candidate to prove or with units of the lifting of Labor, the employment contract relationship proof, if temporarily unable to submit, via the My School agreed to after the later can be extended to the assessment of the premise of the post.

Eligibility throughout the recruitment process, in any of the links found candidates do not meet the recruitment conditions or the presence of falsifications, and will cancel the candidates of the exam and hiring qualifications, a serious problem will be investigated for the associated responsibilities. Application materials are not refundable, please keep a backup.

Attachments:Attachments: 福州大学招聘具有博士学位思政辅导员报名登记表.docx

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