Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University bamboo Research Institute recruiting overseas talent

Posted 1 year ago

Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University, Zhejiang province with agricultural and rural Department, the National Forestry and grassland Bureau of dual co-construction universities, Zhejiang province, focusing on the construction of colleges and universities. The school established a complete present Shuo Bo personnel training and degree authorization system. With forestry level subjects post-doctoral research station, College of Forestry and forestry engineering, etc. level discipline doctoral degree authorization point 6, the level discipline master's degree authorization point 19, the Professional Degree Master of authorization Category 16. Built with the provincial Department of co-construction of Subtropical silviculture, State Key Laboratory of national platform 5, the provincial-level innovation platform 45. 

Bamboo Research Institute of Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University for services rural revitalization,“the carbon peak carbon-neutral”, the“One Belt, One Road”National Strategy, the power of Zhejiang common prosperity Demonstration Zone construction, the technology enabling the bamboo industry transformation and upgrading and the establishment of high-level innovation platform. The Institute focused on bamboo-based new materials, smart manufacturing and bamboo waste efficient utilization, bamboo shoots bamboo high-value utilization of bamboo resources germplasm innovation and precision cultivation, bamboo stable carbon increased exchange and the direction of the applied basic research and technical research, to strengthen cross-disciplinary, one, two, three, production integration and the research results into applications. 

Now due to the development needs, the bamboo Institute-oriented home and abroad openly recruiting all kinds of talents, we sincerely invite subject-area experts and scholars to join Research Institute, complicity in the bamboo industry, the high-quality development. 

One, the introduction of external objects and requirements 

1. Academic leaders: local and overseas universities, research institutes are high-level professional and technical positions in personnel, the age is generally not more than 50 years of age, have achieved outstanding research results in the art to have a high visibility and influence. 

2. Team: the domestic and overseas universities, research institutes, Deputy senior professional and technical positions in personnel, the age is generally not more than 40 years of age, to obtain a larger research results, in the art there are certain reputation and influence. 

3. Outstanding doctoral, post-doctoral: the domestic and overseas universities, research institutes, PhD, post-doctoral, age is generally not more than 35 years of age, has innovation potential for development. 

Second, the recruitment field and the direction of the 

1. Bamboo shoots bamboo high-value utilization: food science and engineering class Agro Products Processing and storage engineering, fermentation engineering, protein engineering, food security and nutrition; and 

2. Bamboo processing: including light industry technology and engineering, pulp and paper engineering, biomass chemistry and engineering, Wood Science and technology, wood chemistry, wood based composites bamboo based composites direction, Forest Products Chemical Processing Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Materials Science) 

3. Bamboo working machinery: engineering classes, mechanical manufacturing and automation, detection technology and automation devices, biomass chemistry and engineering machinery 

Third, the introduction of the policy and treatment: 

1. Provincial career preparation. 

2. In accordance with the school talent introduction the standard given to the work and life of the treatment, specifically in the 2022 second half of the Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University full-time teachers jobs Recruitment announcement of the hiring of treatment. 

3. Other matters that are not interviews. 

Fourth, apply manner 

Interested candidates please send your resume as well as the results achieved, 荣誉等相关材料发送至联系人邮箱application@techtalentsuk.com, the 抄送一份至sszyx@zafu.edu.cn

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